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What's new summer 2015

Brands are out, customer relationships are in. Last year I wrote a piece in Marketing magazine suggesting brands were dying.

Brands are out, customer relationships are in

I argued the effect of globalisation and the digital information revolution meant consumers were becoming more rational and needed brands less and less. If the job of brands was to "assure customers about the quality of a product or service" as The Econonist put it, customers could now easily figure that out for themselves on comparison websites, review sites and via social media. The Difference Between Content Sharing and Content Creation [Infographic] It’s important to consider your goals when apportioning your marketing budget.

The Difference Between Content Sharing and Content Creation [Infographic]

Are you trying to engage more customers? Trying to generate more leads? Trying to raise awareness? A new infographic from marketing consulting firm Rebuild Nation examines whether your company should be creating content, or sharing content. When a business creates content, it is generally centered around what the business has to offer. The New Innovation. How social media insights inform—and improve—product development The voice wasn’t my golf coach, my young nephew or even my partner.

The New Innovation

It was that voice in my head. The one with the Texas drawl that always perks up when my brain realizes that the thing I’ve been slaving over for days, even weeks, isn’t working. It was 2010 and I was going through the text from a new product development discussion from an online community. We’d asked consumers all the usual questions: “Tell us about the problems you have when preparing food” and “How do you get around those problems?”

April 15,2015

Welcome to the LinkedIn Family,! Many people don’t know that I started my first company when I was a freshman in college.

Welcome to the LinkedIn Family,!

I didn’t know the first thing about designing a website and relied on a Lynda Weinman web graphics book to get my site up and running. What I didn’t know at the time was that my experience would come full circle on both a professional and personal level today. As the head of content products at LinkedIn, I spend a lot of time thinking about how the access to information and knowledge can be used to make professionals more productive and successful. The fact that I had to take a crash course to acquire a new professional skill is not unique to me — millions of professionals around the world are in a constant state of learning to achieve their professional goals every day.

So, I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome the talented team to the LinkedIn family today. Retailers are tailoring their Web sites and promotions for you. Just you. Don’t see this when you visit Barneys’s homepage?

Retailers are tailoring their Web sites and promotions for you. Just you.

April 2015

Big Data : 5 exemples de son utilisation marketing. Connu et pourtant ignoré, le Big Data est un peu le sous-marin du Web, très puissant, il offre une véritable force de frappe aux marques qui le mettent en oeuvre, et pourtant il reste plutôt caché, à tel point qu’on oublie à quel point il est décisif… Sujet on ne peut plus tendance, il reste néanmoins fantomatique lorsqu’il est question de connaître ses débouchés tellement ces derniers sont nombreux.

Big Data : 5 exemples de son utilisation marketing

Inside Gap's Plan To Get Back into Your Drawers. Defeat, it turns out, smells a lot like cinnamon rolls.

Inside Gap's Plan To Get Back into Your Drawers

On a Saturday afternoon in January, the cheap-caloried aroma of Cinnabon permeates New Jersey’s two-story Livingston Mall, distracting visitors from an increasingly visible reality. The 43-year-old shopping center’s fleet of modest stores—so familiar and accessible to customers for more than a generation—are turning into a liability. Between a lackluster Sears on one end of the mall and a Macy’s on the other, four naked mannequins and an empty metal rolling hanger are all that remain in the fresh graveyard of Wet Seal, the teen retailer that recently announced it’s shuttering two-thirds of its stores. "One day they’re remodeling, the next day it’s closed," mutters the teenager working the cell-phone repair cart outside the store.

Across the way, at an Aeropostale kids’ shop, an everything must go! Four miles away, at the Mall at Short Hills, tony brands like Bur­berry, Calypso St. Virgin Money aims to ‘seize the moment’ as it uses animals for 2015 TV push. Welcome to the new brandchannel. No April Foolin': Amazon Dash Button Leapfrogs the Shopping List - brandchannel: The shopper path-to-purchase just got shorter—a lot shorter.

No April Foolin': Amazon Dash Button Leapfrogs the Shopping List - brandchannel:

In a move that may smack of being an early April Fool’s prank (it’s not), Amazon today announced the Dash Button as a product replenishment system to Prime Members, which enables instant re-ordering of many of life’s simple needs. The branded widgets work with 255 products from 18 brands, including Tide detergent, Keurig cups, Olay face cream, Huggies diapers, Bounty paper towels, Gillette Fusion shaving products and anything else that can typically trigger a trip to the store now can be ordered with the push of a button.

