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What new week of 10/09/15. Whatz new end 2015. Ikea opens a DIY supper club in Shoreditch. Visitors will have the assistance of a sous chef and maître de, while the venue has been designed to have a homely, kitchen-style environment – but with space for far more guests.

Ikea opens a DIY supper club in Shoreditch

"The dining club" opens on 10 September, runs for two weeks, and will offer a menu of modern sharing dishes, including some from Scandinavian cuisine. Ikea will be providing the food, drink and staff free of charge. To cater to those without a booking, the retailer is also hosting a series of "Food for thought" workshops run by the likes of Bake Off winner Edd Kimber and Instagram star Pixie Turner, covering subjects such as 1 ingredient 4 ways, Swedish Baking, Fermentation, Clean Eating, The Future of Food, Sustainable Eating and Food Styling Tips.

The venue will also feature an Ikea shop selling the brand’s kitchen products and kitchen showrooms displaying kitchens of various sizes and styles. How buying Instapaper could help Pinterest become a media portal like Facebook. L’Europe, cette marque qui n’arrive décidément plus à faire rêver… – The brandnewsblog l Le blog des marques et du branding. Gueule de bois.

L’Europe, cette marque qui n’arrive décidément plus à faire rêver… – The brandnewsblog l Le blog des marques et du branding

Vendredi matin, une bonne partie des Britanniques et des autres peuples européens a eu la sensation de se réveiller avec de gros maux de tête et la nausée, comme après une soirée et une nuit trop arrosées. Et cette impression a été d’autant plus forte, on l’a vu, que le camp des pro-européens avait repris quelques couleurs ces derniers jours en Angleterre. D’ailleurs, jusque dans les rangs des pro-« Brexit », beaucoup s’attendaient à une victoire finale du « remain », le camp du maintien dans l’Union… L’histoire (et surtout le peuple anglais, en l’occurrence) en ont donc décidé autrement, en réservant un magistral coup de pied de l’âne à la construction européenne, dont beaucoup, au-delà des messages rassurants de ces derniers heures, se demandent si elle pourra surmonter cette nouvelle épreuve. What the UK’s anti-EU vote means for luxury - Luxury Daily - Columns.

Un plug-in Stabilo qui surligne les passages importants des conditions générales. Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue Popup Lands in NYC. Some secret doors take you to Narnia and others take you to the Bat Cave.

Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue Popup Lands in NYC

And when French vodka-maker Grey Goose is involved, the secret door takes you to the French Riviera—via the Hudson River. On June 16, Grey Goose will open a four-day pop-up in New York’s Battery Park City that aims to transport visitors to the French Riviera via a secret entrance through a traditional French bakery. There they “will enjoy an immersive, experience created by an influential list of culinary, cocktail and music partners,” according to a press release.

Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue New York will feature music from Parisian label Kitsuné, baked goods from Brooklyn Bread Lab and drinks by the mixologists at the Grey Goose martini bar, Camionnette—the French word for “delivery van.” Marketing to Generation Z starts by unlearning traditional marketing principles. Guest post by Connor Blakley (@BlakleySpeaks), a serial entrepreneur, adviser, speaker, and youth marketing/branding strategist.

Marketing to Generation Z starts by unlearning traditional marketing principles

He’s also a teenager and someone whom I mentor. Connor was named as the ¨#1 High School Entrepreneur to Watch in 2016¨” by StartUp Grind Generation Z, America’s youngest generation (Born in 1996 or later) has never lived in a time when the barrier to real-time information and communication has been nearly nonexistent. By 2020, Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers, making it more important now more than ever to successfully connect with and engage this generation to create life long relationships.

Goodbye 'Growth Hacking.' Hello Neuromarketing. Using neuromarketing, marketers can study a person’s brain activity to see his or her response to marketing stimuli.

Goodbye 'Growth Hacking.' Hello Neuromarketing.

Nueromarketing is not new, but has recently become even more widely adopted by larger brands. Nielsen's investment in neuromarketing research company NeuroFocus helped to increased credibility of neuromarketing, and provide additional brain power (yes, pun intended!) To bigger brands. For example: Le consommateur a toujours besoin de l'humain, même à l'heure du digital ! 2016. The 2016 report shows how brands that are leading in innovation have disrupted conventional ways of doing business.


Some innovative brands have risen to the top of the ranking and others have just made the list. We also demonstrate how strong brand value helps brands stay in the Top 100 year after year. This year we’ve taken a look at the B2B brands in the Global Top 100. See our analysis on how B2B brands differ from B2C brands and what they can learn to better promote their brands to drive growth and attract top talent. Les 10 commandements de la Personnalisation livre blanc. The Social Science of Digital Business. While technology drives tremendous opportunities for business transformation, digital business ideas are likely to be ignored without the proper context.

