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OSX Setup

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How to Enable TRIM for Third-Party SSDs on Mac OS X. Macs only enable TRIM for the Apple-provided solid-state drives they come with.

How to Enable TRIM for Third-Party SSDs on Mac OS X

Add a Recent Applications Folder to Your Dock with a Terminal Command. Veritrope - Tech. OS X: Roll-your-own Malware Detection. Macs are not immune to malware.

OS X: Roll-your-own Malware Detection

Authors of malicious software often try to get a LaunchDaemon or LaunchAgent installed onto your computer in one or more of the following locations: /Library/LaunchDaemons /Library/LaunchAgents /System/Library/LaunchDaemons /System/Library/LaunchAgents /Users/<username>/Library/LaunchAgents OS X has a lesser-known feature called Folder Actions. These allow you to run scripts when an item is added to a folder. You can set up a simple script that lets you know when an item is added to one of the folders above and then open it to see what was added. Enable Folder Actions Right-click one the the folders listed aboveChoose Services > Folder Actions Setup…Check Enable Assign A Folder Action Click the plus sign on the right side of the windowHighlight add – new item alert.scptClick Attach. ChewingPencils (Sean Korzdorfer) NvTagNavigator: a tag panel for nvALT. If you’ve used nvALT for a while, you know that tagging in it is, well, broken.

nvTagNavigator: a tag panel for nvALT

There’s no unified place to see all your tags, and tags can’t be searched exclusively. The nice thing that Zachary built into it is OpenMeta tagging, so if you store your notes as plain text files, you can search tags with Spotlight and any OpenMeta app. This, combined with the url handler, leads to some interesting possibilities. NvTagNavigator 1.1 with automatable tag indexing. NvALT Tag Search for Alfred 2 update. I’ve had several people report that the nvALT Tag Search workflow for Alfred 2 hasn’t been working for them.

nvALT Tag Search for Alfred 2 update

I just updated the download with version 1.1. It removes some of the criteria for the file filter and hopefully generalizes the search enough to work for more people. Please be sure to open the workflow and double-click the File Filter input in the workflow. Behind These Paperless Evernote Hazel Eyes. Using the Kelly Clarkson quote was just way too easy, I know. This post is not in fact about American Idol winners, but is about Hazel , a Mac-only rules-based file management application. It does a ton of stuff, but today I am going to talk about how you can use it in a paperless workflow. Templates.scpt.

OmniFocus is an incredible piece of software.


I and countless others rely on it every day to manage increasingly hectic lives and complex, multi-facetted projects.This script is an effort to reduce one of the largest sources of friction remaining in my OmniFocus setup: maintaining and creating projects that don't recur on even intervals, but occur frequently enough that their planning and capture becomes a time sink.

Screencast Installation Download the most recent version of the script (Templates.scpt) from the link above. Once you have downloaded the script, navigate to your Application script folder located at ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2. Mac Must Have: Hazel. Have you ever heard of a little preference pane utility called Hazel?

Mac Must Have: Hazel

I use it everyday and it just may be the single most under appreciated app on my Mac. It is that good. Hazel basically allows you to preform preset actions based on a set of rules that you create. All of this sounds rather boring – best just to share how I use Hazel. Trash Let’s start with the straight forward Trash options that Hazel provides, here is what mine looks like: Essentially I have decided that I want day old items to never be in the trash, and I don’t want my trash to ever exceed 1GB in size. Pure gold I tell ya. Folders The Folders tab is where the heart of Hazel is, this is where the true power really can be unleashed. Downloads I have two active rules in the downloads folder: ‘Ooops Files’ and ‘Move Torrents’. 9 Hazel Rules to Increase Your Productivity.

Hazel, a folder monitoring application, has long been a favorite among many a Mac enthusiast.

9 Hazel Rules to Increase Your Productivity

Hazel will automatically take action on your files, using the rules you create, keeping your folders in order. If you’ve wished that all of your downloaded music or any other sort of files would just do what you wanted them to, using only the power of your mind, well, this is the next best thing. The first apps on my new Mac. I spent my free time over the last week setting up a new Macbook Air. Given my constant experimentation with OS X, I build up a lot of mistakes over time. I decided to do this install from the ground up and avoid porting legacy garbage into a new machine. These are my notes from the setup. I know that tools like Boxen and others can automate a lot of this. They’re primarily for mass-installs, though, and my needs change too frequently to ever really script this process. Prep.