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Why Design Thinking Works. Occasionally, a new way of organizing work leads to extraordinary improvements. Total quality management did that in manufacturing in the 1980s by combining a set of tools—kanban cards, quality circles, and so on—with the insight that people on the shop floor could do much higher level work than they usually were asked to. That blend of tools and insight, applied to a work process, can be thought of as a social technology. In a recent seven-year study in which I looked in depth at 50 projects from a range of sectors, including business, health care, and social services, I have seen that another social technology, design thinking, has the potential to do for innovation exactly what TQM did for manufacturing: unleash people’s full creative energies, win their commitment, and radically improve processes. The Challenges of Innovation To be successful, an innovation process must deliver three things: superior solutions, lower risks and costs of change, and employee buy-in.

Superior solutions. Auchan va expérimenter un magasin sans caisse ni employé, les derniers humains seront des clients. Auchan Minute c’est un container de 18m2 ouvert 24h/24, 7j/7, vous entrez en vous identifiant avec votre application, faites vos courses en enregistrant vos achats dans un panier virtuel qui est ensuite prélevé sur votre compte en banque.

Auchan va expérimenter un magasin sans caisse ni employé, les derniers humains seront des clients

Le premier magasin phygital, c’est-à-dire un magasin physique où le paiement ne se fera qu’en digital en ligne via une application. Forcément, avec ce modèle sans employé sauf pour réapprovisionner ou répondre aux questions, les syndicats s’inquiètent de la disparition d’emploi et la direction d’Auchan ne communique pas sur les éventuelles économies de main d’œuvre. Mais si l’essai est concluant, on imagine un modèle séduisant pour de nombreuses chaînes de grandes distribution…On le voit dans les grandes surfaces, avec les caisses automatiques, l’humain devient une option… Voir un caissier ou une caissière, un moment privilégié rythmé par le bip du code barre et le fameux "la carte est pas passée".

Canada Goose launches Cold Rooms in five of its stores. Coca-Cola Japan releases new Peach Coke for 2019 – SoraNews24. A new look and new taste for a new year.

Coca-Cola Japan releases new Peach Coke for 2019 – SoraNews24

Back in January, Coca-Cola surprised the world with a brand new, never-before seen peach flavour for their brand, which was released exclusively in Japan. According to the company, the Peach Coca-Cola was perfectly suited to the Japanese market, given that peaches are believed to have the power to sweep away evil, according to ancient legends and mythology, making them one of the most popular fruits in the country. The Secret to Leading Organizational Change Is Empathy. Executive Summary If you are a company leader hoping to undertake a successful organizational change, you need to make sure your team is onboard and motivated to help make it happen.

The Secret to Leading Organizational Change Is Empathy

The following strategies can you help you better understand your employees’ perspectives. How do we design and create safe and circular products? Stella McCartney Slams Fast Fashion as a Threat to the Environment. Photographer: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Fashion designer Stella McCartney called on business leaders and politicians to help the industry reduce its impact on the environment.

Stella McCartney Slams Fast Fashion as a Threat to the Environment

McCartney, whose luxury clothing label avoids material like leather due to its impact on land and water resources, said disposable apparel known as “fast fashion” is wrecking the planet. Her remarks, while sidestepping specific names, referred to companies that move trends from the catwalk to shop hangers as quickly as possible, including Asos Plc and Boohoo Group Plc. “People wear, on average, fast fashion about three times before it’s thrown away,” McCartney said at an event in Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London hosted with Vanity Fair magazine. “We need to educate.” Her remarks added to the scrutiny of fast fashion companies. LVMH acquiert le groupe hôtelier de luxe Belmond pour 2,6 milliards de dollars - Actualité des sociétés. NEW YORK (Agefi-Dow Jones)--Le groupe de luxe LVMH a annoncé vendredi avoir conclu un accord en vue de l'acquisition du groupe Belmond, un opérateur hôtelier de luxe basé à Londres et coté à New York, confirmant une information du Wall Street Journal.

