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Homemade Soap. Grandpappy's Homemade Soap Recipe Copyright © 2007,2008 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. All rights reserved and all rights protected under international copyright law. Click Here for a Microsoft WORD printer friendly copy of this article. Introduction During hard times sooner or later everyone runs out of soap. 20 Foods that Will Outlast You. Feed a family of 4 for 1 year, for less than $300. Note from Rourke: What follows should be considered a “starting point” or a supplemental addition to other food storage efforts.

Feed a family of 4 for 1 year, for less than $300

Feed a family of 4 for 1 year, for less than $300 By MsKYprepper, Editor-At-Large You are out of excuses! This plan is THE fastest, cheapest and easiest way to start a food storage program. 13 Practical Tips To Rebuild Civilisation After An Apocalypse. Rain Barrel System 220 Gallons SHTF Water Storage Prepper Survivalist how to build make. UsCrow - The Survival Site for Americans. Animated Knots: Learn Popular Outdoor Knots With The Help Of The North Woods Field Guides.

Our products go through our own Survival GearTesting procedure. The Product Testing methods we use for Product Evaluation varies depending upon the Product being tested.

Our products go through our own Survival GearTesting procedure.

We don't test a survival tent in the same manner that we test a survival knife. Each item in our Product line goes through a Product Testing process performed by active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces, experienced outdoors-men, survivalists, and by the NSC staff. The criteria listed below is used for Product Testing and final Product Evaluations. The NSC is not affiliated with any manufacturer, distributor or dealer that has a vested interest in the Product Testing procedures we use or in the products themselves. Gear is tested using the following criteria: Value: Is the cost of the tested Product reasonable, or are there similar items that are equal to (or better than) the tested Product at a lesser price?

Survival Cache — The Gear Site for Survival. 52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat. We all know our market vegetables and fruits are safe to eat, but what about other wild edibles?

52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat

Here are a few common (North American) goodies that are safe to eat if you find yourself stuck in the wild… first of all, please note that you need to know with certainty the identity of what you are finding and collecting as survival food. If you are not sure – leave it alone. Blackberries: Many wild berries are not safe to eat, it’s best to stay away from them. But wild blackberries are 100% safe to eat and easy to recognize. 5 Gallon Bucket Sink. How to Make Your Own Passive Heat Solar Panel Using Aluminum Cans. Self Powered Solar Box Furnace. Solar Circuit Kits are available from CirKits.

Self Powered Solar Box Furnace

SAS Survival Manual - Appendix A - Survival Kits. Snares And Traps. Disclaimer: Traps are presented for information purposes only, they are dangerous, some lethally so.

Snares And Traps

Using them is also illegal in all likelihood. Don't use them except in a survival situation. SPRING SNARE: Game running through the snare disengages the trigger bar,and the prey is flung off the ground. 10 Skills Every Survivalist Should Learn. 6 Widerness Survival Shelters. During most outdoor survival situations, shelter is going to be one of your top concerns.

6 Widerness Survival Shelters

In fact, when it comes to common ways that people die during a wilderness emergency, hypothermia, a drop in core body temperature, and hyperthermia, an increase in the body’s temperature, are right at the top of the list. That’s why knowing how to construct a wilderness shelter is such an important skill for anyone who spends any amount of time in the great outdoors. Here are some actual real-world Survival Shelters; these shelters should give you a good idea of what’s possible and can give you a good starting point to go out there and practice.

A-Frame Shelters One of the most common, and easy to build types of shelters is the traditional A-Frame. 29 Features Off The Grid Homebuilders Should Consider - Living Off The Grid. Guest Post By L.

29 Features Off The Grid Homebuilders Should Consider - Living Off The Grid

Fred Roensch, PhD In addition to the expected, e.g. high level of insulation, caulking, double glazing, smoke and carbon monoxide monitors and security systems – the following features are suggested for any “off the grid” home. Most of these features are well known and widely used in energy efficient homes – some are not! How to build a Rocket Mass Heater. There are two main factors that differentiate a Rocket Mass Heater (RMH) from a regular wood-burning stove.

How to build a Rocket Mass Heater

One is that the combustion that takes place is far more complete in an RMH, due to the increased draft and insulated burn chamber. An RMH can consequently be up to eight times more efficient, requiring less wood for the same amount of heat. Super Easy Survival Bread. Like all things survival you need to LIVE IT day to day, not just stick it in a closet and hope you never have to use it!

Super Easy Survival Bread

If you’re storing wheat and all hell breaks loose….what do you do? Bake bread of course! But do you know how? If you are new to baking your own bread it can seem like a daunting task but it really isn’t. You don’t need yeast, sugar, baking soda, or really anything but flour and water. Super Easy Survival Bread (SESB) 1 cup of fine whole wheat flour (buy from store or grind your own) 2 tbsp. of olive oil (optional, also regular vegetable oil works too) 1 tsp. salt (optional, add more or less to taste) 1/2 cup of water Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and scoop it togther into a ball. How to build your own dirt cheap fridge. Projects - Apple Cider Press.

Projects -

March 2008. A number of years ago new legislation was introduced to require pasturization of all apple cider sold commercially in the US. To get that rich, fresh, true cider flavor that tastes like autumn chill and crispy white apples and warm cider donuts, I built my own press. Survival gadgets that would impress MacGyver. Calling all Bear Grylls wannabes – you could try and “take on the wild” like the Chuck Norris of the outdoors, but you will probably only end up with frozen toes and a shattered ego. Instead, kit yourself out with some super-cool adventure travel products; it’s not cheating, it’s winning. Aquaponics - Sustainable Tech Community.