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If-You-Build-It-Will-They-Come-An-Evaluation-of-Whiteboard-a-Networked-Academic-Profiles-Project- Report | Appendix Engaging students academically on social networks: the Facebook dilemma Social networks have tremendous potential to connect students in large programs, who might otherwise go through a four-year program without getting to know others who share their academic interests.


But to engage these students, institutions face a dilemma between being present on public platforms like Facebook, where students already are, or constructing a new and separate site, focused solely on academic interests. A new report from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) examines a pilot project from the University of Toronto Department of History and the Department for the Study of Religion for a new site specifically for their students, which ultimately failed to become sustainable. Innovation Value Webs - Ascent. It is perhaps self-evident that the most tireless companies, on the lookout for innovative new products, services, processes and business models, will become the most competitive.

Innovation Value Webs - Ascent

Saying this is one thing – doing it in practice is hard. One way to keep ahead of the competition is to develop an innovation model that enables more efficient and effective interactions beyond conventional organization boundaries – whether internal or external. We call this model “Innovation Value Webs” – it is a model which facilitates open innovation both within the social enterprise and beyond its borders. “The configuration of networks your company has with its customers, suppliers and competitors will affect your competitive advantage.” — Andrew Schipilov, Network Advantage Business Impact Economic uncertainty and accelerated business cycles increase the pressure for organizations to drive more value, more quickly from their innovation models.

Key Aspects of Innovation Value Webs: Small World Labs Community - Small World Labs. Small World Labs Community™ provides the collaboration, connection, communication, and sharing capabilities you need to engage your constituents.

Small World Labs Community - Small World Labs

Enterprise grade to meet the needs of the largest organizations. Flexibility to fit the needs of smaller organizations. Its modular platform framework enables a configuration unique to each online experience and your specific needs. Participate. Building a Business Case For Your Community Initiative. Social Media Management Plans & Pricing. Online Community Forum Software For Customer Feedback System. <a href=" title="Contact us" target="_blank">Questions?

Online Community Forum Software For Customer Feedback System

Feedback? </a> powered by <a href=" title="Olark live chat software">Olark live chat software</a> Get Satisfaction customer community platform Everything you need to create a powerful and engaging community your customers will love. How to keep your community safe and supported – SPRINT community management conference. Priscilla McClay has written a blog post about a recent conference she presented at including lots of tips for keeping online communities safe.

How to keep your community safe and supported – SPRINT community management conference

Follow Priscilla on Twitter. Our Story. In 2009, we noticed the adoption of social tools and technologies begin to skyrocket, but there was no corresponding attention being paid to community management.

Our Story

Our collective background in business operations and technology (Rachel) and community strategy and management (Jim) set off warning bells. We knew the use of social technologies would open a pandora’s box of implications and challenges for organizations. Creative Connection at Buffer. What We're Looking For We believe that community and marketing exist at the intersection of helping people - helping them connect with one another, to learn new ideas, and to improve and grow together.

Creative Connection at Buffer

We're excited to explore the overlap between community and marketing even further, both in traditional ways and beyond! About StevenT. Breng je digitale ecosysteem in kaart, een must voor elke marketeer. In de gereedschapskist van een strateeg mag een analyse van het digitale ecosysteem niet ontbreken.

Breng je digitale ecosysteem in kaart, een must voor elke marketeer

Zo’n analyse geeft inzicht in de concurrentiekrachten en dynamiek in het digitale landschap en de positie van de onderneming daarin. Intro to Cypher. Gephi Marketplace - The Official Source for Gephi Plugins and Services (BETA) SocioViz: a free Social Network Analysis tool for Twitter. SocioViz is new born social media analytics platform powered with Social Network Analysis metrics; actually is available for Twitter but in the near future will be extended to other main social media channels.

SocioViz: a free Social Network Analysis tool for Twitter

The only prerequisite is having a Twitter account that will be used to query the Twitter API and gather results. After registering and creating a new account the main menu looks like this: In the Query field you could search for a single or multiple word/hashtag and adding some operators. For example: By default, specifying any other value, the last 100 tweets are extracted; clicking on From and To fields is possible to search 2 weeks in the past with a maximum of 5.000 tweets for each query. Clicking on the 5 icons in the middle of the screen you could visualize respectively: Distribution of tweets in the selected time-frame and the top hashtags used The detail of tweets Each row in the table represent a tweet. Open Tools, Open Data, Open Scholarship for Social Media. SocioViz: a free Social Network Analysis tool for Twitter. Are ecosystem services academic?- Eventbrite. Invalid quantity.

Are ecosystem services academic?- Eventbrite

Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Please enter your name. Please enter an email address. Please enter a valid email address. Please enter your message or comments. Please enter the code as shown on the image. Please select the date you would like to attend. Please enter a valid email address in the To: field. Please enter a subject for your message. Please enter a message. You can only send this invitations to 10 email addresses at a time. Rise - raise your game. Zoopla have been running their immense #ZPP100 - the Zoopla Property Power 100 of UK estate agents for over 2 years.

Their hashtag is now well known and the uptake from the property industry has been so vast that their list has grown 700%! Pride in their rank and increased participation have meant that the board self propagates, as the players advertise and talk about getting better at what they do. The agents on the board tune in every Monday, excited to see if their past week’s online performance has helped them climb the leaderboard. List of Wearables. The Angel VC: How fast is fast enough? Growth is the single biggest determinant of startup valuations at IPO, as my fellow SaaS investor Tomasz Tunguz concluded based on an analysis of 25 IPOs in 2013. Growth (a.k.a. traction) is also the most important factor that attracts VCs and drives valuations in private financing rounds. Of course your team, product, technology, business model and market matter too, but when you’re past the seed stage the expectation is that these factors will have resulted in excellent growth.

At the seed stage you can sell your story and vision. At the Series A and later stages, you have to back it up with numbers. This isn’t surprising. If growth is so crucial, how fast do you have to grow? The answer depends on the market you’re in and the type of company that you want to build. Duedil.