LVMH acquiert le groupe hôtelier de luxe Belmond pour 2,6 milliards de dollars - Actualité des sociétés

Nwna announces recycled plastic in packaging milestone. Aging in Advertising cartoon. Corona to introduce plastic-free six-pack rings on its beer cans. Is Cwtch the New Hygge? The Danish lifestyle craze of hygge took the world by storm in 2016.

Is Cwtch the New Hygge?

And in the years since? Well, it feels like every cold, dark country (see: Sweden with lagom, Scotland with còsagach) is trying to rebrand their crappy weather as a lifestyle trend. Needless to say, when Visit Wales emailed me proclaiming the Welsh cwtch as "the new hygge," I had my reservations. At Balmain, Does a New Logo Signal New Opportunity? PARIS, France — Parisian fashion house Balmain is getting a new logo for the first time in 70 years.

At Balmain, Does a New Logo Signal New Opportunity?

To collaborate on the refresh, creative director Olivier Rousteing enlisted design studio Adulte Adulte to update the brand’s primary signifier from a traditional inline typeface to a minimalist sans-serif font. For Balmain chief executive Massimo Piombini, the tweak represents more than a simple change in lettering. Since his arrival in April 2017 from Valentino, where he was worldwide commercial director, Piombini has observed the public’s obsession with Rousteing, whose singular, social-media-fuelled vision has given the label a new kind of status. Rousteing, who succeeded Christophe Decarnin in 2011, proved that lukewarm-at-best reviews from critics were no match for an Instagram following of more than 5 million and plenty of celebrity clients — notably, the Kardashians.

Coca-Cola: We must keep creating brands or online retailers will win. Creating brands and engendering loyalty among consumers is key to success amid the rise of online retailers such as Amazon, according to one of Coca-Cola’s top marketers.

Coca-Cola: We must keep creating brands or online retailers will win

Speaking exclusively to Marketing Week, Javier Meza, CMO of sparkling at Coca-Cola, says: “The only way to remain in business is creating brands. The moment we stop creating brands then the e-retailers are going to rule.” He adds: “The moment people stop deciding they want a Coke then Amazon is going to decide the brand they have.” Meza was speaking on his first day in the CMO role at a press event in Atlanta, US, organised by Coca-Cola earlier this month. He has spent more than 20 years at the company, the last 18 months as vice-president of marketing for Asia Pacific. Ressources.qwamplify. Découvrez comment la promotion influence le Consommateur en ligne et en magasin, sur chaque point de contact et tout au long de son parcours. 22 pages d'analyses et de statistiques sur les sujets-clés de la promotion.


Ce support vous renseignera sur les sujets suivants : Auchan se met (aussi) à la blockchain... mais pas avec IBM Food Trust. ClassroomScreen. Hi there!


I'm a teacher in the Netherlands and I wanted to use a simple tool with all my favorite digiboard widgets to help my students focus more on their work. I could not find such a thing, so I decided to make it myself. EBay and Harvey Nichols partner Disney ahead of bumper year of releases. As Disney approaches a year in which six of its biggest properties – Avengers, Star Wars, Toy Story, Frozen, The Lion King and Aladdin – will get new instalments or remakes, it is aiming to continue developing brand partnerships that bring something new to the table. This Friday sees the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph, the story of a video game villain who grew tired of being pigeonholed.

This time round, Ralph and his friend Vanellope are forced to venture out into the internet when her racing game is threatened with removal from the arcade in which they live. In the run-up to the release, Disney worked with long-standing partner eBay, again teaming up with a big-name YouTuber. The two brands have previously brought on board Colin Furze, known for building crazy contraptions, to construct a life-size Hulkbuster and TIE Fighter to mark the release of Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars: The Last Jedi respectively. Converse One Star Hotel redefined creativity in live events. Choose your words wisely - Gamestorming. Humans live in language. It defines what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. Language is the bedrock of our cultures and societies. As with fish in water, we go about our daily business without paying much attention to the language around us and how it influences us. Information architect and author, Jorge Arango developed Semantic Environment Mapping years ago to make visible the everyday language through which we so naively swim.

