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Pedagogical innovations

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Create 360 tours, stories, sites and WebVR experiences. Training Standards. Flipped Learning Global Initiative Collaborates with Pioneers from Harvard University, Stanford University, and MEF University to develop International Standards for Flipped Training – February 2, 2018 Why are Flipped Learning training standards needed?

Training Standards

The short answer is that interest in Flipped Learning is breaking out all over the world. This beauty brand wants to cure the industry’s packaging addiction. HSBC launches ‘sound identity’ in next phase of global brand refresh. HSBC is launching its first ‘sound identity’, the next phase of its global brand refresh, as it looks for new ways to build its brand at a time when consumers are increasingly busy and distracted.

HSBC launches ‘sound identity’ in next phase of global brand refresh

Is Creativity a Skill? Data Was Supposed to Fix the U.S. Education System. Here’s Why It Hasn’t. Executive Summary Data collection has become so common that in American school districts that you can now find calendars marked “Data Days,” when teachers are expected to spend time not on teaching, but on analyzing data like end-of-year and mid-year exams, interim assessments, science and social studies and teacher-created and computer-adaptive tests, surveys, attendance and behavior notes.

Data Was Supposed to Fix the U.S. Education System. Here’s Why It Hasn’t.

The big numbers are necessary, but the more they proliferate, the less value they add. Data-based answers lead to further data-based questions, testing, and analysis; and the psychology of leaders and policymakers means that the hunt for data gets in the way of actual learning. The drive for data responded to a real problem in education, but bad thinking about testing and data use has made the data cure worse than the disease. For too long, the American education system failed too many kids, including far too many poor kids and kids of color, without enough public notice or accountability.

Mootish. Are Professors Worth It? The Value-added and Costs of Tutorial Instructors. Jan Feld Nicolás Salamanca Ulf Zölitz⇑ + Author Affiliations.

Are Professors Worth It? The Value-added and Costs of Tutorial Instructors

World's First AI-Powered Question Generator. Blockchain Could Revolutionize Education Next. Here’s How. Drawing Is the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Learn, According to New Research. But, according to a fascinating new study, the right answer is: whenever the last time was that you tried to learn something new.

Drawing Is the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Learn, According to New Research

Put away the highlighter (really, science shows they're worse than useless) and skip the flash cards. The fastest way to cram new information into your brain is by drawing it, concludes the research. You're probably not using the best, research-backed study technique The setup of the studies by a Canadian research team was simple and may remind you of college language or science classes -- a group of volunteers was asked to memorize a list of words or definitions. 20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom. How universities are striving to balance marketing theory with practice. How user research helps design a better (e)learner experience. NeuroMarketing Hacks - Article - Neuromarketing is just going to change the whole way you operate.

NeuroMarketing Hacks - Article -

With the help of neuroscience, you can closely determine the reasons behind the popularity of a product and evolve you marketing efforts to make the sales even better. In combination with all the modern tools, like digital marketing, we are able to determine faster and more accurate why customers click something and why they don’t. The dean of London Business School, one of the world's top MBA programs, is on high alert for a few important traits in prospective candidates.

"There are people who have answers," said François Ortalo-Magné, "and there are people who have questions.

The dean of London Business School, one of the world's top MBA programs, is on high alert for a few important traits in prospective candidates

" Guess which type of person he prefers? Ortalo-Magné is the dean of London Business School, which, according to education specialists QS Quacquarelli Symonds, is the No. 4 business school in the world. He told Business Insider that, when speaking with prospective students, he pays special attention to their willingness to ask questions. "The more curious people don't have so many answers," Ortalo-Magné said. Amazon Go: No cashiers, hundreds of cameras, and lots of data - CNN. Christine Porath: Why being nice to your coworkers is good for business. Online platform to help schools evaluate effectiveness of EdTech. Skip to main content Home / News / Online platform to help schools evaluate effectiveness of EdTech Online platform to help schools evaluate effectiveness of EdTech TwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+Email A new online platform is launching to help teachers discover, evaluate and choose the right type of EdTech solutions for their schools.

