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26 Disruptive Tech Trends for 2016 - 2018. Each year at this time, I read all of the predictions for the new year plus the “top X” lists wrapping out the previous year.

26 Disruptive Tech Trends for 2016 - 2018

Add to that the first week of chaos that is CES and all of the new tech debuting in Las Vegas. Mark Ritson: Apple can’t claim it is socially responsible while keeping billions abroad to avoid tax. A lot of people ask me about my expensive cars and jewellery.

Mark Ritson: Apple can’t claim it is socially responsible while keeping billions abroad to avoid tax

It’s true, I have a lot of bling for a marketing professor. But it could not be more simple: I do three quarters of my work overseas and rather than bring it home and pay stupid taxes on it, I just stash it in international bank accounts and only pay income tax on the tiny fraction of my work that I do in the UK. I do that because I think that paying ‎‎£11,000 a year in taxes on my £44,000 salary is not fair. Instagram launches a ‘contact’ button linking consumers with brands. In a bid to improve the features on offer for its 200,000 advertisers, Instagram has today (August 15) launched unique business profiles – which includes features such as a contact button so customers can reach out with queries directly to brands – and an insights tool.

Instagram launches a ‘contact’ button linking consumers with brands

By adding business profiles, Instagram is hoping to make it more obvious to users which accounts constitute as businesses. By signing up for a business profile, brands can also choose how they want their customers to get in touch and a ‘contact’ button will link directly through to a phone number or email address. Instagram is also expanding the data it provides to advertisers. Its new Insights tool will give brands and marketers more information about the personality of their followers and advice on which type of posts will resonate best with their core audience. Types of media. Nationwide: ‘Sometimes brands can do more with a Snapchat geofilter than a 90-second TV ad’ To celebrate A-Level results day, Nationwide Building Society has partnered with Snapchat to offer a bespoke geofilter and lens across the UK as it aims to target the next generation of customers, with its first ever student account FlexStudent.

Nationwide: ‘Sometimes brands can do more with a Snapchat geofilter than a 90-second TV ad’

Vaping Post. How Beacons Can Reshape Retail Marketing. Beacon technology is poised to change the way consumers interact with brands, making devices more helpful and revolutionizing the way retailers measure the offline impact of online ads.

How Beacons Can Reshape Retail Marketing

Written by Peter Lewis Published. Why P&G is moving away from targeted Facebook advertising. P&G, which owns brands such as Fairy, Always and Pampers, is shifting its marketing spend away from Facebook advertising that targets specific groups of consumers after finding it did not always lead to the expected sales boost.

Why P&G is moving away from targeted Facebook advertising

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Marc Pritchard, P&G’s chief brand officer, said the company took the strategy too far. He said: “We targeted too much, and we went too narrow. And now we’re looking at: What is the best way to get the most reach but also the right precision?” P&G will not be cutting its total investment in Facebook and will still use targeted ads for some products, such as selling nappies to expectant parents. “At P&G, we are focused on growing more users, and have continued to invest in both TV and digital media to reach consumers. The news comes after the FMCG giant revealed last week it is increasing ad spend amid falling sales. “Reach and frequency is needed, along with the right message. We’re continuing to send fewer texts, but there’s been a surge in instant messaging #CMR2016.

Ofcom's Communication Market Report 2016 is out @Ofcom #cmr2016. La digitalisation des points de vente n'est plu... Sign Up. Designing brand experiences through trends – Take. It’s difficult to translate research findings into innovative solutions as all the methods we have to generate ideas tend to be dependent on one thing: what we already know.

Designing brand experiences through trends – Take

Thats why the most successful entrepreneurs are known to spend a lot of their time learning and building upon what’s happening in their industry. However as designers we don’t have the luxury of a lifetime of sectorial experience, so we at Take decided to use another approach: Trend driven innovation. Evolution of portable music devices over the years is an example of how great innovations build upon each other, while always focusing on a core need. Trends 101 While trends can be interpreted in a number of ways, our focus will be on ‘consumer-trends’ defined as “...a new manifestation among people—in behavior, attitude, or expectation— of a fundamental human need, want, or desire.

