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3D mapping

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EnsoMOSAIC - photogrammetric software and aerial imaging system. DMZ Aerial. What is a UAV?

DMZ Aerial

The term UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Commonly referred to as drones around the world, UAV's are unmanned aircraft designed to capture information from the sky. The term UAV or UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) are typical terms used for unmanned aircraft by the American UAV industry. These terms are favored over the term drone because drone can sometimes carry with it a negative connotation related to spying or military activity for some people. Due to this the term is often replaced by these more official terms to avoid any negative press towards an industry that is currently having its regulatory structure developed by the US government.

How are UAV's Classified? UAV's are classified in two ways. The second way to classify UAV's is by flight controller. The second form of flight controller is the fully autonomous system. Uses? One of the biggest potential uses in agriculture however remains multispectral Ag scouting. GSD, Pixel Size, Photo Scale used in aerial survey cameras aerial-survey-base. The term “GSD” is often used in conjunction with digital aerial survey cameras and aerial survey related tenders.

GSD, Pixel Size, Photo Scale used in aerial survey cameras aerial-survey-base

GSD = Ground Sampling Distance In a digital photograph, which can be created by using a digital aerial camera or by scanning an analogue film negative, the ground sampling distance is the distance between pixel centers measured on the ground, expressed by using ground related units. This appears also on Orthophotos. For example, in a image with 0,1 m (10 cm) GSD, the distance between adjacent pixel on the ground appears as 10 cm. Since pixel elements are squares, it will cover an area of 10 cm x 10 cm on the ground. Sometimes it is confused with the term image resolution, but GSD is a related measure to determine image resolution. When using traditional film, the term image scale or photographic scale was used. The GSD calculator allows you to make related calculations for a predefined GSD.

When using film, you can also calculate and compare film related photo scale with GSD. Unmanned Aerial Systems. Workstation for Hire - 256 GB RAM dual 8core @2,7 GHz. N. Purple, im set the price as you, and that JUST because im not want go down and create competition, im set i so that if one of us is overloaded or with long reconstruction front that the other can help clients and not steal clients..... My personal digging intro prices of it, show that could bring price much much lower as are now, and my idea was for repeating customers bring discounts up to 75 %.. My idea is to HELP people with big projects because still is not ready NET reconstruction. Im personaly have pointed AGISOFT team how to solve it in elegant way, so sooner or later our WS will be not necessary ( few months ) then..... If there were not NET reconstruction in sight, im would buy 4 or 8 socket system.

Agisoft helped me reconstruct few of my models on ULTRA for free, to get better understanding to my workflow and correcting it, so i pay it back for them with help to others become better and better and use Pscan to its limits...... Drone UAV pour orthophotos. Le Gatewing X100 est un outil révolutionnaire pour les travaux de cartographie de précision.

Drone UAV pour orthophotos

Cet « aéronef télépiloté », automatisé (décollage, vol, atterrissage), est capable de produire des orthophotos avec une résolution et une précision meilleures que 5 cm, et des MNE (Modèles Numériques d'Elévation) avec une précision planimétrique de 5cm et altimétrique de 10cm. SenseFly-eBee. Once you have created your orthomosaic and 3D model, it's time to put this data to work - for example by measuring distances, taking cross-sections, extracting volume data, or exporting to third-party software to add GIS data or create custom maps.


Visiodrones, service d'imagerie par système de drone. Photoscan: la solution logicielle low cost du traitement des images aériennes répondant à l’ensemble des applications issues du domaine des drones.

Visiodrones, service d'imagerie par système de drone

Découvrez notre offre commerciale et explorez de nouveaux marchés: industrie minérale, minière, mapping, import google earth, produits cartographiques, coupes topographiques en quelques clics et astuces. VisioDrones: revendeur France Agisoft, a le plaisir de vous proposer le logiciel Photoscan et un pack de 3 modules de formation + jeux de données & astuces qui vous permettront d’automatiser vos traitements numériques sans perte de temps et dans les domaines suivants: -MODULE assemblage/mosaïquage/orthophoto/orthomosaïque. -MODULE DEMs/modèles numériques de surface. -MODULE Reconstitution 3D. Prenez contact et nous nous ferons un plaisir, de répondre gratuitement à vos besoins opérationnels, de vous épauler avec la version d’évaluation et de vous orienter, grâce à notre offre: vers de nouveaux marchés.

Formation à distance : photogrammetry. Les formations à distance, suivies avec un ordinateur connecté à l’internet sont les seules qui ne nécessitent pas de se déplacer à l’ENSG pour les accomplir.

formation à distance : photogrammetry

Dans ce service de formation à distance, les apprenants sont accompagnés et évalués (tutorés) par un spécialiste thématique de la formation et du tutorat. Le parcours pédagogique est contrôlé et attesté par l’ENSG. INFO : Certificat Supérieur en Géomatique et Applications (CSGA) en formation entièrement à distance. Microdrone aerial mapping UAV.