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Microsoft Hits New York Fashion Week With Twitter Dress at Bloomingdale's. How to Change the World. This $10K Chinese car comes equipped with remote control — seriously. Google may have a self-driving car in the lab.

This $10K Chinese car comes equipped with remote control — seriously

But Chinese automotive company BYD has a car you can buy today … with an actual, real, operational remote control. The BYD Su Rui is an ordinary-looking 5-seat sedan with 154 horsepower and 36 miles to the gallon. But it comes standard with very un-ordinary remote control technology that allows owners to park the car in tight spots, call the car over to pick them up in case of inclement weather, or show off for their friends — all at the sedate pace of 1.2 miles per hour.

At least, until hackers figure out a way to boost that speed. Above: The Su Rui remote control is not exactly like James Bond’s remote control in Tomorrow Never Dies. Image Credit: TechNovelgy BYD won a “Best Leading Science and Technology” award at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show for its remote driving technology. Using the included remote, drivers can start the car, move it forward and backward, and turn.

Ad of the Day: Absolut Rolling Out Personalized Bottles—a Whopping 4 Million of Them. You are a special snowflake.

Ad of the Day: Absolut Rolling Out Personalized Bottles—a Whopping 4 Million of Them

There is no other person like you. And now, you have your very own personalized bottle of booze to match. Absolut vodka is taking limited-edition liquor packaging to new extremes with Absolut Unique, a new line of paint-splattered bottles—a staggering 4 million of them—the design of each one a little different from all the rest. At its heart, it's a more brazen but also authentic version of a familiar play to vanity that drives desire for branded collectibles.

Usually, a consumer would have to settle for the feeling of exclusivity from having one of a few hundred identical copies of a small-run promotional design. Absolut Unique Raises the Bar With Four Million One-of-a-Kind Bottles. Brand and bottle Posted by Shirley Brady on September 3, 2012 04:25 PM Absolut vodka is famed for collaborating with artists such as Keith Haring on unique limited-edition bottles. Now it's making every bottle a unique limited edition, in a global campaign that's shipping nearly four million individually designed bottles, each one as and unique as a proverbial snowflake by combining 38 bright colors and 51 abstract patterns. According to the press release for the Absolut Unique campaign (tagline: "One of a kind. Nestlé to Take BabyNes Global. Business Insider. Mondelez, Kraft's New Name, Elicits Jokes From All Corners - The Huffington Post. Kraft Readies "Global Snacking Powerhouse" with Mondelez Spin-Off. Chew on this Posted by Mark J.

Kraft Readies "Global Snacking Powerhouse" with Mondelez Spin-Off

Miller on September 7, 2012 02:31 PM Time to hide the children and batten down the hatches. Kraft Foods is “ready to unleash a global snacking powerhouse,” chairman and CEO Irene Rosenfeld told investors and analysts in the company's presentation at the Barclays Back to School conference in Boston on Thursday. The snacks behemoth will officially launch the Mondelez brand for the global marketplace on Oct. 3 and is hoping that consumers in China, India, and Brazil start chowing down more and more on such products as Oreo cookies (a $2 billion brand thanks to glocal versions in China), Cadbury chocolates, and Trident gum. While the CPG giant is predicting to have a 2013 profit of $2.60 per share, according to the AP, it is also expecting Mondelez to not come zooming out of the gate. Still, Rosenfeld projects long-term growth as the collective sweet tooth of those in such markets as Russia and China are tempted by the company’s products.

Microsoft Asks Consumers to Compare Bing to Google Via a Pepsi Challenge. Microsoft is trying a new marketing gambit to get consumers to use its Bing search engine: A blind taste test.

Microsoft Asks Consumers to Compare Bing to Google Via a Pepsi Challenge

The campaign, called Bing It On, asks users to compare any five search results for Bing and Google side-by-side without knowing which is which, and pick out the results that are the most relevant. Users can do this using and then find out whether they really prefer Google or Bing. It's basically the online equivalent of the Pepsi Challenge. The Bing It On campaign comes on the heels of an independent study of nearly 1,000 Internet users commissioned by Microsoft, which found that people prefer Bing's search results to Google's two-to-one in blind comparison tests. Despite these findings, Bing has been stuck in a distant second place behind Google in the search market. Ad of the Day: Bad Dog, Good Volkswagen. Ideas and evidence for marketing people. Jeff Chown and Mick CarterDavie Brown Entertainment If you enjoy this article from Admap, find out more about subscribing to Admap and Warc.

Ideas and evidence for marketing people

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