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What's new summer 2015

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Introducing Kinnect2: New Social Media Platform for Brand-Consumer Engagement. "Kinnect2 will change the way marketing on social media is done" said Amina Nabi, CEO and founder of Kinnect2 Limited.

Introducing Kinnect2: New Social Media Platform for Brand-Consumer Engagement

GLASGOW, United Kingdom – Kinnect2 is the new social media platform dedicated to creating a community in which brands and consumers are able to interact in real time. It will launch on September 7, 2015, in conjunction with an event occurring at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow.

What's new 27/08/2015

The Brand Brief Behind Nike's Just Do It Campaign. Just Do It is an example of a brand campaign that tapped deeply into the authentic character of Nike’s brand values and brand purpose.

The Brand Brief Behind Nike's Just Do It Campaign

But, few people know about the internal conversations that led to the ad brief that went to Nike’s agency Wieden+Kennedy (W+K) to create the campaign. Darty already sold 30,000 "connected buttons" - RetailDetail EU. French electronics chain Darty has apparently already sold 30,000 "boutons connectés" (connected buttons), which are buttons a consumer can use at home to instantly get one of the chain's employees on the line.

Darty already sold 30,000 "connected buttons" - RetailDetail EU

"A logical extension of our engagement and our act of faith", Darty CEO Régis Schultz called the physical contact button that consumers can use to get a wireless connection to the help desk. "Innovative but useless in a time when Darty's classic post-sales service is free", was the vision of the French consumer association Que Choisir at the product's launch. New research: Companies plan to massively increase spend on marketing analytics. A new research report on marketing analytics shows that brands plan to increase their spending on the category by a whopping 73 percent over the next three years.

New research: Companies plan to massively increase spend on marketing analytics

For big market cap B2C companies, it’s closer to a 100 percent increase. The category not only shows massive growth, but also a lot of funding — more than a billion dollars of VC money has been invested in data analytics companies so far this year. Overall, user data, investment data, and adoption data all indicate that analytics is one of the hottest marketing technology categories right now. The report covers over 800 tools across the following 10 use cases: Sales fizz as Coca-Cola’s ‘one brand’ strategy shows signs of paying off. Samsung needs to push its brand as well as product with new smartphone launch. Full speed ahead: How the driverless car could transform cities. Just like Ford’s Model T, which debuted in 1908, today’s automobiles have four tires, a steering wheel, and seats.

Full speed ahead: How the driverless car could transform cities

Henry Ford would have little trouble behind the wheel, but he would be completely baffled by the technology under the hood. Cars today are, in many ways, high-performance computers that can race at 70-plus miles per hour. Automotive digitization has led to important transformations, but the networked era has only just begun to tap its ultimate potential: the driverless car. Thanks to the advent of ubiquitous computing, various forms of semiautonomous technology, such as adaptive cruise control, automatic parallel parking, and collision warnings, are already widespread.

Reddit. Reddit /ˈrɛdɪt/,[6] stylized as reddit,[7] is an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links.


Registered users can then vote submissions "up" or "down" to organize the posts and determine their position on the site's pages. Content entries are organized by areas of interest called "subreddits. " Reddit was founded by University of Virginia roommates Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. Condé Nast Publications acquired the site in October 2006. Reddit became a direct subsidiary of Condé Nast's parent company, Advance Publications, in September 2011. Marketing Teams Will Soon Include "Engagement Scientists" Pharrell Got an Architect, Photographer and 2 Artists to Design Adidas' New Sneakers. Bringing in artists to design limited-edition shoes is a no-brainer.

Pharrell Got an Architect, Photographer and 2 Artists to Design Adidas' New Sneakers

This "World's First" Artificially Intelligent Ad Is A Test of Automated Creativity. M&C Saatchi has developed an outdoor campaign which "evolves" unique ads based on its audience’s reactions, which makes it the world’s first artificial intelligence poster campaign, the agency claims.

This "World's First" Artificially Intelligent Ad Is A Test of Automated Creativity

Built around a single site in central London, the campaign, for invented coffee brand Bahio, is powered by a genetic algorithm that tests different executions by analyzing the strengths of various features such as copy, layout, font and image. The project, now underway, launched with around 1,000 different images and other variable creative components served randomly to passers-by before the self-selection process began. The ad also tests fonts and font sizes, layout and also words which are now being selected, presented then refined by a recursive grammar engine. Will the CMO role fade with the rise of the chief marketing technologist? Diet Coke reveals J.W.Anderson as latest fashion collaborator. One Direction calls on fans to be the generation to end extreme poverty. The Action/1D activity centres on a mobile web app, which includes a set of videos of the band calling on fans to take action.

One Direction calls on fans to be the generation to end extreme poverty

Fans can share the content or even submit their own to be included in a final film that will be shown to world leaders at Global Summits in New York in September and Paris in December this year. It is part of a wider Action/2015 campaign of which charities such as Save The Children are involved and well-known figures such as including Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Malala Yousafzai, Sir Richard Branson, Shakira, Ben Affleck, Bill and Melinda Gates and Bono have pledged support to. Ca-Cola to measure the happiness of Londoners over the summer. The fizzy drinks behemoth is taking its long-standing ‘Choose Happiness’ messaging to the streets of London quite literally with 300 billboards showing a real-time data analysis of the mood of London’s inhabitants.

ca-Cola to measure the happiness of Londoners over the summer

It will also be delivering free cool bags of Coca-Cola to communal areas in the capital, such as parks, at lunchtimes and carrying out sampling for all its variants to London’s commuters. State of Mobile Commerce: An Evening in San Francisco with Criteo. InShare345 I recently had the opportunity to co-host an event in San Francisco with Jonathan Wolf of Criteo to discuss the past and future of retail and mobile commerce.

