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Whatz new Nov 14 2013

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Slidebean. National. Dailygood by Goodsearch - Search, coupons & deals for 100,000+ causes. 10 Online PR Lessons From the Huge Success of Phonebloks. You start with an idea, create an explainer video, spend a minimum amount of money, and 8 weeks later you've got more than 17 million YouTube views, thousands of quality links, 900,000 registered supporters and coverage in many of the world's leading media.

10 Online PR Lessons From the Huge Success of Phonebloks

And to cap it all, one of the world's top cell phone companies, Motorola contacts you to explore a partnership. That's the story of Dave Hakkens and his concept Phonebloks – not yet a finished product. It's a story that has much to teach SEO professionals about online public relations. The key element to Phoneblok's success was a video that went viral. This is where Phonebloks really scored: their storytelling was superb in this introductory video: The video talks about people and ideas – it doesn't go into huge technical detail about the product – which perhaps surprisingly doesn't yet exist. Hakkens didn't sit down and plan everything that happened, but his experience has some great lessons in online PR. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Abercrombie Tries to Right Itself While Lululemon Keeps Running Into Walls.

For a Breakthrough Idea, Start by Examining Customer Touch Points - Brian Klapper. By Brian Klapper | 12:00 PM November 7, 2013 Wharton Business School professor Ian MacMillan wrote in a 1997 HBR article that companies seeking to differentiate themselves should examine every element of the customer value chain to find opportunities for improvement.

For a Breakthrough Idea, Start by Examining Customer Touch Points - Brian Klapper

In the 15 years since the article was written, this has become increasingly common practice. But the approach has far greater application than it is typically given. More than a tool for differentiation, it is a tool for spurring creative thinking. Often in the ideation process, ideas are focused exclusively on improving a specific service or product. I recently worked with a retail bank that was trying to reduce the number of in-bound customer service calls pertaining to how a specific line of credit worked. This breakthrough did not come from rethinking the product, but rather, from rethinking the customer touch points. Louis Vuitton Ushers in New, Mobile-Friendly Era. Look Good on the Go: L'Oreal's Makeup Vending Machine.

The french makeup giant L’Oreal has gladden all the ladies of New York with its latest marketing effort, an interactive vending machine titled ”Intelligent Color Experience”.

Look Good on the Go: L'Oreal's Makeup Vending Machine

This popup piece of kit labeled as “the first-ever intelligent shopping experience” is set up at the 42nd Street/Bryant Park subway station in Manhattan. From this Monday through the end of December, all the passerines will have unique chance to experiment with this beauty tool which features a full-length mirror and a digital screen. They just need to step in front of it and the machine will use cameras and sensors to capture their outfits. In the next step, the machine will offer the brand’s expertly-coordinated eye, lip and nail shade that either ”matches” or “clashes” with whatever they’re wearing. SodaStream Plans to Come Back and Squirt Coke, Pepsi in Super Bowl.

The Big Game Posted by Dale Buss on November 4, 2013 04:47 PM Last year SodaStream got stymied in its efforts to take direct aim at Coke and Pepsi with an ad during the Super Bowl.

SodaStream Plans to Come Back and Squirt Coke, Pepsi in Super Bowl

But this year the startup has promised to come right back at the soft-drink giants with an in-your-face spot during the next Big Game on February 2 at Met Life Stadium. The difference, SodaStream International CEO Daniel Birnbaum told Advertising Age, is going to be that Fox is airing this year's telecast while CBS is the network that denied SodaStream's efforts to air an ad last year depicting exploding Coke and Pepsi bottles to dramatize SodaStream's environmental pitch about "saving" bottles. SodaStream Plans to Come Back and Squirt Coke, Pepsi in Super Bowl. The New Louis Vuitton City Guides. Louis Vuitton a imaginé cette jolie vidéo afin de promouvoir la sortie des nouveaux guides imaginés par leurs équipes.

The New Louis Vuitton City Guides

Avec de belles images tournées aux 4 coins du monde, cette création signée Romain Chassaing nous emmène à Tokyo, Moscou, Paris ou encore Londres. A découvrir dans la suite de l’article. Brew This: Kraft Plans to Test Packaged Coffee with McDonald's. Brand partners Posted by Dale Buss on November 1, 2013 06:11 PM Well, it works for Starbucks.

Brew This: Kraft Plans to Test Packaged Coffee with McDonald's

So why can't McDonald's also sell packaged versions of its McCafe coffee line in US supermarkets? The struggling fast-food giant will begin testing just that idea next year in a deal with Kraft. The tests will include packages of whole bean and ground coffee as well as "single-cup" options, which typically include K-cups for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' popular Keurig brewer. "We want to work with McDonald's to help consumers enjoy McCafe premium coffee in the comfort and convenience of their own homes," Kraft Foods CEO Tony Vernon told analysts on a conference call, disclosing the test for the first time.