Place the gadget close to the shelf where you keep the items, push the button when you feel you are running low, and Amazon sends your phone an alert to place the order with your Amazon app. No April Foolin': Amazon Dash Button Leapfrogs the Shopping List - brandchannel: eYeka connects brands and creatives through online challenges - eYeka. 6 Neuromarketing Principles For Designing More Persuasive Websites. CBA, designing brands with heart. State of Mobile Commerce Q1 2015. Mobile adoption continues to grow like a weed.

State of Mobile Commerce Q1 2015

Globally, mobile now accounts for 34% of eCommerce transactions. Criteo has analyzed individual transaction data covering approximately $160 billion of annual sales across 3,000 online retailers and travel advertisers to uncover the latest trends in mobile shopping in the US and globally. Download the full report as slides Specifically, readers will learn how: US Mobile transactions grew 10% in the last 3 months.In most countries including the US, smartphones now represent more mobile transactions than tablets.For the first time in Q1 2015, Japan and South Korea saw over 50% of their eCommerce transactions via mobile.Consumers in the US view the same number of products on smartphones and desktop. How to Redefine Customer Loyalty With Churn Analysis. To brand marketers, fostering brand loyalty is a major objective.

How to Redefine Customer Loyalty With Churn Analysis

It’s a commonly held belief that the loyal customer is a brand’s greatest asset—worth far more than the brand switcher, both in terms of the premium prices that they will pay and the marketer’s ability to maintain a stable sales base. However, often marketers assume that an unchanging share of market implies stability in consumers’ brand purchasing habits. Beneath the surface of stable sales, a given brand may—or may not—be experiencing significant churn in terms of who is buying from one purchase occasion to the next. Welcome to Forbes. Welcome to Forbes. Printemps des Etudes : Le baromètre du marketing.

" En 4 ans, Le Printemps des études est l'événement de référence des directeurs ou responsables des études, marketeurs, consumer insight managers, directeurs ou responsables du marketing, directeurs de la communication ou dirigeants d'entreprise ... désireux de confirmer leur expertise et d'affiner leurs choix stratégiques à court et long termes " explique Stéphanie Perrin la commissaire du Salon "nous attendons plus de 2 500 personnes les 16 et 17 avril prochains pour 70 conférences autour de 123 acteurs du métier ". Les grands thèmes en 2015 Stéphanie Perrin confirme que " les thèmes de cette quatrième édition sur les objets connectés et des données personnelles domineront les contenus. Mais, les approches "roistes ", les études des émotions ou un état des lieux des nouveaux livrables seront aussi très représentés ".

Un espace collaboratif, l'Agora, réserve une place aux " jeunes pousses " des études, soit des acteurs, des start ups ou des sociétés non encore représentés en France. Etude : M6 livre ses tendances 2015. Upcycled MacBook Sleeve by Presso Design. Presso Design adds Italian leather to coffee sacks for a rustic but luxurious laptop carrier Brother-and-sister team Andras and Kata of Presso Design turn burlap coffee sacks into laptop sleeves with a business model that celebrates fine design with environmental responsibility. Burlap coffee sacks are typically used once when the coffee producer ships the beans to a distributor or roaster, then discarded when empty rather than returned for additional use.

Presso Design buys the abandoned bags in bulk, then combines them with Italian leather to create the laptop sleeves. Creative Translation White Paper: How to translate your brand to grow business overseas. April Fool's Day ad round-up. April Fool's Day: Mini rolls out OOH ad Mini "coalition" by Iris Mini’s April Fool’s contender is an out door poster ad showing its iconic car painted in green, red, blue, yellow and purple to reflect the colours of the main political parties. The ad says: "The new Mini coalition. What Is Coke CEO’s Solution for Lost Fizz? More Soda. Businessinsider. The Power Of Great Design. Chanel Acts on Prices as Euro Worsens Gray Market. Neuromarketing: From Soup to Nuts. I’ve been chronicling the nascent neuromarketing industry since 2006, and I don’t think I’ve seen a story to date which captured social media attention to the degree that the recent Campbell Soup neuromarketing story did.

The original story in the Wall Street Journal fueled a mini-boom of Twitter and blogging activity. Why? I think the fact that a major consumer products company went on the record about their use of neuromarketing, and even provided specifics of how they changed their marketing, was the driving force. UK trails far behind US on customer experience. Etats-Unis : la Nature forcée. Ad of the Day: A-B Tricks Brooklynites Into Drinking Budweiser, and They Don't Hate It. At SXSW, Brands Are Playing Games With Your Health (in the Good Way) The melding of tech and health is everywhere these days, but nowhere is the trend more visible than right now at South by Southwest. By combining technology, wellness and exercise, brands who are activating experiences at SXSW in Austin, Texas, are using gamification to get people to take care of themselves. The goal is partly to give conference attendees a healthy break, but obviously the larger aim is to help turn emerging fitness trends into full-on phenomena.

