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Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine. - Posters, Art Prints, and Framed Art Leader. Pictures Of Walls. Web Gallery of Art, image collection, virtual museum, searchable database of European fine arts (1000-1850) Art & new media.jpg (1972x1130) Histoire des arts. Art History. Art & Culture Online. Art-Spire, Source d’inspiration artistique / The World of the Seven Arts. Art Project, powered by Google. 40,000 Artworks from 250 Museums, Now Viewable for Free at the Redesigned Google Art Project. Yesterday we featured the National Gallery of Art’s site NGA Images, where you can download 25,000 high-quality digital images of that museum’s works of art.

40,000 Artworks from 250 Museums, Now Viewable for Free at the Redesigned Google Art Project

Today, why not have a look at Google Art Project? Though we’ve posted about it before, you’ll want to check out its slick new redesign — not to mention its expanded collection, which now includes more than 40,000 works of art from over 250 museums. Portal:Arts. The Creative Finder: Find Anyone from Anywhere on The Search Engine for Creatives. Victor Enrich Creates Playful And Surreal Architecture Fictions. A few weeks back we posted about Filip Dujardin’s digitally manipulated buildings, which gave buildings found in and around Ghent, Belgium an Escherian spin.

Victor Enrich Creates Playful And Surreal Architecture Fictions

And since then we’ve come across another photographer, Victor Enrich, who likes to bend reality by turning architecture into surreal playgrounds by forming buildings that, while fiction, are sometimes reminiscent of Frank Gehry‘s iconic, if controversial, designs. Where Filip Dujardin’s manipulations were subtle and implausible in their re-imaginings, the images below are far more outlandish. Buildings are bent over like a concertina or plonked down on the beach, stairways lead off into the sky, high-rise apartments have grown bull horns, and houses are completely tipped over with roofs sitting at ground level. Artmajeur Galerie d'Art en ligne : 1 Million d'Oeuvres d'Art originales à vendre ou découvrir. Yanko Design - Modern Industrial Design News. Rhizome. Arts. Panorama de l'art. Uno de los nuestros. TheFWA. Collaborative Arts Community. From up North - High quality design inspiration.

A project of Stay Free! magazine. Hyperspace Studios. Todo Enlaces – Links. Sweet Station. Heath West Heath West <-- Born in Houston, Texas; Lives and works in Houston; Education: 2008-2009 Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, New York, NY; 2006-2007 Visiting Student, Studio Wolf D.

Sweet Station

Prix University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria; 2004-2007 Master of Architecture University of Houston, Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture Jon Foster Jon Foster graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1989 with a BFA In illustration. D'ART - The Internet Art Database. ARTISTdirect Network. RAW:natural born artists. Ministère de la culture - Direction des musées de France - Base Joconde. Fine art. Fine art, from the 17th century on, has meant art forms developed primarily for aesthetics, distinguishing them from applied arts that also have to serve some practical function.

Fine art

Historically, the 5 main fine arts were painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry, with performing arts including theater and dance.[1] Today, the fine arts commonly include additional forms, such as film, photography, conceptual art, and printmaking. However, in some institutes of learning or in museums, fine art and frequently the term fine arts (pl.) as well, are associated exclusively with visual art forms. [citation needed] The word "fine" does not so much denote the quality of the artwork in question, but the purity of the discipline. The Fantastic in Art and Fiction. The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Affordable Art Prints, iPhone Cases and T-shirts. Universal Leonardo: Leonardo da Vinci online › Welcome to Universal Leonardo. Webexhibits. UbuWeb. Further Collective - Home. Draw As A Maniac. Org - The First Art Newspaper on the Net. Home - Web gallery of art.