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Visual thinking guides

Visual thinking guides
This presents nine sources of visual thinking guides: Exploratree, Gamestorming, LexIcon, Education Oasis, TeacherVision, Freeology, Education Place and Writing Fun. Exploratree hosts a set of interactive thinking guides. This is a free web resource where you can use the guides, print them, edit them or make your own. You can share them and work on them in groups. Interactive map: Flash (recommended) PDF (problem?) Here are some of the overall categories, names of individual diagram type and an indication of their purposes. Click the thumbnail to see a full-size image. Develop ideas Solve problems Explore Analyse Different perspectives Gamestorming presents thinking patterns as games, many of them visual, that will help to make meetings and discussions more fruitful and stimulating. $ - $100 Test 3 - 3-12-3 Brainstorm 4 - 4Cs 7 - 7Ps Framework A - Affinity Map; Air Time Mastermind; Argument map; Atomize B - Back of the Napkin; Bodystorming; Boundary matrix; Brainwriting; Break; Build The Checklist

Job growth at the best companies to work for Nicolas Rapp and Anne Vandermey with a straightforward look at new jobs added at the top 100 companies to work for, according to Fortune. Fat paychecks, sweet perks, fun colleagues, and over 70,000 jobs ready to be filled — these employers offer dream workplaces. Like Google, which reclaims the top spot this year to become a three-time champion. Meet this year’s top 100, network with the winners on LinkedIn, and more. Number of new jobs added or lost is on the horizontal, and number of employees at the start of the year on the vertical. There were 7.6 million applicants to Starbucks last year. [Nicolas Rapp] Gliffy - Online Diagram Tools Home » Office Productivity » Gliffy – Online Diagram Tools Posted by km in Office Productivity, Online Tools, Web2.0 Gliffy, Online diagram tool that works entirely in your browser. You can simple use Gliffy online diagram services by sign up account freely and start drawing and assemble your diagram online. The Gliffy diagram usage is very similar like visio and it takes me more than 10 minutes to finish one diagram. Updates: Gliffy online diagram creator offers more diagram option such as SWOT diagram, Wireframes, UML , ORG chart and business proces modeling. Visit Gliffy – Online diagram creator

Free mind mapping (and related types) software I see regular inquiries on Twitter and in forums from people looking for free software to support visual thinking. To provide answers, InformationTamers have put together 14 pages to help you find the one for your needs. These show the platform, a screen thumbnail and a link for more information in each case. We built this article using the most complete source for details of information mapping software on the Web: Hat tip to Vic Gee who put together and kept it up to date for years. has a good capability for selecting software by map type and operating system (click on the 'Refine software list' tab at the top right of its web page). "Free" here is as in beer, not in freedom, though some of the software listed is open source, so is free in both senses. Of course a pencil and paper is always almost free. This used to be one long page, but as I updated and added to it, it became unmanageable, so now it's broken down by category.

The Why Axis Cluster/Cloud Graphic Organizer Printouts Cluster diagrams (also called cloud diagrams) are a type of non-linear graphic organizer that can help to systematize the generation of ideas based upon a central topic. Using this type of diagram, the student can more easily brainstorm a theme, associate about an idea, or explore a new subject . To create a cluster diagram, the student first thinks of as many terms or ideas relating to the stimulus topic as possible (and then writes the second-level ideas in circles attached to the main topic) - this first step is like creating a star diagram. Then the student explores each of these new second-level ideas in turn, and for each, finds as many related ideas as possible (and adds these third-level terms to the diagram around the idea). For example, a cluster diagram can be used to create a graphic display to brainstorm about a topic like pollution. Color coding can be very helpful in making an easy-to-understand cluster diagam. Printout:

MindMeister List of information graphics software This is a list of software to create any kind of information graphics: either includes the ability to create one or more infographics from a provided data seteither it is provided specifically for information visualization Vector graphics[edit] Vector graphics software can be used for manual graphing or for editing the output of another program. See also[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ "Homepage". Utiliser un logiciel de carte heuristique Une carte heuristique [ 1 ] ou carte des idées (mind map en anglais) est un diagramme qui illustre les liens hiérarchiques entre différentes idées. C’est une représentation essentiellement arborescente des données qui peut s’enrichir de formes, couleurs, images... et qui permet de représenter et d’organiser un concept tel qu’il soit perçu par un ou plusieurs individus. Pour clarifier ce terme un peu rébarbatif, prenons une image : nous connaissons presque tous l’astuce du nœud fait à un mouchoir pour servir de pense-bête. 1- Carte heuristique et apprentissages 1.1- Quelques points de repère : Ce concept des cartes heuristiques a été formalisé par un psychologue anglais, Tony Buzan, alors qu’il était étudiant. Selon T. Les cartes heuristiques constituent une représentation externe de notre pensée. Elles facilitent ainsi la construction du savoir et de la réflexion. 1.2- Quelques conseils pour créer une carte heuristique : 1.2.1- Le matériel nécessaire : 1.2.2- La réalisation en 5 points : ou .

How Teachers Actually Feel About Education Technology [Infographic] How Online Education Has Changed In 10 Years 7.65K Views 0 Likes We all know that education, specifically online education, has come a long way in the last few years. Why TED Talks Have Become So Popular 6.11K Views 0 Likes TED talks are useful and free ways to bring high-level thinking and through-provoking ideas into the classroom and your home. 5 Things To Know About SXSWedu 5.70K Views 0 Likes The real story for anyone reading this is SXSWedu, the education-oriented version of the conference that's turning into a force of nature. How Social Media Is Used Around The World 8.17K Views 0 Likes In a fascinating infographic, we get a look at how social media is used around the world by a variety of countries. - Collaborative mind mapping in your browser