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Summer 2015

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Le nouveau logo de Google n'est pas qu'une affaire d'esthétique. Mardi 1er septembre, Google a dévoilé son nouveau logo, qui a d'ores et déjà charrié son lot de critiques esthétiques, notamment chez sous la plume appréciative du web designer Derreck Johnson.

Le nouveau logo de Google n'est pas qu'une affaire d'esthétique

En matière de logos d'entreprise, les détails que sont la police et la couleur ont leur importance, idem pour des fioritures stylistiques comme un «E» pointant vers le haut. Mais le nouveau logo de Google n'est pas qu'une affaire d'apparence. C'est aussi une question d'évolutivité et d'action, et il nous en dit beaucoup sur le futur des marques dans un monde rempli de smartphones, de smartwatches, de GIF et de vidéo mobile. Marketing de la mobilité Comme l'explique Mark Wilson de Fast Company, les polices sans-serif comme la nouvelle «product sans» de Google sont plus facilement déchiffrables que les polices à empattements lorsqu'on en diminue la taille pour qu'elles s'adaptent à de petits écrans, tel celui des Google Glass ou des appareils Android Wear.


Scientists are crediting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for breakthroughs in research. From LeBron James to Justin Timberlake to Oprah Winfrey, watch 17 celebrities dump icy water over their heads to raise awareness and money for the ALS Association.

Scientists are crediting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for breakthroughs in research

(Jhaan Elker/The Washington Post) Chiquita Teams With Universal's Minions For In-Store Mobile Game Experience. Uk.businessinsider. Yahoo acquiert Polyvore : entre mode et native advertising. Native Advertising - The Official Definition. Le Native Advertising. Vail Debuts Internet Of Things-Enabled Ski Slopes. This winter, Vail Resorts is trying something different on its ski slopes: Crowdsourced, real-time wait times for ski lifts offered via smartphone app.

Vail Debuts Internet Of Things-Enabled Ski Slopes

Vail Resorts says that an update to its EpicMix smartphone app will collect data from the RFID-enabled season passes skiers carry at the resort. It’s one of the most ambitious efforts yet to bring Waze-style crowdsourced location data into the sports and vacation spheres. "Providing real-time lift line wait times is a first for the ski industry," Vail Resorts executive vice president Robert Urwiler said in a statement. Target and Heineken Go Local with City-Specific Branding. Local marketing has become an important brand differentiator these days.

Target and Heineken Go Local with City-Specific Branding

And this summer, some prominent brands, including Target and Heineken, want to localize your good times—especially if you’re the coveted millennial consumer. Target, for instance, observing that “hometown pride is the heart and soul of American cities,” has launched an effort to help consumers celebrate their roots with Local Pride by Todd Snyder, a collaboration featuring city-specific merchandise designed by the menswear designer. While based in New York, Snyder noted in a press release that he’s an Iowa native who “has experienced both small-town life and big-city living.” Thus Snyder has come up with “locally relevant” products for everything from t-shirts to baseball caps to pint glasses to phone cases. One year later, your ALS Ice Bucket money goes to ... Then his friends Jeanette Senerchia, Kevin Aylwin and Matt Dodson did it.

One year later, your ALS Ice Bucket money goes to ...

And their friends did it. And then your friends did it. Quite possibly, you even drenched yourself. More than 17 million people participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge to support ALS and other causes. One year later, your ALS Ice Bucket money goes to ... Using virtual reality to enhance user experience. Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture. Yves Saint Laurent fait son retour à la Couture.

Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture

Amazon Fresh will be an exciting, disruptive force - bring it on. Google rebrands as Alphabet in surprise corporate restructure by @rachelmrbarnes. What It’s Like To Use Amazon’s New Dash Buttons. What It’s Like To Use Amazon’s New Dash Buttons. How Absolut Vodka will use the Internet of Things to sell more than 'static pieces of glass' The Internet of Things promises to change this, signalling a future where beer bottles, trainers and fire alarms are connected to the internet and can continue talking to the parent brand after purchase.

