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Playmakers1. Mutually Beneficial PD for Teachers in North and Central America by Shea Kerkhoff on Prezi. 4 the World - Empowering Collaborative Communities. The Dream Flag Project. TakingITGlobal - Inspire. Inform. Involve. A Week in the Life 14-2 - Class Handshakes. Challenge Based Learning - Welcome to Challenge Based Learning! Dancing Around the World. Global Peace Video. Global Collaborative Projects - Peters Township High School Library. Going Global Designing Global Informational Text Collaborations Global Education Conference Wednesday, November 19th Welcome!

Global Collaborative Projects - Peters Township High School Library

To get us started, think about the following questions: The Four Stages Of The Self-Directed Learning Model. Four Stages Of A Self-Directed Learning Model by TeachThought Staff Self-Directed Learning is not new, but is perhaps misunderstood.

The Four Stages Of The Self-Directed Learning Model

Studied in terms of adult education and vocation for years, self-directed learning is increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons, including growing dissatisfaction with public schooling, and the rich formal and informal learning materials available online. This is the “age of information” after all. Self-directed learning is one response, something slideshare user Barbara Stokes captures in this chart, based on the model by Gerald Grow. The four stages–very similar to the gradual release of responsibility model–appear below. Florida's Emerald Coast. During sea turtle nesting season, The Emerald Coast CVB/Okaloosa County Tourist Development Council offers Nighttime Educational Beach Walks.

Florida's Emerald Coast

The walks are part of an effort to protect the sea turtle populations along the Emerald Coast, increase ecotourism in the area and provide additional family-friendly activities. "Many regular visitors are not aware that they are sharing the beach with sea turtles and other wildlife," said Jim Trifilio, Coastal Management Coordinator for the Emerald Coast CVB. "It is helpful for folks to be aware of sea turtle nesting habits and why some of the turtle species are endangered. " Free and open to the public, the walks are scheduled for every Monday and Thursday evening at 7:30 pm from June 2 through November, and include a 30-minute orientation. Multicultural, Anti-bias, & Diversity Activities & Exercises. Learning, sharing and collaborating globally in the early years: Stories from the Global Classroom Project - R.I.C. Publications. R.I.C.

Learning, sharing and collaborating globally in the early years: Stories from the Global Classroom Project - R.I.C. Publications

Under-Told Stories. Out of Eden Learn. Overview Out of Eden Learn is a unique online learning community designed to accompany Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk.

Out of Eden Learn

Through Out of Eden Learn, students from around the world can engage in Paul’s journey and all that it represents. They explore their own neighborhoods, investigate contemporary global issues, and reflect on how they as individuals fit into a broader geographical and historical context. The Social Network Show - Kids Join 7 Year Walk With "Out of Eden Learn": Dr. Liz Dawes Duraisingh of Harvard's Project Zero.

Out of Eden Education. Xpeditions is now archived in National Geographic Education's new website— If you liked Xpeditions, you'll love the new media-rich

Out of Eden Education

Explore the new site now for activities, maps, interactives, videos, homework help, and more! Please note: to search for Xpeditions content, check the “include archive” filter. Out of Eden Learn. For more information, please visit our website or educators' blog.

Out of Eden Learn

In January 2013, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek set off on a seven-year walk from the Rift Valley of Ethiopia, seeking to retrace the migratory pathways of our ancient human ancestors. As he walks, Salopek uses our deep past as a sounding board for interpreting contemporary issues and assessing where we have come in our unfolding human story. Abundance Foundation. Out of Eden Learn is an online learning community and research project accompanying Pulitzer prize- winning journalist Paul Salopek on his seven-year long Out of Eden Walk, which retraces the global migration of our ancestors in a 21,000-mile, seven-year odyssey that begins in Ethiopia and ends in Tierra del Fuego.

Abundance Foundation

We currently have 668 classes from 41 different countries registered on our website. Students are completing weekly activities, posting responses, and responding to others’ posts. Project activities invite students to replicate Paul’s walk within their own neighborhoods, investigate contemporary global issues, and reflect on how they as individuals fit into the unfolding story of human history. Out of Eden Learn invites young people and educators to develop the awareness, capacity, and inclination to engage with the world and with one another. It is open to all schools and students, free of charge. Out Of Eden Learn. GCC – Global Competence Certificate Program. STEM to STEAM. Culture Trek Introduction. Directions This version of Culture Trek is designed to be a blended learning curriculum.

Culture Trek Introduction

As such, the four classroom lessons are designed to complement and build off of the topics covered in the online portion of the curriculum. The materials are designed to be used as follows: Each student takes the online interactive course individually. It should take them approximately one hour. Teachers use any or all of the four lesson plans in the classroom. Materials. AFS Project: Change - Win a Scholaship to Volunteer Abroad. AFS was founded on a world-changing idea: that cultural exchanges could lead to better understanding and cooperation among nations.

