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Security & Privacy Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (assp) 1.3Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) is an open source anti-spam solution that utilizes advanced as well as more common ways to avoid spam. ASSP also takes care of email transferred viruses. Being a server... Read more BleachBit BleachBit is an application that frees disk space and guards your privacy. It cleans the cache, clears internet history, deletes cookies and logs, shreds temporary files and gets rid of junk that... Clam AntiVirus 0.93Clam AntiVirus is a GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX. ClamWin 0.93ClamWin is a Free Antivirus for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003. FreeOTFE 4.71FreeOTFE (on the fly encryption) is an open source tool for safe-keeping of your files through encryption. GNU Privacy Guard 2.0GnuPG is a command line tool mainly used by other applications to meet encryption demands. KeePass 2KeePass is an open source password manager. Winpooch 0.6.6Winpooch is open source protection from spyware and the like.

VirtualBox Bulk Image Downloader free download Automatically download entire web galleries Bulk Image Downloader is a powerful program for batch downloading images. And that means no more tedious right-click, Save As, over and over and over again - just point the program at the URL of interest and it will locate and grab your photos in just a few clicks. Bulk Image Downloader works almost everywhere. The program is smart, too. Despite the name, the program works with videos, too, and is able to grab clips from YouTube, Google Video, Daily Motion, MetaCafe and more. Multi-threaded downloading means you can fetch up to 50 images at once. Related Download Articles Freeware Quickly grab the Flickr images you need with this flexible bulk photo downloader Trial Software Burn discs, organise your media files, edit photos and videos, back up your system, and more Nero's latest media suite Play almost any multimedia content, wherever it might be, with this one-stop media player Create photo slideshows DVDs to share with friends and family

Store Details - Microsoft Store Shop. Learn. Have fun. Our store associates are here to help. Visit us at: Inside your Microsoft Store Pioneer Place Not your store? Location Get directions Pioneer Place 300 Yamhill St. Where to find us Located Street Level on Third Avenue and Yamhill Street, next to Tiffany & Co. Schedule an appointment Find or cancel an appointment Monday, April 289:00 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM Monday, April 28 (cont.)4:00 PM 5:00 PM Tuesday, April 2912:00 PM 1:00 PM The best of Microsoft all in one place: Windows Windows Phone Office Xbox

Free Downloads Encyclopedia - Softpedia The 150 Best Online Flash Games It was a long and exhausting task: playing hundreds of online games for hours in a row, day after day. It was hard, but someone had to do it. The result is the list that you will find below. Enjoy! Action Games 1. As you probably guessed, on this game, you get to drive an indestructible tank around. Click here to play IndestructoTank 2. A fighting game where you need to beat down several opponents at the same time. Click here to play Electricman2HS 3. Think about Sonic the Hedgehog with a more clean design and some physics effects added. 4. On this game you play a small dinosaur that is trying to escape the imminent extinction from a fallen meteor. Click here to play Dino Run 5. The Matrix fans out there will have fun with this one. Click here to play Matrix Rampage 6. The Gooples are all around you. Click here to play Amorphous+ 7. Ever wanted to fly around like Spider Man? Click here to play Double Wires 8. We couldn’t leave ninja games out of the list, right? Click here to play Final Ninja

TSR Watermark Image free download Protect your images with a custom watermark TSR Watermark Image is a free (for personal use) tool which makes it easy to add a digital watermark to your images. Your watermark can be text, or an image. Choose the format option and you're able to customise the text's font, colour and angle, add a border, chisel or embossed effect, and automatically add the text to your file's EXIF "Copyright" tag. The program can also carry out other useful batch processing tasks. Please note, TSR Watermark Image is free for personal use only. Related Download Articles Trial Software Quickly and easily resize, edit and convert a large number of images Freeware Rename, categorise or edit thousands of images in a single, automated operation Easily organise and manage your digital photos with this metadata-oriented viewer A capable digital photo viewer with good display of EXIF metadata Other Download Articles From This Category Trim unwanted frames from your AVI and WMV videos with this simple lossless editor

Zen 2 might not offer the IPC increase you expect Opinion: Across all sorts of tech forums, and particularly in TechSpot’s comment section, I’ve noticed a trend. Everyone loves to quote a 10-20% IPC (instructions per clock) boost for Zen 2, and, while I’m not ruling that out, I think it’s much less likely than what many people believe. That range has only come about because of a series of misunderstandings, errors, and easily refutable leaks, so I’m going to try to set the record straight. Rumors kicked off six months ago when an Italian computer company with a 32-core Epyc sample told Bits and Chips that Zen 2 offered a 13% IPC performance boost in scientific tasks. For starters, scientific tasks benchmark wildly differently to games – AMD already beats Intel in scientific and productivity IPC, while falling ~3% behind in games clock for clock. More importantly, using a 32-core server processor as a metric for an 8-core consumer processor is fraught with error. I believe that a 10-20% increase is possible, but only as likely as 5-10%.