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M.fastcompany. Once upon a time, Apple was known for designing easy-to-use, easy-to-understand products.


It was a champion of the graphical user interface, where it is always possible to discover what actions are possible, clearly see how to select that action, receive unambiguous feedback as to the results of that action, and to have the power to reverse that action—to undo it—if the result is not what was intended. No more. Now, although the products are indeed even more beautiful than before, that beauty has come at a great price. Gone are the fundamental principles of good design: discoverability, feedback, recovery, and so on. Instead, Apple has, in striving for beauty, created fonts that are so small or thin, coupled with low contrast, that they are difficult or impossible for many people with normal vision to read. Apple is destroying design.

Apple, you used to be the leader. Today’s iPhones and iPads are a study in visual simplicity. Out went undo. M.fastcompany. Drink a latte from Starbucks to help end HIV / AIDS, run a 5K to support a charity, or sport a tote bag to aid natural disaster relief efforts.


Initiatives that let you combine your purchases with a little social change are everywhere these days. You might look at these opportunities—and all the people eagerly telling you about their participation in them on social media—and think that our society appears to be evolving into something more empathetic and ethically-minded, finally confronting tough social issues and offering everyone a chance to help. Lacoste rend hommage au monde du tennis avec un livre qui utilise la réalité augmentée.

L'idée En France, pour le lancement de sa collection capsule T12 dédiée à l'univers du tennis, la marque de prêt-à-porter Lacoste a collaboré avec l'agence MNSTR pour mettre au point le LT12 Book.

Lacoste rend hommage au monde du tennis avec un livre qui utilise la réalité augmentée

Ce livre interactif vous propose de découvrir la vision du tennis selon Lacoste : quand la tradition rencontre l'innovation, quand la performance rencontre le style et enfin quand la camaraderie rencontre la compétition. Le LT12 Book se présente donc comme un livre interactif qui utilise la réalité augmentée pour vous révéler du contenu additionnel. En téléchargeant l'application LT12 Reader (disponible sur iOS et Android), vous pouvez révéler du contenu sur votre mobile en scannant certaines pages du livre.

Le digital transfigure aussi le monde du Luxe. Le digital transfigure aussi le monde du Luxe Pour le béotien, le secteur du luxe est un domaine qui échappe au monde de l’Internet.

Le digital transfigure aussi le monde du Luxe

Exclusif, volontairement mystérieux, il s’entoure d’artifices pour préserver ce sentiment d’exclusivité. Toutefois, le digital a également investi ce domaine autrefois interdit, et il n’y a pas de nombreuses ruptures, dans l’expérience client, plus que dans l’échange autour du produit. George Clooney's First American Ad for Nespresso Sees Him 'Train' Danny DeVito. Editor's Pick George Clooney is starring in his first North American Nespresso ad, nearly a decade after first appearing in the campaign in the U.K. and Europe (his latest European campaign broke last month).

George Clooney's First American Ad for Nespresso Sees Him 'Train' Danny DeVito

A new spot by McCann New York, which will appear in the U.S. and Canada, also features Danny DeVito, who sees Clooney drinking a cup of Nespresso in a movie studio and tells him: "I want in. " Disruptive Technology is Disrupting Behavior. InShare233 I study disruptive technology, specifically innovative technology that gains so much momentum that it disrupts markets and ultimately businesses.

Disruptive Technology is Disrupting Behavior

In the past several years, disruptive technology has become so pervasive that I’ve had to further focus my work on studying only disruptive technologies that are impacting customer and employee behavior, expectations and values and affecting customer and employee experiences. I can hardly keep up with today let alone consider the potential disruption that looms ahead in every sector imaginable including new areas that will emerge and displace laggard perspectives, models and processes.

The image above represents the focal point of my work in 2009 – 2012. Cadbury Christmas 2015 - 30 second. Costa reviews eCRM for loyalty club. Costa is first brand to launch branded content video with BuzzFeed. The brand has launched a film called "little things that make people in Britain happy" created by BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.

Costa is first brand to launch branded content video with BuzzFeed

Seven 2016 trends that every marketer should be thinking about right now. With Mariah Carey clattering through our coffee shops, this can only mean two things for marketers.

Seven 2016 trends that every marketer should be thinking about right now

First, it’s time to start clearing space in your calendar for all those Christmas drinks. And second, the tidal wave of 2016 trend listicles is roaring into view. Sadly, many of these lists will have more in common with sci-fi films than your marketing plans for the coming year. We here at AnalogFolk have attempted to swerve this prognosticating pot hole, and instead outline seven trends you need to be thinking about heading into the new year. 1. We’ve gone full circle. With more and more services being delivered through digital, rather than face to face, brands need to work even harder to maintain their humanity. 2. With the rise of live streaming social platforms like Periscope complementing growth of Snapchat, new opportunities are opening up for brands to gain more exposure and reach at events than ever before.

MTV’s VMA awards this year were an explosion of new sharing apps. 3.