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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lily Of The Valley. 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lily Of The Valley Sakshi Gupta January 31, 2017 These sweet-scented flowering plants symbolize happiness, humility and vision of a better world!

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lily Of The Valley

Convallaria majalis is an herbaceous perennial plant commonly known as Lily of the Valley. The plant is native to England, North America and North Asia. There are many myths and legends associated with the plant. Nutritional Information: Lily of the Valley contains two glycosides – Convallamarin, which has diuretic action, and Convallarin, which has a purgative action.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Lily Of The Valley: Lily of the Valley is antispasmodic, diuretic, emetic, laxative, purgative, cardiac tonic, sedative and antipyretic by nature. The famous seventeenth-century botanist and physician Nicholas Culpeper said that “It, without doubt, strengthens the brain and renovates a weak memory. Benefits For Skin: 1. An ointment made of lily of valley is used for treating burns and other wounds without leaving any scars. 2. Crème pour les mains « Rêve de Karité » Mode opératoire : 1/ Transférez la phase A(macérât de vanille + beurre de karité + émulsifiant olive douceur) dans un bol. 2/ Dans un autre bol, transférez la phase B(eau minérale). 3/ Faites chauffer séparément au bain-marie les deux phases à 70°C. 4/ Lorsque les deux phases sont à la même température, sortez les bols du bain-marie puis versez lentement la phase B dans la phase A sans cesser d’agiter vigoureusement pendant environ 3 minutes.

Crème pour les mains « Rêve de Karité »

Le mélange blanchit et s’homogénéise. 5/ Sans cesser d’agiter, mettez le bol dans un fond d’eau froide afin d’accélérer le refroidissement et la prise de l’émulsion pendant encore 3 minutes environ. 6/ Ajoutez progressivement la phase C (le reste des ingrédients) en mélangeant bien entre chaque ajout. 7/ Transférez la préparation dans votre flacon à l’aide de la pipette si nécessaire.Nota : le pH de cette préparation est d’environ 6,5-7. Utilisation : Cette crème au parfum délicat et vanillé répare et apaise les mains sèches et abîmées. Des recettes de grand-mère pour le soin des cheveux. Que faisaient nos grand-mères quand elles voulaient soigner leur chevelure?

Des recettes de grand-mère pour le soin des cheveux

Dans son livre "Se coiffer à la maison - Pas de quoi s'arracher les cheveux! " le styliste Luc Vincent nous donne de nombreux trucs pour réussir sa coiffure chez soi. Best DIY ROLL-ON DEODORANT (works like crazy)! Stop the stink for up to 48 hours, no joke. You've seen the homemade recipes for deodorants that are scattered across the web.

Best DIY ROLL-ON DEODORANT (works like crazy)! Stop the stink for up to 48 hours, no joke.

(Kinda crazy, right)? If you're like me, you've probably tried a few, too, because you want an all-natural, non-toxic, aluminium-free option that doesn't cost an arm and leg. But have you found the perfect recipe that doesn't leave oil stains on your clothes, and that actually works to prevent odor? I mean truly PREVENT odor, as in ZERO stink for up to 48 hours. No? Ingredients to avoid in commercial deodorants and antiperspirants...I know there are some natural deodorant / antiperspirant products on the market. Okay, enough talk. How to Make Natural Underarm Deodorant (Roll-On) Homemade Foot Pads to Detox Your Body Overnight - The Beauty Box.

Everyone needs to detox!

Homemade Foot Pads to Detox Your Body Overnight - The Beauty Box

The accumulation of harmful substances in our bodies leads to diseases and premature aging. Although the human body has a well-developed excretory system, eliminating the harmful compounds in the urine, feces and sweat, he cannot cope with the excess of substances from unhealthy food, water and air. The effects of the accumulation of toxins in the body include: bad breath, sore feet and joints, weakness, constipation, headache, muscle aches and pains, insomnia, dizziness, constant fatigue and low immunity.

If you struggle to get through the day, even if you’re sleeping well, this could be a sign that your body is working too hard to get rid of the toxins you’re pouring into it. Due to the gravity and the bipedal position, toxins tend to accumulate in the feet. To make this foot pads at home you will need: turmeric powderginger powdergreen tea (dried leaves)dry chamomilepaprikagrated lemon zestwater Here are some of the advantages of this simple detox method: DIY "Miracle" Night Cream - Since starting a new job, studying for my RD exam, and preparing to do that whole moving thing has made this lady super stressed out and tired all the time.

DIY "Miracle" Night Cream -

Boy does my face start to show it! You know that whole puffy eyes, dark circle thing. Not cool! I don’t even want to talk about what grad school did to my skin… The recipe I am sharing with you today includes amazing ingredients. Ingredients: *You can double the recipe Directions: In a double boiler, sauce crock pot, or microwave safe dish place first 4 ingredients and heat slowly until melted. I’ve been using this cream for a little while now and I love the way it feels on my skin.

The reason this is a night cream is because it contains lemon essential oil which can cause photosensitivity in the sun. Side note: Some people believe that aloe can boost hair growth. More info on aloe can be found here: Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Links may contain affiliate links.