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Sal Khan: Let's teach for mastery. Models. Tools. Hybridity, pt. 2: What is Hybrid Pedagogy? This is the second in a series of articles that investigates hybridity as it relates to our positions as teachers and scholars, but also as learners, composers, and community members.

Hybridity, pt. 2: What is Hybrid Pedagogy?

We also consider the impetus for the naming of this journal and propose various directions the conversations might take us. 10 ways to reach SAMR’s redefinition level. Redefinition is at the top of the SAMR model, and most educators want to know how the can reach it.

10 ways to reach SAMR’s redefinition level

Here are several ideas for redefining learning with technology. (Image via Dr. Ruben Puentedura via Sign in - Google Accounts. Jerome Bruner's Struggle to Bring Cognitive Psychology to Schools. A few years ago, Jerome Bruner visited a graduate seminar I teach at New York University about educational research and politics.

Jerome Bruner's Struggle to Bring Cognitive Psychology to Schools

Edsurge. The Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom. Using technology in the classroom is one of those issues that makes it easy to be a fence sitter.

The Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom

It’s difficult to be 100% for the use of educational technology all of the time, when there are so many convincing arguments against it. Most teachers find a happy medium with technology—it’s useful in some situations, but a distraction in others. This great article on Huffington post offers an example of a kindergarten classroom where young learners use technology naturally and in authentic ways.

Visual Understanding Environment. Teachthought. Becoming Innovative: 15 New Ideas Every Teacher Should Try by TeachThought Staff What are the latest emerging trends in education?


As trends to do, these are changing almost yearly. Consider how quiet iPads in the classroom have been recently, whereas three years ago they were going to replace teachers and were (unsarcastically) compared to magic. While mobile devices like the iPad can indeed parallel a kind of magic in the learning process, it obviously has to ‘fit’ into a progressive supporting ecology of assessment, curriculum, and instruction.

With that in mind, we’ve created a list of 15 (the graphic plus 3 bonus items below) new ideas every teacher should try. New Art + New Features = A New Edorble. We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks putting together the new build of Edorble, and we’re excited to release it!

New Art + New Features = A New Edorble

Here are some of the big changes. Our artists outdid themselves by creating an incredibly beautiful, easy-to-navigate island outside of the existing auditorium. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Here Is A Wonderful Reading App for Teachers and Students. May 13, 2016 InstaWeb is an excellent iPad app that allows you to easily convert web pages to PDFs for offline reading.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Here Is A Wonderful Reading App for Teachers and Students

It’s true that most of browsers come in with integrated functionalities to save webpages in different formats, but InstaWeb goes one step further in that it embeds a clutter remover feature which enables you to save webpages in a clean and ready to read PDFs. Using InstaWeb, you will be able to save any article you find online in a very reader friendly PDF format. Also, you can save your converted PDFs to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive; share them via email or print them out using an AirPrint compatible printer. Textbooks are ridiculously expensive. Do you agree? The FLTMAG - A magazine on technology integration in the world language classroom.

We Need to Rewrite the Textbook on How to Teach Teachers. By Simon Oxenham We need to completely rewrite the textbooks on how to teach teachers.

We Need to Rewrite the Textbook on How to Teach Teachers

That’s according to a new report just published by the National Council on Teacher Quality. The report describes a vast and severe failure of teacher-training courses and the textbooks that accompany them to convey evidence-based practices; while delivering unsupported anecdotal evidence and well-debunked myths in spades. The report is accompanied by a letter of support signed by an assortment of professors of psychology and learning sciences from universities around the world. The report finds that out of 48 texts used in teacher-training programs none accurately described fundamental evidence-based teaching strategies comprehensively.

The Future of Education Isn’t Free. It’s Open. Listening to the political debates about education in the United States, you might get the mistaken impression that nothing is changing other than costs going up and performance going down.

The Future of Education Isn’t Free. It’s Open.

Things are better than you may realize, especially in one area: instructional resources. We are on the threshold of sweeping change that will make it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn faster and more effectively. Advances in learning science are powering a new generation of technologies that, when used by dedicated teachers, improve student performance and extend learning beyond the confines of the classroom. Digital adaptive learning coupled with an explosion of relatively low-cost learning applications has the potential to dramatically lift the performance of all of our students. Worldgovernmentsummit. The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies. Listen to this article as a podcast episode: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 38:22 — 53.1MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | When I worked with student teachers on developing effective lesson plans, one thing I always asked them to revise was the phrase “We will discuss.”

We will discuss the video. A free teaching platform. What do we mean when we say, “Transformative learning experiences powered by technology”? What do we mean when we say, “Transformative learning experiences powered by technology”? When I was in the fourth grade, I lived in a small, mostly rural community surrounded by giant rice fields in Arkansas. I spent my summers floating stick boats down the gutter after a thunderstorm or “racing” my Hot Wheels™ cars against each other in the living room. There's a Maker Faire in That iPad! 10 Ways to Create Student Makers With Apps - Getting Smart by Alison Anderson - edapps, iPad, maker, maker fair, makerchat, makered.

Too often the word on the street is “my school or class has new iPads but we don’t know what to do with them.” The best part about these devices is that they get the learning into the actual hands of students- make learning “hands-on.” That is NOT a new concept. Dewey, Montessori, David Kolb knew this long before the digital age- constructivism is one of the most effective ways to learn anything. These days, the word “maker” can be interchanged for “constructivist” and the Maker Movement is really starting to sweep the country.

The White House announced last week they would host their first Maker Faire this spring (follow the hashtag, #IMadeThis). Why online learning often fails - EnglishUp. The internet has made it easier, cheaper and some would argue even more effective to study than ever before. First year university student engagement using digital curation and career goal setting. aAustralian Digital Futures Institute, University of Southern Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; bSchool of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia The engagement of students is one of the most pressing issues facing higher education in the 21st century. Around the world, participation rates in tertiary education are on the rise and one of the key challenges facing educators is finding ways to engage these students.

eMarketer Launches Numbers, A Custom Chart-Building Tool — eMarketer Newsroom eMarketer Newsroom. Lance une box qui rend la formation plus interactive. Klaxoon | published november 10th 2015 Named a CES 2016 Innovations Software and Mobile Apps Honoree, the new Klaxoon interactivity tool radically changes the way businesses and educational institutions present, collaborate, and share knowledge. Lance une box qui rend la formation plus interactive. Publishing & Storytelling Platform - Make Your Story.

Classroom technology 'rarely used' by half of teachers. Code Generation-Traffic Sorting Page. The-top-12-note-taking-apps-to-get-stuff-done-in-school. How augmented reality can contribute to education. Wallflowers in the Online Classroom. 24 Favorite Teacher-Curated Web and iOS Apps for Creating Content. Online Presentation Software – Create Amazing Presentations. 21 Grab-And-Go Teaching Tools For Your Classroom. 21 Grab-And-Go Teaching Tools For Your Classroom. Download Free Stock Footage. The Future Belongs to the Curious: How Are We Bringing Curiosity Into School? Tech v teaching: it's a dialectic not a war.

What does innovation in education look like? A new program to find out. 25 BEST apps for teaching students how to present, create and code. The Value of Feedback Infographic. What Educators Want from Digital Tools (2.0) - College Ready. 10 creative alternatives to research reports and papers. 2 Billion Jobs to Disappear by 2030. Faculty Development. Faculty Development. Faculty Development. Globalisation and hybridity. Workplace innovation. Prowise. Tawe: Videos made easy from a simple image. Nik's Learning Technology Blog: Creating illustrations and infographics for ELT tasks. Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators (Fall 2014)