The Social Science of Digital Business

To succeed in digital business, enterprises must understand why people behave as they do. During his keynote at the Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2016 this week in Los Angeles, Patrick Meehan, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, explained that IT organizations’ processes, staffing and measurements are not currently designed to understand human behavior, and are therefore not positioned to exploit the possibilities that smart “things” will create. “The fact is that people will tune out digital businesses designed around technology, without human considerations,” said Mr Meehan.

“Too much technology can crowd out the human factor, especially an understanding of what customers want and need.” Digital business needs designs that make people, not technology, better. Birchbox Looks to Physical Stores For Growth as Competition Heats Up. Birchbox, the pioneering online-only brand that gave monthly subscription boxes flare, cachet and countless YouTube unboxing videos, is opening brick-and-mortar stores as competition escalates.

Birchbox Looks to Physical Stores For Growth as Competition Heats Up

At six years old, after spotting the opportunity to create a business model for a category—beauty—that had yet to become an online player, Birchbox is ready to transition to a full-spectrum retailer. Shipping more than one million personalized boxes monthly (for $10/month, with new hair, makeup, skin and body products assembled per customers’ preferences) and building a thriving online business, it’s been kicking the tires on brick-and-mortar as it looks beyond subscriptions. It opened pop-up locations to test those waters but response was lackluster, and today maintains a single flagship store in New York. Brands, naturally, appreciate the promotional platform and direct-to-consumer opportunity Birchbox represents. Improve the customer experience by understanding customer-managed journeys. [Retailoscope] Nouveau décor pour le flagship Yves Rocher des Champs-Élysées. Pinterest starts to measure the in-store sales impact of Promoted Pins.

Playing catch-up: How to partner with the retailer of the future. Amid fundamental shifts in the retail and consumer landscape, consumer-goods manufacturers must rethink the way they manage key accounts.

Playing catch-up: How to partner with the retailer of the future

There’s no denying that the balance of power in the consumer industry has tilted. Retailers have the advantage over consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) manufacturers—and retail buyers are deftly using their leverage at the negotiating table. Retail buyers are more sophisticated, more analytical, and more demanding than ever. Consider this: each of the top ten US retailers employs dozens of big data professionals who provide buyers with valuable insights.

The same retailers have also hired more than 70 executives from European retail companies, known for having more aggressive negotiation styles than their American counterparts. The future success of CPG sales teams rests on how aggressively sales leaders move to overhaul their KAM model and upgrade their sales capabilities. Three game-changing trends A sharpened focus. Behavioral economics Articles : Behavioural economics made simple. Ces stickers vont transformer votre ordinateur en véritable oeuvre d'art. A brand to call your own: Ad people who became great entrepreneurs. Advertising people make great entrepreneurs.

A brand to call your own: Ad people who became great entrepreneurs

Obviously, I’m not referring to those (like me) who start their own agencies. I’m talking about the people who choose to stop looking after other people’s brands and start doing it for themselves. People who take responsibility not just for communications but for suppliers, production, retail, finance, legal… the whole shooting match. BT and Dove climb in BrandZ most valuable UK brands ranking. Vodafone was once again deemed to have the greatest value of any UK-based brand. However, the international telecoms player’s BrandZ brand value dropped 4% year on year to $36.8bn, fewer than six times that of the world’s most valuable brand, Google, and only enough to place it 25th in the top 100 global brand ranking. INNOVATION CELEBRATION 2016. Delight Your Customers Before Your Competitors Do –

THE BIG IDEA: Here are four ways to delight your best customers and make them feel like a VIP. Cult Brands are masters at building meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers. Understanding the strategies behind these businesses with raving fan communities enables you to apply the same principles to your business, and build sustainable growth. Whoa: marketing technology budgets are now surp... LuxuryWatch: Meta-Luxury Rising, Cucinelli, LVMH, #TheLookIs, Tradesy. The week’s news and views on luxury from Rebecca Robins, Interbrand Director EMEA LatAm and Meta-luxury co-author Meta-luxury rising! In 2012 Manfredi Ricca and I put some provocative thinking out into the ether in the book Meta-luxury: Brands and the Culture of Excellence. Meta-luxury challenges head-on what we mean by “luxury” as a diluted convention and opens up insights into brands based on a business model of sustainable excellence. On our fourth anniversary, it seemed a timely point to share some of this week’s highlights of meta-luxury brands that are returning categories to growth and proving the economic value of sustainable excellence. • A “surprising” story of growth through excellence and relevance featured in The Economist.