Online platform to help schools evaluate effectiveness of EdTech

Reconnu comme LEP par Gartner. Flipping the classroom with screencasting. L'incertitude est bénéfique pour apprendre. 5 things to know about the future of jobs. The future of work is increasingly becoming today’s reality for millions of workers and companies around the world.

5 things to know about the future of jobs

The findings of our latest Future of Jobs Report look at the trends expected in the 2018-2022 period in 20 economies and 12 industry sectors. Here is what you need to know to be ready: 1. Automation, robotization and digitization look different across different industries High-speed mobile internet, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and cloud technology are set to spearhead companies’ adoption of new technologies between 2018 and 2022. Réalité virtuelle : l’école du futur existe déjà en France. Four reasons Slack will change how you teach (opinion) Report explores the quickly evolving landscape of alternative credentials and pathways. Professors share plans for implementing and assessing classroom technology projects. TEDTalks Economie by TED Talks on Apple Podcasts. Three, Google, Converse: The top 10 YouTube ads in August. Learn how to Study Using... Retrieval Practice. By: Megan Smith & Yana Weinstein The purpose of today’s post is to give students a resource to help them take charge of their own learning.

Learn how to Study Using... Retrieval Practice

We’re going to do a series of these over the next few weeks; today’s post is about retrieval practice – a useful method for studying any material that you’d like to remember in the future. What is retrieval practice? Retrieval practice involves recreating something you’ve learned in the past from your memory, and thinking about it right now. In other words, a while after you’ve learned something by reading it in a book or hearing it in a class or from a teacher, you need to bring it to mind (or “retrieve” it). Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation. Note-taking: A Research Roundup. Portrait of a Graduate.

5 iPad Apps for Creating Beautiful Quote Visuals to Use in Class. Mobiliser le collectif pour renforcer l’innovation des Business Schools. Face à la concurrence mondiale et à l’émergence de nouveaux modèles d’apprentissage, les business schools ont l’impérieuse nécessité d’innover. Cela passe par une dynamique globale pour réussir à captiver les étudiants, les préparer aux métiers de demain, et s’interroger sur les compétences essentielles pour les décennies à venir | Delphine Manceau est Directrice Générale de NEOMA Business School depuis septembre 2017.

En tant qu’enseignante-chercheuse en marketing et en innovation, j’ai toujours été passionnée par ces sujets. J’ai beaucoup travaillé sur les outils permettant aux entreprises d’être plus créatives et innovantes, pas seulement en inventant de nouveaux produits et en développant des brevets, mais en intégrant de nouvelles méthodes et en encourageant la prise de risque. Plaisir et excellence sont indissociables en matière de pédagogie En parallèle, le comportement des étudiants a lui aussi été bouleversé par le numérique. Credits NEOMA Business School Créer, tester, déployer. Table notes*Data in these columns are for information only and are not used in the rankings. Some 230 points separate the top programme, University of St Gallen, from the school ranked number 100. The top 13 participants, from University of St Gallen to WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), form the top group of Masters in Management providers.

The second group, headed by University of Mannheim, spans schools ranked 14th to 45th. A Free Guide to AI and Live Video in Education. M&S is transforming its marketing team into specialists rather than generalists. Marks & Spencer (M&S) is restructuring its marketing team to take a “specialist rather than generalist” approach to ensure it has “absolute expertise” in everything it does and is a business fit for a future online. From visual merchandising and paid search, to CRM and search engine optimisation, a number of specialist teams have been brought into the function, which M&S says is allowing it to work in a much more agile and collaborative way than it has done in the past.

“We’ve structured the marketing with agile teams in order to be able to respond to things like changing weather; or when products sell out online we are able to respond really quickly in terms of the content we’re serving up to customer, making sure we’re contextually relevant through channels,” explains Nathan Ansell, marketing director of clothing and home, speaking to Marketing Week. READ MORE: M&S hires first chief digital and data officer to drive ‘modern digital mindset’ Design Thinking and Other Priorities for Education in the Automation Economy. 5 Multimedia Projects for Social Studies Classes. 10 Mobile Learning Trends to Know before 2019 – Whitepaper. Peut-on automatiser les métiers de l’éducation ?

