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The Quality Prism: The secret to co-creating brands through social media. InShare110 Guest post by Greg Narain (@gregarious) co-founder of Chute, a company that helps brands discover or collect relevant photos from social networks and incorporate the visuals into their websites and apps Brands finds themselves at a challenging crossroads in their evolution.

The Quality Prism: The secret to co-creating brands through social media

For decades, companies have utilized a command and control model as it pertains to their brands. Billions of dollars have been spent to carefully craft specific messages and deliver them via campaigns. However, as consumers continue to create and promote their own stories, brands now must decide how to integrate that content into their own stories. At the heart of the matter is control. Forward-looking brands, however, see a different opportunity in letting go of some of that control. Quality is like a prism – what you see is highly dependent on your vantage point. Quality must be viewed through the lens of the consumer, not our own. Free Your Innovation Culture. To foster an environment of smart risk-taking, leaders should use guardrails, not handcuffs.

Free Your Innovation Culture

This article was originally published by Booz & Company As business leaders, we devote plenty of oxygen to the relationship between positive cultural change and innovation. Everybody wants happy, fulfilled employees who execute intelligently and create value. But when a culture is being reshaped, the journey is just as critical as the destination. Through my work with companies around the world, I can attest to the uncertainty caused by the change process—even in the most ideal circumstances. Branding Strategy Insider » Building Authority Brands. In this article in Business Week, Howard Schultz talks about how the mighty Starbucks brand lost its way – mistaking aroma rather than coffee for the core of its business and embarking on a strategy that saw it shift seriously off-course.

Branding Strategy Insider » Building Authority Brands

The problem, as Schultz explains, is that by the time the company realized that they had diluted their brand position, breakfast sandwiches had become 3 percent of the company’s total revenue. Getting back on track was a big call. Note to Brands: Focus on Multifaceted Digital Marketing. If you think consumer search is a single and isolated action, you're wrong.

Note to Brands: Focus on Multifaceted Digital Marketing

It's actually part of a complex dance of intersecting factors, according to a new study from Toronto-based digital advertising agency DAC Group and research consultancy Kantar. The annual Kantar Consumer Search Behavior Study, highlights the complexity of search — and comes with a warning to marketers: Brands need to create multi-faceted digital marketing campaigns plans that include highly-targeted search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), local listing management (LLM) and display strategies to support consumer online conversion," said Nasser Sahlool, vice president of Client Strategy at the DAC Group. Reviews Matter It’s not simply search and find. Brad Marcus, head of the SEO and web marketing firm Marcus Interactive in Orange, Conn., told CMSWire “local maps are always important” — primarily because a mobile user can immediately go to the location.

Coach Makes Fashion Week Debut as Brand Tries to Rekindle Luxury Past. Despite brand extensions and spin-offs in the past year, the venerable Coach brand is still fighting an uphill battle to move away from its roots.

Coach Makes Fashion Week Debut as Brand Tries to Rekindle Luxury Past

It's a common lament of legacy brands. In this case, how does a 73-year old brand inextricably linked to its leather-bound past, mired in what some might consider stodginess, become a relevant luxury fashion brand again? The latest gambit for Coach in its image makeover is to make a splash at the influential Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week that runs now through Feb. 13. In an invitation-only series of presentations, newly appointed executive creative director Stuart Vevers showcased today a line that includes the requisite handbags and shoes, but is likely to highlight the other side of Coach—its ready-to-wear lifestyle fashions and accessories for both women and men. Lancôme Dives Deep Into Digital Retail.

Marketing worth sharing. I’m giving the keynote presentation today at Google’s “Think Branding” event in New York.

marketing worth sharing

I want to share my slides and notes. I’m speaking about the power of “Marketing Worth Sharing”. Many thanks to Google for inviting me. Customer Journeys vs. Touchpoints? It's Not Even Close. Surprising Social Media Statistics from 2013 (I. TV chef Jamie Oliver opens ad production house with Dexter Fletcher. Fat Lemon: led by Bolton (l) and Hopkins (r), and sits within the wider company owned by Oliver The company, called Fat Lemon, will be led by the executive producer Jane Bolton, who was previously the managing director of Picasso Pictures, and the producer Cabell Hopkins, formerly of M&C Saatchi.

TV chef Jamie Oliver opens ad production house with Dexter Fletcher

Hopkins has worked on accounts including NatWest and Kronenbourg 1664. While the company will not specialise solely in food, it will have access to Oliver’s team and resources including kitchen sets, the prop and art department and food stylists. e5719b9e-641b-11e3-9929-12313d000856-large.jpeg 960 × 726 pixels.

Les start-up de 2013 : Leap Motion, celle qui rend les claviers has-been. Retail 2020: Seven Trends Impacting Brick & Mortar Retailers. By Scott Welty, The retail industry is in the midst of a massive transformation driven by consumers’ adoption of digital technologies.

Retail 2020: Seven Trends Impacting Brick & Mortar Retailers

By 2020, the retail landscape will have fundamentally changed how every retailer will go to market. No segment of retail will be more impacted than the brick-and-mortar store. Here are seven trends that brick-and-mortar retailers should consider to build a winning strategy: Replica Fragrances #Smellslikememories - Tumblr. How to Find, Assess, and Hire the Modern Marketer - Adele K. Sweetwood. By Adele K.

How to Find, Assess, and Hire the Modern Marketer - Adele K. Sweetwood

Sweetwood | 9:00 AM January 6, 2014 As a marketing leader, your new normal doesn’t necessarily look entirely like traditional “marketing”. The field of marketing has embraced a significant amount of change, and right at the heart of that change is a new era of data (and big data) and analytics—and a new type of marketer has emerged. To be competitive, the modern marketer possesses a different set of skills and experiences when it comes to data and analytics (not simply metrics). The New Rules of Customer Engagement: Data-Driven & Yet Human-Centric. Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles Customer engagement is more complex today than ever before, and yet, customer expectations from companies have never been higher.

The New Rules of Customer Engagement: Data-Driven & Yet Human-Centric

We are living in an era of constant engagement. Companies need to engage customers during the pre-sales, through the purchase process, and in post-purchase customer service and product support. There is a constant need to engage with customers consistently throughout the customer lifecycle in order to keep the customers you’ve acquired. The ‘push’ model of engaging customers no longer works effectively. Multi-channel customer engagement. Burberry launches first women's fragrance with 'immersive' mobile experience. The ad campaign for Brit Rhythm for women is centred around a film starring British model Suki Waterhouse and The New Puritans drummer George Barnett. A microsite has been designed to create a "panoramic" mobile experience by using the mobile’s built-in gyroscope in-store.

Visitors to stores can scan a QR code on an iPhone or iPad to have access to bespoke Brit Rhythm digital content. How Colors Affect Conversion Rate. Mobile Commerce, Augmented Reality Apps & Interactive Marketing - SeeMore Interactive™