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Urban Homestead. In the mid-1980s, our family set out to do the seemingly impossible: To create a new revolution in sustainable urban living.

Urban Homestead

Finding ourselves owning a run-down circa 1917 craftsman-style house in the metropolis of Pasadena (the 7th largest city in Los Angeles County) and just 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles with the intersection of 134 and 210 freeways 30 yards from our home, we shelved our dreams of idyllic country living and "five acres and independence" and decided to do what we could, with what we had -- RIGHT NOW. No one thought it was possible. Residents in our low income, mixed race neighborhood thought we were the "crazy white folks. " The Urban Homestead. Check us out at: Dervaes Family on Facebook: Urban Homestead on Facebook: more on the film: purchase a copy for public screening: film features: Jules Dervaes, Justin Dervaes, Anais Dervaes and Jordanne Dervaes Homegrown Revolution is a short introduction to the homegrown project that has been called a new revolution in urban sustainability.

The Urban Homestead

In the midst of a dense city setting in downtown Pasadena, radical change is taking root. For over twenty years, the Dervaes family have transformed their home into an urban homestead and model for sustainable agriculture and city living. Through the creation of the "Urban Homestead" the Dervaes family shows that change is possible -- one step at a time. They harvest 3 tons of organic food annually from their 1/10 acre garden while incorporating many back-to-basics practices, solar energy and biodiesel in order to reduce their footprint on the earth's resources.

Made in-house on computers powered by solar/green sources. Robert T. Homesteading Today. Field to Farm. Organic Gardening and Homesteading. Urban Homestead Supply. Becky's Homestead. Becky's Homestead You Tube Channel. Modern Homesteaders. Path to Freedom Urban Homestead.

Homesteading and Survivalism Store. We here at Homesteading and Survivalism Store take pride in our reputation as the center for "How To" products on self-reliance, sustainable living, and other related fields.

Homesteading and Survivalism Store

This reputation has been built from years of service and tens of thousands of satisfied and returning customers. We run a simple and straight forward operation geared towards getting you the right product at the lowest price. Our team is small, caring, passionate, informed, and responsive. You will not encounter automated and impersonal service here. If you have any questions, complaints, or concerns then you can expect a speedy and tailored response. MODERN HOMESTEADING. How to Build a Survivalist Homestead. The author is a retired U.S.

How to Build a Survivalist Homestead

Army sergeant with a background in infantry, logistics and administrative and security training. He currently heads his own security firm and is an adjunct faculty member with the University of New Hampshire teaching seminars on home food production. -The editors. It is a home in which you can live in a real-world/present-time economy and social order, yet at the same time practice on a regular basis the survival skills you may need later. All of this is accomplished while still living a normal life-style with access to work, schools, emergency services and stores, etc. The survivalist homestead offers one more very important option.

In planning a survivalist homestead there are three concepts which must be incorporated into your thinking from the start and which must be adhered to if the goals are to be met. Urban Homesteaders Produce 6,000 Pounds of Food on 1/10 Acre. “In danger of being free.”

Urban Homesteaders Produce 6,000 Pounds of Food on 1/10 Acre

That’s how Jules Dervaes sums up his journey from a small backyard garden to a super-productive microfarm. It’s a low input, highly efficient urban homestead right next to the metropolis of Los Angeles. Jules, his son Justin, and his two daughters Anais and Jordanne live in a 1,500 sq. ft. craftsman bungalow on 1/5 of an acre. Here they have a 1/10 acre garden and grow 350 different vegetables, herbs, fruits, and berries.

The sustainable plot is complete with chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, and honey bees. Little House Living. Frugal Homesteading. Project Homestead. Pioneer Thinking. Countryfarm Lifestyles. Sustainable Food Center. Self Sufficient'ish. This is an easy recipe to follow and creates a delightful, if not usual tasting beer.

Self Sufficient'ish

It is very cheap to make and follows a traditionally english recipe. Before hops were widely used in the 17th century all sorts of plant were used to flavor the ale including nettles. (Urtica dioica). It was also thought to help alleviate rheumatic pain, gout and asthma. Nettle beer has become more popular in recent years (we would like to think we helped influence that!). The Prairie Homestead. Self-reliance. Self Sufficient Farm Living. The Self Sufficient Blog is my mini-journal about self sufficent farm living.

Self Sufficient Farm Living

It... Lehman's Country Life. Off The Grid : Survival Supplies : Prepare for Any Emergency. Urban Homestead® Surviving The Middle Class Crash. Homesteading Today - getting back-to-the-land practicing sustainable, agricultural, ecologically sound, energy efficient, self-sufficient lifestyles. Little House In The Suburbs. Our Half Acre Homestead. New Hampshire family builds off-grid house and farm powered by solar, proves self-sufficiency enhances quality of life. (NaturalNews) Living off the grid does not have to mean trading modern amenities and convenient living for an uncomfortable experiment in survivalism. A recent Natural Home & Garden piece tells the story of Chris and Anna Von Mertens, a New Hampshire couple that decided to build a modern, fully-functional, and wholly self-sufficient house and farm for their family -- and the best part about this story is the home's complete ability to power itself using solar energy.

After living in San Francisco for many years, the Von Mertens decided they wanted to have children and start their own family. And since both Chris and Anna's families live in the New England area, they decided to return to the Peterborough, NH, area where Anna's family lives. But instead of going the conventional route and purchasing a typical home powered by the local energy company, the couple decided to build their own home powered independently by their own solar energy system. Sources for this story include: The Homesteader's Free Library. Learning 2 Homestead.