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Mavericks How-to: Keep Your iCloud Keychain in Sync Posted 11/04/2013 at 3:22pm | by Cory Bohon OS X Mavericks is finally here, and MacLife will be bringing informative how to’s to keep you updated on what has changed and how to use it. Check back often to learn more about the newest operating system for the Mac from Apple.Mavericks and iCloud are changing the way people store their passwords and sync them across devices. For the average user who doesn’t implement 1Password or LastPass into their workflow, and doesn’t need the advanced features that come with those software packages, iCloud Keychain is the perfect companion. With iCloud Keychain, usernames saved on one machine will be available on other Macs and iOS devices with the service turned on. What is Keychain and iCloud Keychain? Enabling iCloud Keychain Enabling iCloud Keychain is a breeze. If this is your first time setting up iCloud Keychain, you will be required to enter your iCloud password and verify your account information. Filling Passwords on the Mac

Etiquette for a Gentleman Posted 1 month ago 629 notes Posted 2 months ago 4,851 notes 4,180 notes 411 notes 3,351 notes 379 notes Posted 1 year ago 1,414 notes 1,551 notes 10,168 notes 2,575 notes 6,735 notes 7,792 notes 3,420 notes 11,422 notes 6,766 notes Peter Ellis Jones — CUT, COPY, PASTE... SWAP As someone who uses a computer all day, cut, copy and paste are three of my most treasured friends. Every now and again though, I find myself needing to swap two pieces of text. It usually goes like this: Find and select text A and cutFind and select text B and paste text A next to itSelect text B and cut it.Go back to where text A was and paste text B in that spot And every time I do it, I’m slightly annoyed that this could be made slightly more efficient with the introduction of a new command, swap. Find and select text A and cutFind and select text B and swap, putting text A where text B was and storing text B in the clipboardGo back to where text A was and paste. So that’s what swap does. 1) Download Swap.workflow from here. 2) Open up System preferences, go to Keyboard, select the Shortcuts tab and click on Services in the select box on the right. That’s it! Cut, copy and paste along with the newest addition to their team (icon shamelessly stolen from the music player industry).

zenhabits How to Make Better Use of the Caps Lock Key Unless you spend too much time commenting on YouTube videos, you probably don't use your Caps Lock key all that often. Google has even replaced it with a dedicated search key on the Chromebook. The prominence of the Caps Lock key lends itself to something more than just INTERNET SHOUTING. This tutorial will walk you through using a few free tools to remap your caps lock key to a function you'll use more often such as launching spotlight, activating an app launcher, like Alfred or LaunchBar, opening OmniFocus's quick entry dialogue or even as an additional Delete key. Software Required In order to remap your caps lock key you need two free pieces of software from Installing the Software Step 1: Downloading the Software Visit to download KeyRemap4MacBook and PCKeyboardHack. Step 2: Installing KeyRemap4Macbook In Finder, go to your Downloads folder and open KeyRemap4Macbook.dmg. Double click on KeyRemap4Macbook.pkg to start the installation. Configuring Applications

The Health Care Blog | The Health Care Blog iTunes iOS syncing gone? Solve it with Server! Readers X, Y, and Z are unhappy with Mavericks and iTunes. They write: We recently read that you can’t sync your iOS devices’ contacts and calendars with iTunes. We are very, very angry. What can be done about this outrage!? I understand and sympathize. Better? My $20 suggestion is that you set up local CardDAV and CalDAV servers for syncing contacts and events respectively. Configuring Server for contact syncing In Server, select the Contacts entry that appears under the Services heading. Below Access is Settings. Now launch System Preferences and click on Internet Accounts. Yet another sheet will appear. You’ll likely see a Verify Certificate window that tells you that Contacts can’t verify the identity of the server you entered. Launch Contacts and if you’re told that Contacts can’t connect to the account you just set up, enter your user name and password and click OK. Configuring contacts for your iOS devices Now launch the Contacts app and scroll down the list of groups.

reddit: the front page of the internet Your Guide To Unlocking The Power Of Spotlight Search In OS X Any OS worth its salt will feature a search bar, because in this day and age, it is impractical to try and recall file locations through terabytes of data. Microsoft Windows’ built in search was easily replaced by the Google Quick Search which is made even more powerful with some power parameters. However, Mac OS X’s Spotlight Search has not attracted as much attention since its release in April 2005; possibly because the OS itself is easy to sort or perhaps people simply don’t care about it. Navigation Primer Activate using ⌘ + spacebar, or by clicking the magnifying glass. Boolean Operators For those of us not familiar with Boolean operators, they are logical notations, think of them as a formal method of explaining something to a computer. rock NOT music We can also make the search more specific by eliminating multiple strings in parentheses. rock NOT (music OR Resume) File Extensions You can even search for specific file extensions, similar to Windows’ *. Rock NOT (classic OR .caf) Dates

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