AFS Project: Change - Win a Scholaship to Volunteer Abroad

But ideas need leaders. Enter: volunteers. AFS's founders were the ultimate volunteers - young people who ventured overseas as early as 1914 to help those in need - and their spirit of volunteerism lives on today in AFS. Now it's YOUR turn. Tell us your idea for a volunteer project that could have a meaningful impact abroad. Choose from 14 countries where you could address any of 5 key issue areas. CountriesIssue Areas. Culture Trek Introduction. Impact of AFS Programs. Studies have shown that AFS exchange programs can have a deep and far-reaching impact on the lives of participants. AFS has helped more than 400,000 students and young adults embark on journeys of personal growth through intercultural learning experiences. Participants develop new skills and gain a broader perspective on the world while building meaningful and lasting connections with the people they meet along the way.

AFS Participants benefit from becoming a part of the global AFS community—a network of people who share their passion for exploring foreign cultures and connecting with people of diverse backgrounds. During the experience abroad, participants often build close attachments with their host families through daily interaction in the household. GlobalEdCon Klein Keynote 2014.pdf. International Education Week 2014 Toolkit - VIF Learning Center Blog. Pembina Trails School Division. EduCon 2.7. Science Leadership Academy. Horizon Report > 2014 K-12 Edition. The World's Leading Augmented Reality Platform. RADIJOJO! Das Kinderradio. Radijojo World Childrens Radio Network - das weltweite Kinder-Radio-Netzwerk. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Virtual Schooling. Virtual school programs—especially online high school courses—are gaining traction in school districts around the country.

According to a report issued in November 2011 by the National Center for Education Statistics, 55 percent of the more than 2,000 school districts surveyed had students in distance education programs during the 2009-2010 school year. The number of students enrolled in individual online courses, meanwhile, multiplied to 1,816,400, compared to fewer that 50,000 a decade earlier. Global Learning ~ exploring the pitfalls article, Global Learning ~ exploring the pitfalls … One of the difficulties I experience in engaging with discussion about global learning is the move from the big ideas and debates to classroom / school reality.

Most of us on reading curriculum documentation that argues for participation, valuing of diversity, awareness of global issues etc will agree and say that we want this. Those of us working in schools will also quickly argue that much of what we are already doing contributes to global learning. Curriculum 21- Global Partnership Site. Heidi Hayes Jacobs and I have been working on a curated Global Education site that will bring resources to educators to address global awareness, skills, literacies and competencies in their schools and classroom. The site hopes to facilitate connections between educators and established global projects and act as a clearinghouse for web 2.0 tools, links and books that facilitate, support and encourage global teaching and learning. I am happy to announce the official launch of Curriculum21- Global Partnership Site I would like to highlight the following three sections on the Global Partnership site:

Curriculum Matters! Reading Lessons that Work. Postcards connecting the world - Postcrossing. National Girls Collaborative Project. GAINS - Girls Advancing in STEM. Student Technology Conference. SpeakUp! MysteryQuest USA - home. MysteryQuest World Geography - home. Gamification of Education. 12 Timeless Project-Based Learning Resources.

Resources. Project-Based Learning. Skype. Skype allows users to communicate by voice, video, and instant messaging over the internet. How Educators Use Skype In The Classroom. Penguin Group, New York Philharmonic, Peace One Day, among others join Skype in the classroom to deliver dynamic content and guest speakers Helping to educate and inspire the next generation of thinkers, Skype joins forces with Penguin Group, New York Philharmonic, Science Museum London, Peace One Day, and Save the Children to provide teachers with educational content and access to expert speakers via video calling.

How Teachers are Using Skype in the Classroom. Lauren M. Mystery Skypes - Home. BYOD – Consider Your Options Carefully. WiFi SD Cards: Eyefi Memory Cards: Wireless Photo and Video Uploads from your Camera to your Computer & the Web. Teach to Learn. Tech Sherpas. How To Join The Google Teacher Academy. Professional Development can sometimes be a pain. How to Use Hashtags With Twitter: 8 Steps. Edit Article481,063 views 18 Editors Edited 22 weeks ago. UAE Learning Network - Connecting Educators from across and within the Emirates. Framework for State Action on Global Education. Solve Puzzles for Science. Wonderguide. A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Global Classroom.

Google Hangouts Guide for Teachers. "In terms of young children developing as writers this is the most interesting development in the last 20 years." Pie Corbett. Kidblog. The Complete Guide to The Use of Skype in Education. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been diligently engaged over the last couple of weeks in writing a series of simple and easy to use guides to help teachers and educators better leverage the use of technology in education and empower them with the necessary tools to better carry out this task.

What started as a simple guide on the use of social networking, expanded to be a series of similar guides covering blogging, personal learning networks, Evenote, Facebook and iPad in education. Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More. National Geographic Education - National Geographic Education. This website would like to remind you: Your browser (Firefox 17) is out of date. Update your browser for more security, comfort and the best experience on this site. Educators! Take our survey for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

TwitCasting - Stream Live Video on Twitter and Facebook. Kidblog. 50 Powerful Ways To Use Skype In The Classroom. Partnership with Children participates in Skype’s Read Aloud Program.