How Absolut Vodka will use the Internet of Things to sell more than 'static pieces of glass'

That means thinking about products not just as something to sell once and have done with it, but as a continuous feedback loop of improvements, data and customer service. It means thinking about products as a source of data, and even as a subscription service. This requires a leap in thinking so dramatic that marketers mostly haven’t caught up. Coca-Cola’s marketing director on the future of sponsorship under its ‘one brand strategy’ WalkCar vehicle turns a laptop cover into a magic carpet ride. While Lexus teases us with hard to obtain hoverboards, a more practical kind of futuristic skateboard has been unveiled by an inventor in Japan: the WalkCar.

WalkCar vehicle turns a laptop cover into a magic carpet ride

About the size and shape of a standard laptop computer, the electric mobility device moves like a Segway by changing direction in response to your shifting weight, and can easily fit inside of a backpack or briefcase. Composed of aluminum and powered by lithium batteries, the tiny mobility device was developed by Kuniako Saito, according to a report from Reuters. Finally! Sephora is Launching A Subscription Beauty Box. Creativity-online. creates shoppable YouTube ad with Rizzle Kicks and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Lucozade Energy's 'largest ever' campaign aims to reposition brand as 'ally' of the busy. How Emotion Influences Buying Behavior #INFOGRA... readies shoppable Instagram ads following YouTube experiment. Unilever gives London the 'Make My Magnum' treatment with personalised pop-up store. The Internet of Things: New insights from the McKinsey Global Institute. Taylor Swift stars in campaign to relaunch canvas shoe brand Keds.

Swift - who recently became involved in a Twitter spat with singer Nicki Minaj after the latter blamed the music industry’s supposed sizeism and racism for her big-bottom-celebrating ‘Anaconda’ video failing to be nominated in MTV’s Video Music Video Award - appears in the ads alongside slogans such as "There's no such thing as an average girl" and "All dressed up with everywhere to go".

Taylor Swift stars in campaign to relaunch canvas shoe brand Keds

The ads are designed to highlight what it means to be a woman and is inspired by women who "create their own paths, make their own rules and harness the power of femininity and strength". The ‘Ladies First Since 1916’ brand platform will be carried in ads across print and digital media, including Nylon, Paper and Interview. Tapping Into The Buyer’s Brain With Psychology-Driven Marketing. After six years, Rovio finally announces Angry Birds 2. Gaming is in its golden age, and big and small players alike are maneuvering like kings and queens in A Game of Thrones.

After six years, Rovio finally announces Angry Birds 2

Register now for our GamesBeat 2015 event, Oct. 12-Oct.13, where we'll explore strategies in the new world of gaming. The original Angry Birds was launched in 2009, and it was downloaded more than 2 billion times. Now the sequel is coming. Espoo, Finland-based Rovio Entertainment announced Angry Birds 2 today as part of an invitation to an event in San Francisco on July 28.

During the intervening six years, Rovio has introduced 14 different Angry Birds spinoffs, like Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars. Air France : l’élégance et la poésie revisitées, Publicité - Les Echos Business. Monde Les banques grecques ont rouvert Le contrôle des capitaux est maintenu tandis que le seuil du retrait d’argent liquide est assoupli. Disrupting the disruptor: Amazon's next chapter. 7 Sources for Marketing Data to Make Your Content More Convincing. Marketing data is one of your most diverse and powerful tools as a content producer. Without hard data to support your assertions, even the most articulate points of view can fall short. 10 leaders du marketing à suivre sur Twitter. Lafley Makes Over P&G, Selling Beauty Brands to Coty in $12.5 Billion Deal - brandchannel: P&G CEO A.G. Lafley has made no secret of his plan to downsize its portfolio of brands in order to grow.

Today, a major part of that strategy became clear with the news it’s getting out of the beauty business and selling 43 global brands to global beauty products manufacturer Coty. The transformational deal, announced this morning, confirms rumors that P&G had reached an agreement to acquire Proctor and Gamble’s fragrance, cosmetics and hair color businesses, adding to an already robust portfolio. Coca-Cola Removes Its Logo in the Middle East for Ramadan - brandchannel: The world as we know it has gone pretty far this year to fight for equality and tolerance.

Coca-Cola is riding the zeitgeist in a new campaign that sees the soda giant removing its labels in the Middle East to send the message that labeling cans is fine, but labeling people is not. The limited-edition label-free cans carry the iconic Coke stripe and the words, “Labels are for cans, not for people.” What they don’t carry is the brand logo and name.

The label removal coincides with the Muslim month of fasting, Ramadan, that ends on the evening of July 17.