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SBM rentrée 2018

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The New Customer Journey Maze: 5 Implications For Marketers. 2,370 views|Sep 15, 2018,9:32 pm Getty Royalty Free At a recent roundtable, where individuals focused on helping sales and marketing leaders gathered, Gartner presented interesting findings from its annual research project.

The New Customer Journey Maze: 5 Implications For Marketers

The findings suggest that the assumption that B2B buyers progress in a linear fashion is fundamentally flawed. Havas has also picked up Staropramen from VCCP, and added Blue Moon and Pravha to the existing Molson Coors brands it works on – Carling, Sharp’s Brewery and Rekorderlig.

As a result, the agency has been named Molson Coors’ lead UK creative partner. Havas will be working on advertising, sponsorship and activation, PR and customer marketing through its agencies Havas London, Cake, Field Day and One Green Bean respectively. VCCP created the well-known comedic Jean Claude Van Damme ads that depict how cold and refreshing the drink is. VCCP will complete its work on Coors Light in the coming months. The agency also handles the Cobra account, which it picked up two years ago from Karmarama when Molson Coors last consolidated some of its brands into one agency. Zenith and Kinetic will continue to handle Molson Coors’ UK media planning and buying account. Coke recycling push encourages consumers to share bottle 'slam dunks' on social. The campaign kicks off ahead of Recycle Week (24-30 September) and is fronted by the "Across the tracks" TV spot, created by McCann Europe, which will premiere on Saturday (15 September) on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky TV.

Coke recycling push encourages consumers to share bottle 'slam dunks' on social

The campaign centrepiece is part of a broader push aimed at rewarding consumers who recycle their bottles, and will include a competition and social media activation using the hashtag #CokeDunks. Consumers are encouraged to film themselves "slam dunking" Coke bottles into recycling bins, sharing their performances on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout September for the chance to win prizes. In the 30-second ad, a woman misses her train. She is distracted from her frustration by watching a young man on the opposite platform drinking a Coke from a vending machine. Their eyes meet across the tracks. Mulberry delivers mobile retail experiences at its London flagship store - InternetRetailing. What are Cookies?

Mulberry delivers mobile retail experiences at its London flagship store - InternetRetailing

Cookies are tiny text files that are placed on your computer, mobile phone, or other device, and help provide you with the best experience we can. Luxury and Hospitality Futures : Report. Presse - Adapter son marketing aux couleurs locales. CONFIRMED: Accorhotels closes deal, acquires Movenpick for $559m. France’s AccorHotels has confirmed that the company has officially acquired Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts for 480 million Euros ($559 million).

CONFIRMED: Accorhotels closes deal, acquires Movenpick for $559m

The transaction was subject to regulatory approvals. The transaction involves purchase of 100% share capital of Mövenpick, ownership of the brand and activities related to the hospitality business, the company revealed at a press conference at Dubai's Fairmont the Palm hotel. The acquisition integrates Mövenpick's 84 operating hotels into Accor's existing global portfolio of more than 4,500 hotels. Story continues below Chris Cahill CEO of AccorHotels Luxury Brands revealed at the press conference that the three reasons for the acquisition were that Mövenpick is an asset light business, the family brand fits in well into Accor's current existing portfolio and it has a strong existing MEA portfolio.

Currently, the hotel company has 42 additional hotels under development and those are set to open by 2021. Amazon/Monoprix : le point sur notre partenariat. For a long time, FMCG was seen as the spiritual home of modern marketing.

Companies such as Coca-Cola owned the most successful brands in the world and were a model for how to build a consumer business. They were all-conquering behemoths, relentlessly building global businesses and generating shareholder returns. But now the sector is on the back foot. They’re increasingly dancing to the tune of major retailers, and they face a raft of more nimble challenger brands snapping at their heels and stealing their share. The past 10 years have seen some major changes in FMCG market dynamics and, as a result, the core competencies that used to define success have been undermined.

These acted as barriers to entry and made it difficult for others to challenge the status quo. This has led to mergers and acquisitions becoming the key driver of shareholder value rather than organic growth. Amp.fastcompany. Amp.businessinsider. A Simple Definition Of Brand Positioning. 65 Business Market Seg... Helen Edwards: The best marketers rigorously link theory with practice. Two things make marketing difficult: theory and practice.

