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MacSparkyBlog Great apps for 2012: Mac This will be a 3-part series celebrating some of my favorite apps in 2012: Mac apps, Mac & iOS crossover apps and iOS apps. These are apps that I use regularly. Not all of them are new, and it’s not even close to a comprehensive list; just a few I thought worth mentioning. Great Mac apps for 2012 Sublime Text 2 Sublime has become my editor of choice. Curio 8 This year’s update to Curio was pretty amazing. Simplify Simplify is my favorite music controller. Clarify If you write documentation for screen-based procedures, Clarify is an amazing tool for quickly gathering screenshots, adding instructions and outputting PDF, HTML or even blog-based instructions. Bartender By far one of my favorite utilities of the year. PopClip PopClip brings iOS style selection popups to the Mac. Trickster Trickster offers a menu bar popup that shows you your most recent files and gives you easy access to them. FoldingText FoldingText is the “sequel” to TaskPaper. Shush Tree Slicy LiveReload Purple TotalFinder Up next

Etiquette for a Gentleman Posted 1 month ago 629 notes Posted 2 months ago 4,851 notes 4,180 notes 411 notes 3,351 notes 379 notes Posted 1 year ago 1,414 notes 1,551 notes 10,168 notes 2,575 notes 6,735 notes 7,792 notes 3,420 notes 11,422 notes 6,766 notes Julien Mauve - Lonely Window Lonely Window2013 Digital interfaces have totally changed how we perceive and interact with the outside world. It’s taught us new ways to communicate without physically seeing or speaking to one another. Through its digital twilight glow, the screen becomes a window, opening to a new world while simultaneously introducing a new kind of loneliness. Les interfaces numériques ont bouleversé notre perception et notre rapport au monde. zenhabits Macintosh Performance Guide

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