A quoi ressemblera le métier d'enseignant demain? Pour répondre à cette question, LinkedIn vous invite à participer à la série #ProfDuFutur. Pour cela, il suffit de réagir en commentaire ou de publier un post, un article ou une vidéo avec les hashtags #ProfDuFutur #MétierDuFutur. En matière d’éducation, nous vivons une époque charnière. Le système éducatif est mis à mal par une reconfiguration sans précédent, dans laquelle se conjuguent la forte remise en cause de la notion d’autorité, des polémiques parfois sans fin entre chapelles pédagogiques, et une crise des vocations pour le métier d’enseignant. La Toile: Algorithmes et gamification pour individualiser les parcours d'apprentissage.

A quoi ressemblera votre métier demain? Pour répondre à cette question, LinkedIn vous invite à participer à la série #MétierDuFutur. Pour cela, il suffit de réagir en commentaire ou de publier un post, un article ou une vidéo avec les hashtags #MétierDuFutur #ProfDuFutur. L'objectif de cette courte fiction est d'explorer l'éducation en 2050 à partir de technologies déjà présentes. Why Every Classroom Should Teach Digital Citizenship - TeachThought. By Paul Barnwell, Teacher of English & Digital Media. How to Effectively Educate the Marketers of Tomorrow. There’s no denying that content and social media marketers are in high demand, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice.

The Challenge of Scaling Soft Skills. It is becoming increasingly clear that for most working people, a proportion of the working tasks they currently perform will be either completely replaced by machines (AI if the tasks are cognitive, robots if they are manual) or augmented by a human-machine interface. Train Critical Thinking Skills In The Classroom Today. The World’s First Digital Teacher Just Debuted in New Zealand. La rentrée dans le viseur… de Benoît Anger, DGA Communication & Business development de NEOMA Business School.

Schoology, NEO, Claroline, Chamilo: The beginning of the LMS long tail - CV vs Resume - What is the Difference? [+Examples] Project-based Learning Resources for Teachers. Schoology, NEO, Claroline, Chamilo: The beginning of the LMS long tail - Edutopia. A Brief Guide to Creating Learning Outcomes. Home. How managers develop emotional intelligence and apply it: New study. Future of Faculty Office. « Le premier défi de l’enseignement de la gestion c’est la pédagogie. Webinar: Neuroscience hacks for learning – unleash your natural brain power - MeTimeLearning. Generation Z — Online, connected and set ... Eton College is building a startup to teach kids to be assertive, persuasive and write a killer CV. Deep Learning Through Transformative Pedagogies. Innovation in Higher Education: What to Expect in 2018.

A Business School Rips Up Its Curriculum to Meet the Pace of Change. Michigan’s Young Dean on the Future of B-Schools. The 5th ‘C’ of 21st Century Skills? Try Computational Thinking (Not Coding) Rethinking Rereading. Pédagogie hybride. Applications variées pour l'éducation. 10 innovations pédagogiques disruptives pour l'enseignement supérieur dès 2017. Design Thinking for Educators. Computational Thinking. 9 Major Trends That Will Dominate Ed Tech. E2030 Position Paper (05.04.2018) 20 Ways to Cut Your Grading Time in Half. W hein19. Sign In. Eduventures Research - Welcome to Encoura. Asynchronous Discussions, Group Projects Still Dominate in Online Courses. The power of creative constraints - Brandon Rodriguez. How Constraints Can Stimulate Creative Solutions.

GooseChase EDU - for creating scavenger hunts. 7 Screencasting Tools That Work on All Computers. Collect, share and follow your links! University leaders question their grasp of digital learning issues. Why Aren’t Tech-Enhanced Learning Strategies More Widely Used? Bridging the Gaps: Connecting Student Services to Promote Student Success. OECD iLibrary.