Helen Edwards: The best marketers rigorously link theory with practice

Of the disciplines around the boardroom table it can be the stickiest in study and the thorniest in application. What makes marketing theory so tormenting to grapple with is its diffuse and protean contextual backdrop: the swirling chaos of markets combined with mercurial human behaviour. Where are the enduring truths? People sometimes say, ‘Well, marketing isn’t rocket science’. If only it were. Actual marketing theory, conversely, is replete with comfortingly familiar terms such as ‘relationship’, ‘target’, ‘conquest’, ‘promiscuity’ and even ‘love’, which are bandied about by professionals who forget they are using metaphors. The result is not just that the listener interprets the term differently from the speaker, but that the fuzziness eats into the mind of the one up there with the slides holding forth.

Where there is imprecision there is scope for amateurs and self-servers to seek to inveigle their way into the canon. Why one beer brand overhauled its identity just months after launching. Finding an untapped opportunity in a market is the dream for all businesses, whether they are a global corporate entity or a fledgling startup.

Why one beer brand overhauled its identity just months after launching

But no matter how unique the idea and how good the product, if the brand’s identity doesn’t match its core ambition or tell consumers a clear and compelling story it will struggle to grow. This was a valuable lesson for the founders of Jubel, a flavoured beer brand that is looking to “bridge the gap” between lager and flavoured ciders.

Jubel is based on the Alpine tradition of peach-flavoured beer, which founders Jesse Wilson and Tom Jordan liken to UK drinkers’ taste for cider and black, or lager and lime, and its branding initially reflected that, launching with a clear glass Corona-style bottle. But six months after going to market Wilson and Jordan took a step back and realised they had missed the mark with their brand. Braille for a New Digital Age. When she was a graduate student in her native Bulgaria about five years ago, Kristina Tsvetanova was once asked to help a blind friend sign up online for a class.

Braille for a New Digital Age

Understanding why he could not do so opened her eyes to the lag in technological innovation to benefit blind and visually impaired people. “The shock that my friend couldn’t perform this simple task stayed with me,” Ms. Tsvetanova said in an interview. Ms. Tsvetanova, who went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in industrial management and a master’s in engineering, knew that she had stumbled onto an untapped opportunity. “I realized that there was a gap in the market and a business opportunity in developing technology to provide access to content and services for the blind,” she said. In 2014, Ms. Brandchannel: Coca-Cola Expands Reverse Vending Machines for Recycling. Coca-Cola has a long history with vending machines dispensing acts of kindness, going back to its interactive Open Happiness vending machines that debuted in 2010.

brandchannel: Coca-Cola Expands Reverse Vending Machines for Recycling

It’s also accepting acts of kindness from customers, with Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) popping up around the world to encourage consumers to return bottles as part of its goal to recycle every bottle it produces. This week Coca-Cola is incentivizing recycling at the 50th anniversary 2018 Special Olympics USA Games (taking place July 1-6 in Seattle) through RVMs that let fans give back in more ways than one. Attendees can stop by two recycling stations at the games to deposit PET bottles or aluminum cans. Brandchannel: Brandspeak: What’s the Best Way to Define a Brand? The following guest post is by SAP senior director Joe Pantigoso. I’m teaching a course on the value of brand at Columbia University and I’ve struggled to find an easy way to help my students quickly and simply define a brand.

When you start researching definitions, you’ll find that there are many—and from dozens of respected experts and sources. Brandchannel: Pepsi Adds Fizz With $3.2 Billion SodaStream Deal. PepsiCo has wasted little time making a bold strategic move in the wake of Chief Executive Officer Indra Nooyi announcing that she will step down on Oct. 3rd, with Ramon Laguarta taking over as CEO. The bottled beverage giant is stepping out of it comfort zone to acquire in-home beverage maker SodaStream for $3.2 billion to enhance Pepsi and its other billion-dollar brands. SodaStream, which makes machines that use carbon dioxide and syrup pods to allow consumers to create carbonated beverages in reusable containers, offers an alternative beverage line and revenue potential. While the scrappy startup once mimicked soft drinks, as better-for-you trends have overtaken the beverage world the company has pivoted toward marketing its machines as makers of healthy seltzer waters.