That evening celebrated the release of the company’s quarterly State of Mobile Commerce Report, based on its pool of online shopping data covering more than a billion transactions totaling over $130Bn of annual sales. That evening, we would entertain some of the most interesting people documenting or contributing to the future of ecommerce, etail and ad tech. 7 Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention. Your long-term success depends on winning the attention of others. If your boss doesn’t notice your work, how will you get a promotion? If your team doesn’t listen to you, how can you lead effectively?

And if you can’t capture the attention of clients, how does your business or career survive? Messaging apps threaten social. Apple Premium Retail Makeover May Extend to Other Brands' Packaging - brandchannel: Packaging designers of Apple-compatible products best check their egos at the door. Experience Rules: Rethinking Retail Design to Be More Personal - brandchannel: As more of the public sphere is ceding to private enterprise, brands are finding new opportunities to become consumers’ third place. With experiences zigzagging between digital and physical interactions, brands are tailoring experiences that separate and differentiate the value of both formats in ways that are authentic to their brands.

As the digital mobile-first corporate mantra has decayed in volume, brands are importing some of the principles gained from the popularity of UX (user experience) design to recast their retail experiences into something great. Ikea has set a standard as a destination store—it’s the line, the ride, the gift shop, and the food court combined into one outing that’s difficult to do in less than an hour. Pirch, a home retail brand (formerly known as Fixtures Living) that sells kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor furniture, adopts an approach somewhere in between a Costco and an Ikea. Amazon Turns 20 With #PrimeLiving Contest and Sale to Say Thanks - brandchannel:

Summer 2015

[heaven] Digital highlights by heaven #7 - Meta Trends. Seeking Best-in-Class Brands, Angry Birds Partners With NASA and Lego - brandchannel: Amazon ups ecommerce competition as it brings one-hour delivery to London. April 1,2015. 9 conseils pour bien utiliser Periscope.

Suite à l’article intitulé “Periscope : ce réseau dont tout le monde parle” qui dressait un état des lieux global de ce nouvel entrant, il est à présent temps de rentrer un peu plus dans l’opérationnel. Ces bonnes pratiques sont importantes à comprendre pour maîtriser cette nouvelle application qui commence à se développer de plus en plus. Voici 9 conseils essentiels pour bien utiliser Periscope dans votre activité au quotidien… Question de timing Comme nous l’avons vu, Periscope est intimement lié à Twitter. Par conséquent, il est important de rester cohérent avec les habitudes d’utilisation de votre communauté sur Twitter. Paris Retail Week réunira E-Commerce Paris et le salon Digital (in) Store. Le groupe Comexposium a présenté Paris Retail Week, grand événement annuel qui aura lieu à Paris Porte de Versailles, du 21 au 23 septembre et dédié au commerce connecté. Concrètement, cet événement rassemble pour la première fois deux salons : E-Commerce Paris, salon historique autour de solutions de commerce électronique, et Digital (in) Store by Equipmag dédié, à la digitalisation du magasin.

"Notre ambition est de créer un grand rendez-vous annuel sur le commerce connecté et expérientiel, tout en fédérant les acteurs du commerce et du e-commerce dans une approche customer centric", indique Sophie Lubet, directeur du pôle retail pour Comexposium. [Paris Retail Week] Comprendre le Responsive Retail en quelques chiffres. Quand Michel et Augustin dépassent la notion de Marketing. Quand Michel et Augustin conjuguent le offline et le online à la perfection, ils vont au-delà de la simple notion de marketing. IKEA lance aujourd'hui son propre service de VTC : Chaufför. Ce n'était pas prévu ... mais c'est aujourd'hui qu'IKEA France lance lance Chaufför, son propre service de VTC SnapCar pour faciliter le transport entre Paris et trois de ces magasins franciliens : Villiers sur Marne, Velizy et Franconville. En pleine tourmente nationale sur l'épineux cas Uber, le service est bel et bien inauguré aujourd'hui. Envisagé uniquement pour la durée des soldes, le service serait maintenu tout au long de l'année.

Le service est disponible via le site ou sur l'appli Snapcar, IKEA cible une clientèle parisienne et intramuros pour des courses partagées ou personnalisées. Des navettes sont prévues au départ de Paris, gare de Lyon, Porte Maillot, Porte de Saint-Cloud ou au domicile du client (pour un prix 49 euros aller-retour selon le magasin de destination). Ad of the Day: McDonald's Just Invented Pretty Cool Takeout Packaging for Cyclists. Marketing Psychology: 10 Revealing Principles of Human Behavior.

2A Dove case

Guerlain première marque de luxe à utiliser la reconnaissance visuelle de Shazam. New Rules Allow Early Adopters to Become Early Investors. James HanCrunch Network Contributor James Han is the co-founder of SeedInvest , a leading equity crowdfunding platform and a former investor at Francisco Partners. How to join the network. SIA Shares The Joy Of Flying With Community Chest Singapore Beneficiaries on A380 Charity Flight.

JetBlue Surprises NYC With Holographic Better Wingman Pop-Up - brandchannel: Tesco and Unilever partner on iBeacon Magnum ice cream app. Explicit cookie consent. Seth Godin: we have 'branded ourselves to death'