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The Gary Halbert Letter. Hemingway Editor. Blog :: Kopywriting Kourse. Tl;dr: To take an “Amish Hour” just don’t use technology 1 hour before bed. – Better sleep- – More productivity – – Increased concentration – ….that’s what you get when you take an “Amish Hour”! “Amish Hour” is when: One hour before bed you shun technology. Benefits you get from doing a daily Amish Hour: Better sleep.Wrapping … Continue Reading I’m posting this guest post because I LOVE IT when people get their hands dirty in order to make money. I think there’s more lessons to be learned by getting out there and doing small jobs than any amount of reading blog posts.

Using some basic copywriting principles in his marketing, Peter went from making $0 with his powerwashing service… … Continue Reading This is James Clear: This is a quick Copywriting Teardown of a post of his: Here’s what we’re covering:James has this post on intermittent fasting which is ranking #1 in The Googster. Step 1. . ) … Continue Reading Know who Andrew Warner from is? (Best to watch in High Def on Fullscreen) 17 Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content. Some people have so much success with their content marketing strategies that they have hundreds of thousands of readers. Of course, great content is a big part of the equation, but the other, often overlooked area of content marketing is content promotion. This post will cover some of the more advanced techniques for promoting your content. The most successful content marketers use them, and they are reaping all of the rewards. Here is how you can attract scores of new visitors with your content: 1.

Ask an Influencer for a Killer Quote Before publishing your new piece of content, reach out to an influencer or influencers in your industry. You can reach influencers at scale with BuzzStream. Here is a more detailed description of BuzzStream and how to use the tool. If your piece of content is a blog post, put the quote in the post and add a link to the influencer’s website and social media accounts, such as Twitter.

Reach out to multiple influencers. Here is a message template you can use: Ahrefs Site Explorer & Backlink Checker. Buzzstream Review - Outreach Using Buzzstream's CRM Features. We have enough SEO analysis & prospecting tools, but we’re usually stuck with 3 main manual tasks: Qualifying prospectsCollecting contact informationOutreach I understand that the first two need to be done manually for the most part, but those of us who aren’t blessed with a custom agency solution for outreach could use a tool to speed up the process. I don’t think Buzzstream is 100% completely there yet, but I really like what they’ve done with their outreach features.

I’ll walk you through one way I use it. Note: there are affiliate links in the post, but I wouldn’t be writing about Buzzstream unless I thought it was well worth your attention. 1. Before you can use the tool, you need a list of prospects & contacts in Excel like you see below. Sort the list by those you have emails for, copy & paste the two columns into a new spreadsheet, and save it as a CSV. 2. Next, go into Buzzstream and import the CSV you just created in your intended project’s “People” tab. 3. Broken Link Building 4. Heading For The Top. Ghost for Beginners. Login | Odamae by Phantomus. 5 Incredibly Simple Tutorials for Customising Your Ghost Blog. One of the best things about Ghost is that it can be customised completely to suit your personality, your style, or even your mood with Ghost Themes.

We read a lot of posts on the Ghost Forums, and we get a lot of emails with questions, so over the last few months we've started to get an idea of the things which people want to do with their Ghost themes the most. Today, we've put together a list of the top 5 tutorials out there that cover the things you've been asking about most: How do I add Google Analytics to my blog?

How do I add comments? And what is this HandleBars stuff, anyway? All of these articles have been put together the incredible Ghost community, and it's our pleasure to share them with you. 1. This month's Net Magazine contains a wonderful introduction to building your very first Ghost theme. Net Mag have also been kind enough to nominate us for Open Source Project and Game Changer of the year!

2. 4. 5. Did we Miss Any?