Brandchannel: Kellogg's Innovates Its Way Out of a Soggy Cereal Sector. Kellogg’s Froot Loops fans can now show off their love of the cereal from head to toe with the new AWAYTOMARS/Froot Loops collection, which is being sold exclusively online. It’s also being previewed at the Kellogg’s NYC cafe on Union Square. The co-created, unisex, limited-edition collection shows that when it comes to fashion, inspiration can pour in from anywhere—even a bowl of cereal. The collection’s 10 pieces were sparked by the fun spirit, colorful aesthetic and fruity taste of the iconic Froot Loops, new Wild Berry Froot Loops and everyone’s favorite wingman, Toucan Sam. According to a press release, nearly 700 designers participated in fashion pioneer AWAYTOMARS’ unique co-creation model to develop the collection’s hats, t-shirts, sneakers, hoodie, jacket and dress.

On Brand: Unilever's Aline Santos On The Importance Of Brand Purpose. Dunnhumby And The Future Of Supermarket Data. Narrative Identity. Iconic brands are often in decline for an easily overlooked reason…they have lost their contextual meaning because people have changed but the brand has not changed with them. People have evolved their story but the brand continues to tell its story in the same way with the same message and/or the same voice it has always used. This creates a disconnection that is subtle at first but widens more and more as people continue to change and the brand stays stuck in its same old story.

The reality of the moment has changed but the brand is stuck in its legacy. This isn’t just a matter of keeping up with the times. Meeting Registration. All businesses want to grow sales beyond their initial client bases. The most important factor: a positive customer experience. It’s critical to a company’s brand and, ultimately, its bottom line. But old ways of engaging are failing — with the proliferation of technology and devices, the customer is smarter and more powerful. They now decide when and how they want to interact. Macro trends such as social, mobile, cloud, big data and IoT are forging a new era of engagement and consumers are ultimately far more disruptive than the technology itself. Salesforce Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist and Growth IQ author, Tiffani Bova, will address how companies of all sizes can create new business practices that leverage technology to strengthen customer relationships and accelerate sales and growth.

Burberry dévoile sa stratégie see now, buy now pour la Fashion Week de Londres - Actualité : Défilés (#1012252) LinkedIn. Journalduluxe. Ikea turns knitting party into enchanted fairground in new product-focused campaign. "New wonders can come out of the blue", created by Mother, launches today and will include a trio of 20-second TV and cinema ads that each feature Ikea’s blue Frakta carrier bag as a magical device from which new products emerge. The first, Spinning cups, depicts three elderly ladies enjoying a spot of knitting, when a trolley loaded with afternoon tea rises out of the bag, before the tea set transforms into a fairground teacups ride.

It was directed by The Sacred Egg through Riff Raff. The other two spots will follow between now and October. The films will be supported by the launch of an updated "New at Ikea" hub on the UK website, along with social and CRM activity. The campaign marks a shift in the retailer's marketing strategy, by focusing on new product innovation as a broad theme. An Ikea spokeswoman said the change of approach reflected the changing behaviour of shoppers, who are moving away from using Ikea's physical catalogue in favour of a more digital experience.

L’économie circulaire, nouveau levier d’expériences client. iPhone Xs, iPhone 9, Apple Watch : ce que l'on sait déjà de la keynote d'Apple. Packaging : plus aucun secret avec « Y'a quoi dedans ? » Les illisibles E951, E120, BHA… bêtement enquillés sur les étiquettes des produits ont fini de nous laisser perplexes voire méfiant.e.s et stressé.e.s.

Système U lance une appli mobile informative, objective et ultra lisible sur ces fameuses substances controversées dans l'alimentaire. Servie par une campagne 360 avec un film au ton justement populaire et décalé comme l’enseigne en a l’habitude. A l’image de son intitulé qui résume bien le quotidien de tout.e consommat.eur.rice, l’appli mobile « Y’a quoi dedans ? Barilla® Debuts Latest Innovation with One-Ingredient Legume Pastas. NORTHBROOK, Ill., Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As food trends continue to shift toward plant-based diets, and protein is an increasingly important factor for health-conscious people, the legume segment has seen expansion in all areas of food and beverage, including dry pasta. Le groupe Metallica lance son propre whisky vieilli avec les ondes de sa musique. Comme chaque année, le festival Wara Art Matsuri, organisé au Japon, met en avant d’impressionnantes sculptures d’animaux géants entièrement réalisées avec de la paille.

