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The bystander effect : Apathy or Empathy

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Definition of bystander (Merriam-Webster dictionary) One who is present but not taking part in a situation or event: a chance spectator. Did Kitty's case insinuate that her situation was affected by the bystander effect? The Kitty Genovese murder in Queens, New York, in 1964 is one of the most famous murder cases to come out of New York City and into the national spotlight.

Did Kitty's case insinuate that her situation was affected by the bystander effect?

What propelled it wasn’t the crime or the investigation, but the press coverage that alleged the murder had many witnesses who refused to come to the Kitty Genovese’s defense. This has been disproved over time, but not before it became part of the accepted lore of the crime. Kitty Genovese was returning from work home at around 2:30 a.m. on March 13, 1964, when she was approached by a man with a knife.

Genovese ran toward her apartment building front door, and the man grabbed her and stabbed her while she screamed. A neighbor, Robert Mozer, yelled out his window, “Let that girl alone!” Genovese, seriously injured, crawled to the rear of her apartment building, out of the view of any possible witnesses. She was found by neighbor Sophia Farrar, who screamed for someone to call the police. Kitty Genovese. What Is the Bystander Effect?

Example of the bystander effect - Social Experiment. The Bystander Effect - Social Experiment. The Bystander Effect - Real Life Situation. The Smoke Filled Room Study. Diffusion of Responsibility: Definition and Examples in Psychology. What causes people to intervene and help others?

Diffusion of Responsibility: Definition and Examples in Psychology

Psychologists have found that people are sometimes less likely to help out when there are others present, a phenomenon known as the bystander effect. One reason the bystander effect occurs is due to diffusion of responsibility: when others are around who could also help, people may feel less responsible for helping. Key Takeaways: Diffusion of Responsibility Diffusion of responsibility occurs when people feel less responsibility for taking action in a given situation, because there are other people who could also be responsible for taking action.In a famous study on diffusion of responsibility, people were less likely to help someone having a seizure when they believed there were others present who also could have helped.Diffusion of responsibility is especially likely to happen in relatively ambiguous situations. Factors that determine bystander apathy. Bystander responses to friends as compared to strangers. Bystander Revolution: Dr. Philip Zimbardo.

"Intervene" Bystander Campaign. Project Description The Skorton Center for Health Initiatives at Cornell Health, in collaboration with the Cornell Interactive Theater Ensemble, has developed a new bystander intervention video and workshop called Intervene © 2016.

"Intervene" Bystander Campaign

What is Intervene? Intervene is both a video and a workshop: Video: The online 20-minute video Intervene includes brief filmed scenarios demonstrating ways in which student bystanders can successfully intervene in problematic situations. Seven different situations are addressed, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence (emotional abuse), hazing, alcohol emergency, emotional distress, and bias. Both the video and workshop are: based on real-life situations faced by students at Cornell and beyond grounded in social behavior theories and public health research developed and evaluated by the Skorton Center at Cornell Health [Video transcript] Audiences Evaluation The survey explored the degree to which students:

Empowering Bystanders. What type of bystander are you? What type of bystander are you?

What type of bystander are you?

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