Mark Ritson: Saatchi & Saatchi’s Kevin Roberts is blind to the ongoing male dominance of advertising. The debate about diversity in marketing is far from over.

Mark Ritson: Saatchi & Saatchi’s Kevin Roberts is blind to the ongoing male dominance of advertising

That’s the clear message from the dramatic events that unfolded at Publicis Groupe over the weekend. On Saturday Kevin Roberts, the chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi and famed author and speaker, gave a blistering interview with Lara O’Reilly from Business Insider. In the interview Roberts dismissed the ongoing debate about gender bias in the ad industry and claimed that he does not spend “any time” on an issue which he feels “is over”. Would you hire a marketer without a formal qualification in marketing? Zoe Burns-Shore, head of brand and marketing, First Direct I would definitely not be put off hiring someone if they didn’t have a marketing qualification.

Would you hire a marketer without a formal qualification in marketing?

My team is a real mix of people with and without formal qualifications. I also don’t believe that formal study gives you a stronger appreciation of aspects like segmentation or brand equity. It might give an idea of the theory that sits behind these areas but in practice it’s just as easy to grasp the principles of segmentation on the job as in the classroom. HÄAGEN-DAZS, Taking Häagen-Dazs flavor to the streets - CBA, designing brands with heart. Terms and conditions.

HÄAGEN-DAZS, Taking Häagen-Dazs flavor to the streets - CBA, designing brands with heart

Indonesia will be Asia’s next biggest e-commerce market. Hugh Harsono Crunch Network Contributor Hugh Harsono is a former financial analyst currently serving as a U.S. Army Officer. How to join the network. Zenly est-il le Facebook ou Snapchat de demain? Tendances de l’e-commerce en 2016 : le podium du Top 100. McDonald’s on Pokémon Go: ‘We are enjoying what it is doing for our business’ McDonald’s has credited its tie-up with Pokemon Go for boosting sales in Japan and says it forms part of its strategy to “talk to leadership partners”. McDonald’s was the first brand to advertise on Pokémon Go, paying to see 3,000 of its fast-food restaurants in Japan become ‘Pokémon gyms’ in the virtual reality game. Players must visit these locations to progress in the game by becoming the gym’s champion. READ MORE: Why Pokémon Go is a game changer for augmented reality and marketers And speaking on an investor call today (26 July), CEO Steve Easterbrook admitted the deal has been good for business.

“Our relationship with [game developer] Niantic is driven by the Japanese team. “We are enjoying what [Pokémon Go] is doing for our business at the moment.”Steve Easterbrook, CEO, McDonalds. Tech in Asia - Connecting Asia's startup ecosystem. Lire-les-5-metiers-cles-du-digital-en-2017-le-monde-informatique-65391. Si le digital est l'un des secteurs les plus porteurs économiquement, quels sont précisément les besoins des entreprises dans ce domaine à court et moyen terme ? Quels seront les métiers plébiscités par les recruteurs en 2017 dans le digital ? The Long, Final Goodbye of the VCR. Why People With Multicultural Experience Are More Creative. Most creative people have two things in common: They are willing to consider alternatives to the way things are currently done, and they see objects, people, and situations from multiple perspectives. After all, if you shun new experiences, you will miss out on exciting opportunities. And many of those opportunities involve seeing existing elements of the world in a new way.

Monoprix crée le "Pokémonop" pour les joueurs de Pokémon GO. Carambar lance un service de blague à la demande sur Twitter. Marques, sur quel réseau social miser? - Social marketing. La dernière étude d'Adobe Digital Insights compare les techniques utilisées sur les réseaux sociaux par les grandes marques, en Europe, pour améliorer l'expérience client. Résultats. FR » Droit : le droit d’auteur et son application sur Internet. Sur Internet, tout semble être à portée de main. Pokémon GO Launches in Japan — and McDonald's Is Pokém-ON It. Brands are eager to have a piece of the exploding Pokémon GO phenomenon, so it comes as no surprise that McDonald’s has struck the first branded integration with the Nintendo/Niantic Labs augmented realtiy game with a deal to create “sponsored locations” in Japan, where Pokemon Go finally launched on Thursday.