Voici les magnifiques créations de cette édition 2018. Www.theatlantic. The Visual Elements of a Brand Identity. Le Spot TV Birchbox ! World Economic Forum on LinkedIn: "Would you exchange your mower for a herd of goats? Read more: #innovation" Le-classement-des-marques-preferees-des-francais-05-09-2018-7876743. Lidl ouvre son pop-up store dédié au vin. Depuis ce mercredi 5 septembre et à l'occasion de la Foire aux vins, le magasin éphémère dédié au vin du distributeur allemand a ouvert ses portes en plein coeur de Paris dans le 4e arrondissement. Une expérience inédite pour Lidl afin de séduire la clientèle parisienne. "Pour Lidl, l'expérience est inédite dans Paris, nous avons la chance d'être situé dans un emplacement exceptionnel, le quartier du Marais, non loin de l'hôtel de ville", se réjouit Michel Biero, gérant achats de Lidl France.

Monoprix réunit 40 marques autour du Made In France pour les fêtes - Actualité : Distribution (#1010115) Quels profils marketing ont les plus hauts salaires? Les 10 idées marketing (27-31 août) Les stratégies des marques les plus inspirantes en 2018. 6 concept stores inspirants en 2018. More Brands Are Turning To In-Game Advertising. Cosmopolitan, Macy's To Debut AR Makeup Ads In October Issue. Log into Facebook. Allegria Ifergan on LinkedIn: "Lidl France a ouvert son premier Pop Up Store dans le Marais ! RDV à La Cave à Vin Lidl, 6 rue des Archives 75004… New-balance-ai-fashion-technology. Isabel Marant Talks Us Through Her L'Oréal Paris Make-Up Collaboration.

La collab de la semaine, L'Oréal Paris X Isabel Marant. Pourquoi les marques réussissent ? On a trouvé la réponse ! - L'ADN. Carlsberg has a new 'snap pack' that dramatically cuts plastic waste. 5 Multimedia Projects for Social Studies Classes. Comment les marques se rapprochent de leurs communautés. People Recall Information Better Through Virtua... Burberry Stops Destroying Product and Bans Real Fur. Instagram rumored to be moving further into e-commerce with a stand-alone shopping app. Pew survey finds marked decline in Facebook user engagement since March.

Mamma Mia! An ABBA Restaurant Will Soon Be Opening. People. What Does the Future of Customer Experience Look Like? Will being owned by Coke damage Costa Coffee's reputation? Are the John Lewis and Waitrose rebrands a cosmetic fix or a strategic move? Beam Suntory expands De Kuyper deal in Netherlands. La consommation ne rime plus avec accumulation. 9 Best Empathic Research Methods To Help You Dig Deeper & Truly Understand Your Customer. Quelles sont les tendances à suivre dans le secteur du Retail. Protect Your Brand: The best defense is a good offense. Opportunity: The brand that educates - CBA Italy. Top 5 Brands Leveraging AR, Ranked. Coca-Cola will operate a 'connected not integrated' strategy for Costa. World's first 'plastic-free' aisle opens in Netherlands. Www.digitaltrends. Marketing Lessons From Lady Gaga. Cash investigation - Neuromarketing : votre cerveau les intéresse.

Cash investigation - Neuromarketing : votre cerveau les intéresse. Cash investigation - Neuromarketing : votre cerveau les intéresse. Cash investigation - Neuromarketing : votre cerveau les intéresse. Smell engage customers brain. Www.vogue. Www.forbes. L'Oréal on LinkedIn: "Let's face it - real team spirit with our colleagues is better built over fun and games than a boardroom...That's why… Adidas-sold-1-million-shoes-made-out-of-ocean-plastic-in-2017. Qu'est-ce que le retailtainment ? Un logo n'est pas une marque! LEGO Builds Full-Sized, Drive-able Bugatti Supercar To Prove New Brand Slogan. Andree Martin on LinkedIn. Cola-Cola Jolts Into Coffee With $5.1B Purchase Of U.K.'s Costa 08/31/2018. Marketoonist on how to rebrand. Coca-Cola to buy Costa coffee as it looks to diversify beyond sugary drinks.