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Week if Sept 30,2013

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MOBILE: Apple replaces Coke as top global brand. Vending Machine Uses Cloud Technology to Personalize Your Purchases. The days of struggling to insert a crinkled dollar bill into a vending machine and watching your precious bag of Cheetos get stuck on the way down may be over, thanks to smarter high-tech vending technology developed by SAP Hana.

Vending Machine Uses Cloud Technology to Personalize Your Purchases

The new solution allows consumers to scan a smartphone on a vending-machine sensor, which will activate a touchscreen interface with purchase options. If the consumer has the SAP Hana app installed on his or her smartphone, the cloud menu can recognize the user and will eventually build a user profile based on purchase history. Consumers can select promotional offers and give feedback on their purchases. Gifts can be sent between app users, who will be informed via text of their gift credit.

SAP Hana has partnered with Venders Exchange to bring the new vending machines to the market. "So the vending machine has a smartphone inside so we transmit every single transaction to the cloud and then we can run analytics," Busch explained at the conference. BrandMAX: Five trends revolutionising the future of marketing. Islam’s growing influence The global halal market is estimated to hit a staggering $30 trillion by 2050 as the Islamic population booms, and the is no exception.

BrandMAX: Five trends revolutionising the future of marketing

Predictions claim the could be majority Islamic by 2050 so marketers would be wise to plan their strategies to tap into this massive growth market. "When this market kicks off you will have to align your marketing to be truly halal," says Smith. Crowd funding and the increasingly engaged consumer "We are moving from a transactional model to an engagement model," says Smith. Dove Marketing Execs Win Adweek Honor. Steve Miles and Fernando Machado, the marketing executives behind one of the most successful viral videos of the past year—and ever, for that matter—snapped up the honor of Adweek’s Grand Brand Genius for 2013 this evening.

Dove Marketing Execs Win Adweek Honor

The award serves as the crowning accolade at Adweek’s Brand Genius awards dinner, an annual fete that recognizes 10 of the most innovative and successful branding activations and the corporate executives who spearheaded them. A panel of editorial judges selected the 10 Brand Genius honorees, each of whom received a profile in the Sept. 23 issue of Adweek and recognition at tonight’s gala. Shopular Wants to Make Retailers Less Afraid of Mobile. The Launchpad is a series that introduces Mashable readers to compelling startups.

Shopular Wants to Make Retailers Less Afraid of Mobile

If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: Shopular One-Liner Pitch: Shopular notifies users about deals at nearby retail stores based on their interests and current location. Why It's Taking Off: The startup is trying to use mobile to help drive traffic and sales to bricks-and-mortar retailers, rather than drive traffic away. Mobile is still a dirty word for many retailers who worry that apps only allow for showrooming, but one startup hopes to use mobile to drive more traffic and sales to retail stores. Shopular, an iPhone and Android app that launched in November, alerts users about coupons and promotions at nearby retail stores based on their shopping preferences and current location.

Dove Marketing Execs Win Adweek Honor. Samsung Galaxy S4: The Smart Phone Line. Inter-App-tivity. Agencies and Brands Need to Embrace True Storytelling. MOBILE: Brands falling short for female consumers. Apple retains CoolBrands top spot while luxury names bounce back. The list is based on votes from 3,000 British consumers and a panel of 38 key influencers, including model Daisy Lowe and fashion designer Julian McDonald.

Apple retains CoolBrands top spot while luxury names bounce back

It is drawn from more than 10,000 independently identified brands. New entries in this year's CoolBrands top 20 include Chanel, Prada, Alexander McQueen and Rolex, which join Aston Martin and Bang & Olufson from last year. Luxury brands now make up 25 per cent of the top 20. Spotify is the only new digital entry while Skype has fallen out of the top 20 altogether. Forty per cent of brands were new to this year’s list, while 20 per cent bettered last year's position.

"Online Reviews" (cartoon) The rise of the online review is one of the more transformative shifts in marketing.

"Online Reviews" (cartoon)

Giving or reading feedback on just about any brand (personal or corporate) is only a smartphone touch away. Brand communication is increasingly coming from sources other than the brand. Reputation management is now a fundamental part of brand management. Brand Genius History. True story: When we relaunched Adweek three years ago, we also set out to recast our events.

Brand Genius History

First up was Marketer of the Year, which had stood the test of time but was in want of renewed energy and an infusion of verve. At the same time, staff writer Robert Klara was dazzling with his new Perspective column. His deep-dive reporting and institutional knowledge of brands ranging from Chanel No. 5 to La-Z-Boy recliners was impressive enough to warrant Robert getting the ultimate newsroom courtesy: a nickname. In his case, it was “Brand Genius.” I suppose it would be more dramatic to say that Robert’s handle transferred to a full-blown awards program and ceremony after long, tense meetings and focus groups, but that’s not the case.