That’s right — Pokémon GO is finally live in the birthplace of Pikachu. Game-maker Niantic had postponed its scheduled Japanese launch of Pokémon GO—one of the biggest brand launches ever—following the apparent leak of an email that detailed the planned launch. The parties were concerned that “hype generated would overload the game,” which has already wobbled servers around the world, TechCrunch reported. On Thursday, however, the game finally debuted in Japan, as Bloomberg reported:

Chelsea Coffey - !!! Edit: this is a real thing! Follow... Top 5 Facebook Video Statistics for 2016 [Infographic] Last year saw exceptional growth for video on Facebook. At the end of 2014 the site hosted approximately one billion video views per day. By the close of 2015, that figure had grown to over eight billion. While there's still some debate about what qualifies as a video view (3 sec vs. 10 sec. vs. 30 secs?) , the overall trajectory of Facebook video consumption his undeniable.

Video is central to Facebook’s vision for the future of the platform. 1. One of the most interesting new technologies has been the integration of live video streaming technology into social media platforms. “We're making a small update to News Feed so that Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live.” And in just the past week, Facebook's given yet another indication of how seriously they're taking live-streaming, announcing a change to the Facebook app to put more focus on live video.

Le Darkplanneur hisse le pavois du luxe postdigital. Pour le planeur stratégique de Publicis Et Nous, Éric Briones, alias Darkplanneur, le luxe n'a pas peur du digital. Néanmoins, les acteurs du secteur sont sur la corde raide : il leur faut conserver une logique de rareté et élargir leur magie à tous les points de contact. Le luxe bashing, organisé par les acteurs du digital, est "l'ennemi numéro un de la tranquillité du secteur. " C'est par cette attaque frontale qu'Éric Briones, plus connu sous le nom de Darkplanneur, ouvre son dernier opus (Luxe et digital) consacré à son secteur fétiche.

Coke launches biggest new product campaign in a decade for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The £10m campaign includes a TV spot, airing from Thursday 7 July, which drives home the message that the product "Tastes more like Coke, looks more like Coke". Les Français réceptifs aux supports interactifs en point de vente - Retail. CMOs, Your Role Is Evolving . . . Are You Keeping Up? I recently returned from an amazing vacation in the Galápago Islands where the impact of evolution is evident all around you. It was in the amazing Galápagos where Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution by means of natural selection. And it might surprise you to learn that a tiny bird called the Galápagos (or more commonly Darwin’s) finch played a critical role in the formation of Darwin’s theories. The diversity of the various finch species and how they evolved from a common ancestor to adapt to the different food types on each Galápagos island fascinated Darwin.

Although these birds act and look pretty much alike (e.g., size, plumage, behavior), there are actually 14 species with a distinctive size and shape of their beak. Some are long and narrow to get at available food in deep cracks of volcanic rock, and some are wide and short to scoop up the moss on the flat rocks by the shoreline, along with everything in between. Unilever CMO Keith Weed on why the marketing industry needs to recognise change and ‘stop marking its own homework’ Kellogg Opening Millennial-Friendly Cereal Cafe 07/01/2016. Mar'Tech : 6 start-up spécialistes de l'indoor. Marketing promotionnel et relationnel : le mobile s'impose - Mobile marketing.

Microsoft achète LinkedIn pour 26,2 milliards de dollars. Valspar Removes Pain From Choosing Paint 06/13/2016. Ayez le nez pour la marketing sensoriel. Future of Retail 2016. Amazon Prepares for Immersive Holographic Rooms and Retail Shops. Quelles stratégies pour une expérience client parfaite ? Strong B2B brands drive value more consistently than B2C brands. Chaussures connectées - chaussures easyjet - IN VIVO. UK Consumers Get Increasingly Connected. Kering exec: Sustainable business is smart business - Luxury Daily - Apparel and accessories. La maison de vacances.

Marketing to Generation Z starts by unlearning traditional marketing principles.

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