Object of PlayThe Semantic Environment Canvas will help you understand the language, rules, and power dynamics that make it possible for people to accomplish their purposes in particular situations—or hinder them from doing so. Owner of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent announces partnership with Apple to build apps. Why brand plays a key role in marketing effectiveness. Brands that want to improve marketing effectiveness need to balance long- and short-term effects and ensure they don’t forget about the importance of creativity, according to marketing effectiveness experts. Speaking in the final episode of our series on marketing effectiveness, created in partnership with Thinkbox, Mark Ritson says: “It comes down to having one, maybe two objectives that are about delivering the kind of dollar return next year that will keep everyone happy. [And then] we normally add in maybe one more objective, which is longer-term brand building, less immediate return, as well.

“As long as I can get my budget to cover the short-term return and the longer-term impact that will set things up for future years, we are in good shape.” However, Matthew Chappell, a partner at Gain Theory, warns that the proportion of brands doing a “good job” of measuring long-term value is nowhere near as high as those measuring short-term impacts. Consultants en Relation Clients, Centres de Contacts et CRM - CustUp. Seth Godin: "Trust Is As Scarce As Attention" Seth Godin is well known in the marketing industry as both a businessman and an author of over 18 best-selling books. This year he was inducted into the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Hall of Fame and today releases his newest book, This Is Marketing.

Below is a short excerpt from the book in which Godin waxes poetic on fame and trust, and where marketing fits between those two ideas. Youth Futures 2018 : Report. La Commission Affiliation en deux mots. Unilever partners with Veolia to create circular economy for plastic packaging. Halo Top on disrupting the ice cream market: We haven't been trained to think inside the box. Five years ago, ice cream and weight loss would have been considered polar opposites; yet fast-forward to today and the shelf is cluttered with tubs proclaiming their low-calorie count.

The growing popularity of ‘healthy’ ice cream is in part down to the rise of one brand, Halo Top, whose low-calorie, high protein tubs have been flying off the shelf since 2016. Halo Top uses sugar substitutes stevia and erythritol to sweeten the ice cream without racking up the calorie count. It’s rise has caused such a stir that big brands are taking notice. Unilever, which owns Ben & Jerry’s, has spoken of the competition, with CFO Graeme Pitkethly telling investors last October that “very, very quickly” Halo Top had “taken 1.5 share points from us”.

READ MORE: How Häagen-Dazs is reimagining the brand for the Instagram generation And just last week Unilever launched a competitor brand, Culture Republick, in the US, and has introduced lower calorie flavours of Ben & Jerry’s. SodaStream Offers Halloween 'Costume' For Their Flagship Appliance. SodaStream gave their flagship appliance a halloween costume—a sort of Halloween prank from the millennial-focused company. Reese's Swaps Unwanted Halloween Candy In Continued Push Of #NotSorry. Reese’s launched an activation for New York residents that lets them exchange unwanted Halloween candy. Saying its candy is better than the rest is all part of Reese’s new #NotSorry campaign. It’s an age-old complaint—you get home from a long night of trick-or-treats only to find that your haul is plagued by candy you can’t stand. Sometimes you can pawn them off to your little brother, but we’ve all been left with undesirables that just hang around until they become fossilized.

Reese’s is offering a simple solution—change that candy into what you want—as long as what you want is Reese’s. Citing a statistic that 99 percent of Americans wish they could trade their Halloween candy, a branded vending machine has been erected near Washington Park in NYC that does just that. California Management Review. Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR) Of the Fortune 500 companies, 80% now issue sustainability reports, and interest in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been growing. What is the Circular Economy? 0008125618764691. SAGE Journals: Your gateway to world-class journal research. Un premier magasin Amazon Fashion. The Evolution of Relationship Marketing. The World’s first and only Channel Spa is now open at the Ritz Paris - If there is one hospitality brand that loves and respects the Chanel lineage more than anyone else, it has to be the Ritz Paris.