Can a New Global Campaign Really Help Coca-Cola? Digital Media Buying Gets The "Programmatic" Makeover. Digital Media Buying Gets The ‘Programmatic’ Makeover. Quantifying The Mobile Revolution: Mobile Advertising Progress In 2014. Building a Global Brand. All across the U.S., companies big and small are looking to tap into global audiences as a way to expand and grow.

Emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil and Mexico offer lucrative opportunities for brands to expand globally—so much so that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently wooed Chinese audiences by speaking Mandarin. As more and more companies see the world as their playground, creating a global brand that translates across borders becomes a bigger challenge for brand managers.

To be successful, marketers must consider a number of differences such as economic, political, cultural and social dynamics to ensure that a brand translates the same way from country to country, yet embraces local cultures. Successful brands invest in local and global activities. Marc by Marc Jacobs Line Folded Into Brand's Unified Collection. One Brand, One Heart: Southwest's Brand Refresh, From Souped Up Planes to Nuts. Marriott Traveler Is Next Step for the Chain's Branded Content. Marriott International has taken the next step in its self-described efforts to become the "Red Bull brand" of the global hospitality industry, launching a new online destination travel platform called Marriott Traveler. LEGO’s VP of marketing on listening to customers, movies and 360 marketing. 3 Neuroscience Findings That'll Make You a Better Marketer. Marketers are constantly trying to grab the attention of their audience in new and innovative ways.

Can Malaysia's Airlines Rise Above Problems With New flymojo Brand? How Does London Vocabulary Compare With US English? Compter le facing produits : 3 exemples. #LifeWith3M: 3M Kicks Off Global Brand Campaign at SXSW. Video Marketing Lessons From CLEAN & CLEAR® Bouteilles personnalisées - MyEvian. The Real Reason Apple Is Crashing the Luxury Party. Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing and Advertising: Ryan Holiday: 9781781254363: Books. The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users eBook: Guy Kawasaki, Peg Fitzpatrick: Kindle Store. Guy Kawasaki - The Art of Social Media. TAG Heuer, Google, and Intel get together to announce a conceptual smartwatch. PURINA, Purina goes Beyond with natural pet food - CBA, designing brands with heart.

How Top Brands Improve Global to Local Marketing Campaigns. E-Marketing Paris - 14 / 16 avril 2015. Ad of the Day: A-B Tricks Brooklynites Into Drinking Budweiser, and They Don't Hate It. 11 Brands That Had to Dump Their Names. Before CDs and MP3s, This Little Machine Made Music Portable.

April 2015 PART II

How to Put Archetypes to Work in Your Business - Cult Branding. Insights: Interviews on The Future of Social Media as Curated by Anil Dash and Gina Trapani. Brands Post More to Instagram Than Facebook, L2 Report Says. #SXSW 2015 Branding: Toyota Makes Its Mark With Tweet-Activated Paintball. March 19,2015. Performance Marketing Knows No Bounds. 19 March. Cause Marketing Matters to Consumers - Successful marketing campaign. Word Cloud Generator. Google opens first branded physical store. The Social Game. A Simple Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook, Twitter & More [Infographic] Et si les pros du marketing misaient sur le « tourisme  de marque ? « E-Commerce One To One, s’il ne restait qu’une conférence sur le E-Commerce… Pharrell x Adidas Supercolor - 2-French Magazine2-French Magazine.

Behavioral_ely. What On Earth Is Meerkat? And Why Should Brands Care? The Science of Sensory Marketing. The Science of Sensory Marketing. The Metrics Map. Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation. The Benefits of No-Tech Note Taking. Pourquoi les marques doivent-elle mettre l’expérience au cœur de leur stratégie digitale. Joey Essex helps Mini Babybel raise money for Red Nose Day. Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy Infographic. Le futur du parfum, par Marielle Belin (La Marque & la Manière) More Companies Require Revenue-Focused Marketing ROI Meaures, Study Finds. Google opens first bricks-and-mortar shop in the UK. Newsletter du 26/02. Salon E-marketing 2014. Customer Experience is Becoming More Important Than the Product Itself. Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-first Century” explained.

Ca-Cola hopes new-look packaging can put the fizz back into UK sales - but do you like it? How Much Are Your Customers Really Worth? Can Apple Watch Aid Transition to Luxury Brand With $17,000 Wearable?