Neuromarketing Articles : Time Pressure: Behavioral Science Considerations for Mobile Marketing. 1ères lunettes connectées à une appli de partage live. Orangina part à l'assaut du marché des thés glacés. [Analyse] Le digital, cure de jouvence du papier? Mark Ritson: Coke is smart to simplify its designs, but that won’t save it from decline. It’s very hard to launch any kind of logo redesign and not look stupidly superficial. To the credit of Coca-Cola and its global team of executives they almost got away with it last week. Repeated references to the company’s ‘One Brand’ strategy and constant mentions of Coke’s long and venerated heritage made it clear that this was a seriously important move.

Coke’s Q1 global sales, also announced last week, continue to frighten investors so the company needed to do something, anything, to allay their fears. “The unification of the brands through design marks the first time in our 130-year history that the iconic Coca-Cola visual identity has been shared across products in such a prominent way,” explained Coke’s vice president for global design James Sommerville. Steve Jobs' amazing marketing strategy - MUST WATCH. Cadbury Dairy Milk and Oreo – two best friends. Dyson Disrupts Another Category with Its Supersonic Hairdryer. Dyson has just disrupted hairdryers with the same design/tech panache as the brand brought to humble vacuum cleaners and fans.

Launched today at a special event in Tokyo, the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer has a 14-blade axial flow impeller inside the handle, spinning at up to 110,000 times per minute. It has one inaudible frequency and a rubber isolation mount prevents the motor from vibrating against the inside of the handle, reducing noise. Engineered for balance, air temperature is monitored 20 times a second and regulated by a microprocessor to prevent extreme heat damage. “I’ve spent four years trying to get this quiet,” said Tom Crawford, head of the new product’s development, in Fast Company. The hairdryer resembles a Dyson fan and similarly sucks in air at the base then blows it out in a stream. It took four years to develop, an investment of $71 million and 103 engineers to sort through 600 prototypes and 100+ pending patents.

A Dyson engineer explains why the company spent $71 million and four years developing a high-tech hair dryer. Hair dryers are everywhere. Bathrooms, gym locker rooms. Open up a drawer in your hotel room. Boom, free hair dryer. Dyson's New Hair Dryer Efficiently Generates Gushing Reviews 04/28/2016. We’ll save the price for later — suffice to say that this is the sort of thing that the Chobani nouvelles might covet if they weren’t so darn grounded — but Sir James Dyson is looking to do for the human head what he did for the shag rug. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is, simply and elegantly, “the hair dryer re-thought.” Havas Paris lance Paris Shopper, la nouvelle offre shopper augmentée - Dossier : Marketing digital. IKEA Looks to the Future With Bold New Vision. One Brand, One Disc, One Look: Coca-Cola Unveils Global Packaging. Will Amazon's own-brand labels revolutionise its fashion business? Snapchat adds augmented reality, Burberry warns on luxury market...and more.

Asos hints at buy button trials on Instagram and Pinterest. Tesco trials Amazon Dash-style automatic grocery reordering. Brandchannel: H&M Expands Sustainability, Retail and E-Commerce Initiatives. 4 top brands on Snapchat that are having just as much fun as their followers. 3 Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers : Social Media Examiner. With Roastery New York, Starbucks is Raising the Bar(ista) on Retail — Again. From touchpoints to journeys: Seeing the world as customers do. Evian crée un nouveau packaging écologique pour ses bouteilles. Evian primé aux Palmarès de la pub 2016. What's the True Cost of 'Free' Delivery in the UK? 6 Ways to Use Google Analytics You Haven't Thought Of. Dyson's pollution-busting Pure Cool Link marks its Internet of Things debut... and Aldi in biscuit contamination scare. Ready for Its Close-Up: Elon Musk to Unveil Tesla Model 3 This Week. Hoppy Easter: Carlsberg Opens a Chocolate Bar in London. Your next management consultant is a designer.

Skillshare. Jude Law acts as a personal guide in interactive 360-degree video for Lexus RX. Stella Artois celebrates 600 years in TV campaign. Cadbury is first UK confectionery brand to use new Snapchat ad platform. Nutella va vous faire fondre avec sa nouvelle barre croustillante. Marketing digital: un domaine prioritaire encore sous-valorisé. The Top Digital Transformation Priorities For 2016 – Part 1. Brandchannel: always branding. always on.

Customer Journey Analytics: A Manifesto - Martin Kihn. Adidas says Kanye West collaboration has ‘elevated brand perception’ How to Know if You Care About Your Customers Enough. [NEW RESEARCH BRIEF] The OPPOSITE Approach: 8 Success Factors of Digital Transformation.