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March 21st

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Sleep Box - Mini Hotels. In a world where people appreciate good design everywhere, cool mini hotel rooms are the latest ‘it’ trend. In Tokyo, the Capsule Inn exemplifies the bare-essentials hotel rooms for brief use, and similar concepts are popping up at airports, train stations and downtowns around the world, replacing and mimicking the “day rooms” already existing at many airports.


MOBILE: Mobile campaigns aim at consolidation. St. Patrick's day : occasion segmentation. E20 SUMMIT 2013 - Enabling the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution. Kickstarter Bolsters Power of the Crowd with Record-Breaking Project. What do Veronica Mars and Patrick Robinson have in common?

Kickstarter Bolsters Power of the Crowd with Record-Breaking Project

Kickstarter—their platform of choice for rebirth. The power of the crowd just amped up as "Veronica Mars, the single best TV show about a smart-ass teen detective," may finally become a movie thanks to loyal and generous fans. Rob Thomas, “Veronica Mars” creator and producer announced yesterday that he and star Kristen Bell had received Warner Brothers' permission to seek donations for a movie project. The Kickstarter project reached its $2 million goal by 9 p.m., less than 12 hours from its kick-off. The Veronica Mars series was cancelled at the end of its third season in 2007 and the idea of a movie version hovered in the ethers, but "Warner Bros. wasn’t convinced there was enough interest to warrant a major studio-sized movie about Veronica and the project never got off the ground," explains Thomas on Kickstarter. McDonald's Debuts Healthier Egg White McMuffin.

McDonald's may have just tanked its apple walnut salad and Chicken Selects, but that doesn't mean the world's largest and most closely watched fast-food chain is giving up on better-for-you fare.

McDonald's Debuts Healthier Egg White McMuffin

Far from it. The latest exhibit: McDonald's is launching a yolk-free-egg version of the classic Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich. The "Egg White Delight" will be available nationally on April 22 and register at 250 calories compared with 300 calories for the regular sandwich. The new item will be made with a whole-grain muffin, Canadian bacon and, apparently just to make sure there's no hint of yellow in the sandwich, white cheddar cheese. McDonald's said the egg whites will be cooked on the grill with a spatula, according to the Associated Press. Emma, Le Trèfle. Dove Uses Photoshop Hack, Facebook App to Push "Real Beauty" In a day where digital design renders face-lifts, tummy-tucks and general tune-ups de rigueur, Dove remains an innovative stand-out as they extend their "Real Beauty" campaign beyond advertising. 33 million women made over advertising that highlighted their insecurities and impacted their self-esteem as part of the Dove Ad Makeover campaign last year, and in honor of International Women's Day, the brand is reprising the campaign and taking it global.

Dove Uses Photoshop Hack, Facebook App to Push "Real Beauty"

The Dove Ad Makeover invites women to send positive messages to other women through a Facebook application. "Dove has always listened to women and we feel that International Women's Day is the perfect time to once again inspire them by bringing our Ad Makeover Facebook app to America and to 18 countries around the world," said Rob Candelino, VP Unilever Skincare, in a press release. Diet Coke and Pepsi Pick Their Divas in Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Celebrity brandcasting Posted by Dale Buss on January 28, 2013 08:01 PM Whether Beyonce actually dared to lip-sync the National Anthem during President Obama's second inauguration, one thing is clear: The controversy has landed her back in the headlines, if not as disgraced as Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o.

Diet Coke and Pepsi Pick Their Divas in Beyonce and Taylor Swift

Beyonce stands a major chance at public redemption with her Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, to be sponsored by Pepsi, and by the continued unfolding of her $50-million endorsement relationship with the soft-drink brand. Bad News for Big Soda: U.S. Water Consumption Passes Cola. Sip on this Posted by Dale Buss on March 13, 2013 06:03 PM Bottled water has gone from a fringe product for suspicious purists to one of the most popular drinks in America, while soda's frailties as a beverage finally seem to be catching up with it.

Bad News for Big Soda: U.S. Water Consumption Passes Cola

These trends were formally recognized this week when Beverage Digest reported that Americans now drink an average of about 58 gallons of water per year, an increase of 38 percent from 1998. 15 years ago, U.S. consumption of soft drinks peaked, according to the publication, at 54 gallons of soda per year; consumption since then has dropped by 17 percent, to 44 gallons of soda per year. Water bottle labels kept free for personal labels, notes and doodles. Glasses help wearers better detect others’ emotions and health. Pinterest Analytics Brings Site One Step Closer to Profitability. Pinterest is finally getting into the data game.

Pinterest Analytics Brings Site One Step Closer to Profitability

The photo-heavy (and ridiculously popular) social site has launched Pinterest Web Analytics to help brands and advertisers better understand what users are doing with their content in a move towards monetizing its huge amount of traffic. The 3-year-old company—which is the fastest website to reach 10 million unique visitors a month—has taken a cautious approach in defining its business model, in part to avoid the mistakes of other social networks that moved too fast.