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Whatz new 6 March 2017

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Linking the customer experience to value. Many customer-experience transformations stall because leaders can’t show how these efforts create value.

Linking the customer experience to value

Patiently building a business case can fund them, secure buy-in, and build momentum. The road to failed customer-experience programs is paved with good intentions. Eurostar’s new CMO on bringing emotion to a functional brand. Eurostar is synonymous with a certain type of travel – train journeys from London to Paris whether for business or pleasure.

Eurostar’s new CMO on bringing emotion to a functional brand

Yet Guillemette Jacob, the new UK marketing boss at Eurostar, is keen to show that the brand is much more than that. Marketing 2.0 : et si les marques se connectaient davantage aux émotions de leurs clients ? – The brandnewsblog l Le blog des marques et du branding. C’est une certitude pour moi : le marketing émotionnel n’en est qu’à ses balbutiements.

Marketing 2.0 : et si les marques se connectaient davantage aux émotions de leurs clients ? – The brandnewsblog l Le blog des marques et du branding

Non pas que les professionnels n’aient jamais rien entrepris dans ce domaine bien sûr. De nombreuses entreprises BtoC ont compris depuis longtemps l’intérêt de capitaliser sur la dimension émotionnelle de leur(s) marque(s) en termes de communication et de publicité. Et, dans un tout autre registre, bien des commerciaux utilisent aujourd’hui quotidiennement leur connaissance client et les ressorts de la psychologie des émotions pour attirer puis conserver les prospects les plus précieux, que ce soit dans les secteurs de la banque-assurance, des services à la personne, de la distribution ou de la santé… Cela va sans dire.

Mais pour ce qui est d’établir une « passerelle émotionnelle » durable avec les consommateurs et de renforcer, tout au long d’un parcours bien défini, l’engagement émotionnel de leurs clients… voilà qui s’avère beaucoup moins évident pour les entreprises. Notes et légendes : How Chobani Surged to Growth and Lapped Yoplait For US Yogurt Crown. Chobani is coming up big all over.

How Chobani Surged to Growth and Lapped Yoplait For US Yogurt Crown

It has overtaken Yoplait as America’s most popular yogurt brand in just 12 years in business, and its innovative new products—such as the Flips line with add-ins—may presage a dominance of the category that could even grow over time. Evian Flips Its Bottle: 5 Questions With Danone VP Olivia Sanchez. Over 100 years after water from Évian-les-Bains, France, was poured into glass bottles and sold, the Evian company is again introducing a new technology: a bottle with a convenient sports cap, ideal for working out or being on the go.

Evian Flips Its Bottle: 5 Questions With Danone VP Olivia Sanchez

And it’s doing that alongside a new spokesperson, rising tennis superstar Madison Keys. Evian has already made its mark in the tennis world, maybe more than any other non-tennis brand. Evian’s tennis brand ambassadors include Maria Sharapova, Lucas Pouille and Stan Wawrinka. Madison, only 22, has been predicted to be “No. 1 in the future” by none other than Serena Williams. We spoke with Olivia Sanchez, VP of Marketing for evian parent Danone Waters of America, about Evian’s decision to introduce a sports cap and the social campaign #evianBottleFlipChallenge, and its interest in tennis in general. Agile marketing: A step-by-step guide. Everyone wants to be “agile” these days.

Agile marketing: A step-by-step guide

Here’s how successful companies develop the people, process, and marketing technology to make agile marketing happen at scale. An international bank recently decided it wanted to see how customers would respond to a new email offer. They pulled together a mailing list, cleaned it up, iterated on copy and design, and checked with legal several times to get the needed approvals. Eight weeks later, they were ready to go. In a world where people decide whether to abandon a web page after three seconds and Quicken Loans gives an answer to online mortgage applicants in less than ten minutes, eight weeks for an email test pushes a company to the boundaries of irrelevance.

Video. Agile marketing: A step-by-step guide. Meet your new MOM (Marketing Operating Model) To drive revenue growth in the digital age, new data shows that marketing leaders are upgrading data-collection technology, collaborating closely with IT, and focusing on test-and-learn agility.

Meet your new MOM (Marketing Operating Model)

Given their access to one-click shopping, same-day delivery, instant search results, and ubiquitous media, consumer expectations are sky high. Their message to businesses is paraphrased by Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: “I want it, and I want it now.” In fact, consumer expectations of near-real-time interactions and services jumped to number one on the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) 2016 survey of business disruptions, up from sixth place in 2015. Technology is a crucial element in enabling marketers to meet those expectations. But technology is only a partial answer, as any marketer whose tech spend has produced less than optimal results can testify.

An effective MOM is the engine that drives continual growth. The new battleground for marketing-led growth. In the digital age, consumers are always shopping around.

The new battleground for marketing-led growth

New research shows that hooking them early is the strongest path to growth. The CEO of a branded apparel company was troubled and began putting some tough questions to the marketing department. The company had spent substantially on promotions and loyalty-rewards programs to drive much-needed growth based on studies showing that targeting current consumers with marketing investments offered the highest return. Yet sales results were disappointing, and an alarming number of customers were drifting away after their initial purchases. Using marketing analytics to drive superior growth. Companies have so many analytical options at their disposal that they often become paralyzed, defaulting to just one tool.

Using marketing analytics to drive superior growth

But an integrated marketing-analytics approach is the key to driving growth. There’s no question that the development of better analytical tools and approaches in recent years has given business leaders significant new decision-making firepower. Yet while advanced analytics provide the ability to increase growth and marketing return on investment (MROI), organizations seem almost paralyzed by the choices on offer.

As a result, business leaders tend to rely on just one planning and performance-management approach. A Better Way to Map Brand Strategy. Marketers have always had to juggle two seemingly contradictory goals: making their brands distinctive and making them central in their category.

A Better Way to Map Brand Strategy

Central brands, such as Coca-Cola in soft drinks and McDonald’s in fast food, are those that are most representative of their type. They’re the first ones to come to mind, and they serve as reference points for comparison. These brands shape category dynamics, including consumer preferences, pricing, and the pace and direction of innovation. Distinctive brands, such as Tesla in cars and Dos Equis in beer, stand out from the crowd and avoid direct competition with widely popular central brands. Customer Experience Versus Just Experience: Why the difference is key to brand relevance. Customer experience aka CX is one of the most important trends changing business today. And, experts believe that it represents the next big competitive advantage for companies that invest in it.

But what is customer experience exactly? It’s one of those terms (and movements) that is defined and interpreted differently depending on who’s talking about it within the organization. But without a common appreciation for customer experience and what it represents to customers, not just our view of them, our CX efforts may not be as effective as we think. Le Festival Colbert a offert une expérience luxe d'exception. Le Comité Colbert a convié les plus gros clients internationaux de La première Air France à vivre une expérience luxe d’exception lors du Festival Colbert. Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Boucheron, ou encore Pierre Hermé et Guy Savoy y ont contribué. Le Comité Colbert offre une expérience luxe d’exception aux clients de La première Air France Pour pallier la baisse du tourisme en France, le Comité Colbert cherche à valoriser le savoir-faire des Maisons de luxe de l’Hexagone.

Pour ce faire, l’entité s’est rapprochée de La première Air France afin de proposer à ses clients les plus prestigieux une expérience luxe exceptionnelle.