In the past, the hotel has paid a fitting tribute to Coco Chanel by accommodating the Chanel Au Ritz Paris and the iconic Coco Chanel Prestige Suite within its premise. However, if that alone wasn’t enough, the brand is now set to open doors to the new Chanel Spa, that honors the most celebrated designer (and resident at the Ritz Paris) in a grand way! Part of the Chanel Au Ritz, the spa is designed by interior designer Thierry W. What is Guerilla Marketing? 11 Awesome Examples to Learn From. The AMA's Chief Experience Officer on Design Thinking and Empathy. Sur quoi travaillent les chercheurs IA d'Amazon ? 5500 chercheurs et ingénieurs ont choisi, en Europe, de mettre leur matière grise au service d'Amazon, notamment des spécialistes du machine learning (le groupe mélange ces deux catégories de salariés sans donner plus de détails). Pas suffisant pour l'e-commerçant, qui a annoncé le 18 septembre, au cours de son European innovation day organisé à Londres, la création d'un nouveau centre dédié en partie à la recherche en intelligence artificielle à Manchester.

Ikea va bientôt s'approvisionner... en plastique océanique. #BeerGoesNuts: Planters' Mr. Peanut Is Now Available in a Craft Beer. #StarbucksSigns: Coffee Chain Opens First US Sign-Language Store. Continuing to push the envelope for societal outreach, Starbucks has opened its first US cafe staffed by employees who are partially or fully deaf and are capable of communicating in American Sign Language. #StarbucksSigns: Coffee Chain Opens First US Sign-Language Store. Le shopping de demain s’invente aujourd’hui. Apple Marketing Strategy: A Brief Overview - Research-Methodology. How Apple made it from $5bn in 2000 to $1 trillion in 2018. Marketing Strategy of Apple Inc - Apple Marketing strategy. Why Apple Is Still A Great Marketer And What You Can Learn. Even the king of the online shopping world needs a physical retail presence. How Amazon’s retail revolution is changing the way we shop.

Planters, IHOP Latest To Jump On Branded Beer Trend. Richemont : la fausse belle endormie. Physical retail is not dead - but "just making a shop"​ is no longer good enough... 4 Pitfalls of Storytelling and How to Avoid Them – AMA Marketing News. Heineken: We don't understand shoppers well enough to succeed online.

L'Oréal CMO: Companies that just sell products will not be successful. Ritz-Carlton's first cruise ship sets sail. The Symbiotic Relationship Between CX and Loyalty. Helen Edwards: It's dangerous to conflate frequency with loyalty. Drive Episode 5: Warby Parker Founders on Forging Their Own Path. Activating Brave: Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2018. Target Appeals to Budget-Conscious Consumers With New Smartly Line. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Heading to Space 'Within Weeks' How Pepsi and Sky cut their KPIs and boosted marketing effectiveness.

Best ads in 50 years: The one-word brief for Heineken. Mads Mikkelsen returns to promote Carlsberg's new premium lager. Customer Satisfaction Survey Fatigue cartoon. Amazon wants to show you in person how valuable Prime is. Amazon seeks UK properties for Go stores. Marketing.Media.Money. The three Fs and five Cs: Mondelēz's new marketing approach. Blake Mycoskie of Toms shoes set out to do good — and made millions. Amazon Go: No cashiers, hundreds of cameras, and lots of data - CNN. Future high street success could mean collaborating with 'frenemies'

Study Maps Emotions by Body Part. The Pleasure of a Perfect Coffee: Q&A With illy CEO Massimiliano Pogliani. Activating Brave: Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2018. Tesco brings value focus 'to life' as it takes on Aldi and Lidl. Face-reading tech claims it can measure how attention-grabbing ads are. Carrefour vise une vingtaine d’outlets dans... Even the king of the online shopping world needs a physical retail presence.

The three Fs and five Cs: Mondelēz's new marketing approach. Rita Clifton on why brand must be a business's organising principle. Le shopper : cet illustre inconnu en quête de sensations. How Streetwear Is Influencing a New Era of Luxury Fashion. Baromètre Born Social 2018 : comment les moins de 13 ans contournent les médias sociaux. Magazine September 2018. Le cabas par Chantal Thomass. Share. When Subliminal Logos Attack. Amazon, Nike open stores of the future. How one luxury brand is connecting online with offline. Next, Nike & Cadbury: 5 things that mattered this week and why. Equinox CMO Vimla Gupta Explains The Importance Of Delivering On Brand Promise. Report: PlayStation Tops Online/Offline Sentiment For Consumer Electronics.

Experts react to Jack's: 'A brand that stands for cheapness is never a good long-term idea'