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Video 3D Mapping

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How to: Setup your projector. 6 tutorial mapping. Mapping en cinema 4d. Simple Projection Mapping. 3D Mapping simple demo. Projection Calculator Distance e Screen Size. Video 3d mapping. Video Projection Mapping. By HELMUT BREINEDER ( For the recently re-opened Danish Royal Jelling National Museum realised a projection mapping installation for the institution’s mythology room (assignment and creative lead: Art+Com studios).Across several levels, outsized roots of the Yggdrasil tree – a legend in Nordic lore – served as projection surfaces for images, text and animations that bring the Viking mythology to live.

Video Projection Mapping

Here, twelve essential tales from the realms of cosmology, magical items, crossing realms and Ragnarok are staged across three trees using a combination of illustrative character animations and abstract motion design.