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December 2014

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Advertising best practice, evidence and insights. NEW YORK: How social media networks and other communication channels influence the likelihood of American TV viewers to watch a show has been mapped in a new academic study.

Advertising best practice, evidence and insights

The Council for Research Excellence (CRE) found that Facebook and offline communications, such as the phone, have more impact on the likelihood of someone switching on their TV to watch a programme whereas Twitter and text messaging have more influence on those already watching TV, Advertising Age reported. "When viewing, one is already engaged and this leads to both higher likelihood of viewing and communications," according to the report, which has not been released to the public. Advertising best practice, evidence and insights. LONDON/NEW YORK: Further evidence of the rapid rise of online shopping on both sides of the Atlantic has emerged in a new report, which also highlighted that pure play retail, not omnichannel, was the big winner of this trend.

Advertising best practice, evidence and insights

Wipro Digital, a digital solutions company, conducted a post-holiday survey of 2,023 online adult consumers in the UK and the US and found that a significant majority in both countries did more than half of their 2014 holiday shopping online. How American Express Boosted Its Instagram Prowess With Influencers. For the past year, American Express has experimented with turning over its social accounts to influencers for short bursts of time to pick up followers and buzz.

How American Express Boosted Its Instagram Prowess With Influencers

And it appears to be working—at least based on some results from a recent two-week Instagram campaign. On Nov. 9, AmEx gave six Instagrammers the keys to its account as part of the #MyAmex campaign. The posts were created by graphic designer Ann Kim, chef Christina Tosi, Patrick Janelle (who won the CFDA's first-ever Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award this year), fashion designers Oleema and Kalani Miller, Team Epiphany managing partner Coltrane Curtis and designer Timo Weiland.

The group posted a series of pictures (see examples below) depicting how AmEx impacts their businesses. According to AmEx, the #MyAmex posts generated 23 percent more engagement than the brand's other Instagram pictures. Programmatic Guide. We live in a remarkable time for digital marketing.

Programmatic Guide

Today, brands can generate interest in their products, win new customers and earn outright fandom by engaging and moving audiences when it matters most. Etude Critéo: Le e-commerce mobile en pleine expension. 18 décembre 2014.

Etude Critéo: Le e-commerce mobile en pleine expension

Emotional Ads Work Best - Neuromarketing. The idea that ads that engage us emotionally work better than those that don’t might provoke a, “Well, duhhh!”

Emotional Ads Work Best - Neuromarketing

Reaction from Neuromarketing readers. Surprisingly, though, I still encounter business executives who don’t believe they are swayed by emotional factors when buying things, and often doubt that others are either. So, for those uber-rational decision-makers, here’s the hard data… Earlier this month, I based a few discussions on the book Brand Immortality by Pringle and Field.

Stop Using Battle Metaphors in Your Company Strategy - HBR. The economist Fritz Machlup wrote an essay about weaselwords: “words concealing voids of thought . . . used to avoid commitment . . . which destroy the force of a statement as a weasel ruins an egg by sucking out its content.”

Stop Using Battle Metaphors in Your Company Strategy - HBR

Machlup was talking about how economists often use words like “structure” instead of empirical cause-and-effect linkages. Ironically, after years of books, articles, and MBA programs dedicated to strategic thinking, that’s the danger with how strategy is used in business meetings. It’s too often a way of sounding smart or leader-like and used to avoid necessary choices. AMA. Article Citation: Florian Stahl, Mark Heitmann, Donald R.


Lehmann, Scott A. Neslin (2012) The Impact of Brand Equity on Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Profit Margin. Six Scholarly Insights on Branding. Branding continues to be a high-priority topic for academics and practitioners alike.

Six Scholarly Insights on Branding

Even in an increasingly digitally connected world, consumers still seek and value brands, and marketers still make significant investments in brand development and management. Not surprisingly, this interest in branding is reflected in a collection of six recent articles in the Journal of Marketing. Brand Content et Publicité, les best practices - BUSINESS REVOLUTION. CES 2015: Hospitality Brands Take Guests on Personalized Tech Journey. The macro-shift toward the consumer is nothing new for the hospitality industry.

CES 2015: Hospitality Brands Take Guests on Personalized Tech Journey

Neuromarketing: The Brain Science of Web Marketing. Call it neuromarketing. Call it behavioral economics. Comment les smartphones Wiko sont devenus incontournables en France - 18 juin 2014. C'est une success story made in France. Wiko, le nain du smartphone, tutoie les plus grands: Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG… sur un marché devenu extrêmement concurrentiel. Créée en 2011 par Laurent Dahan, la marque s'est imposée au sommet. Right Relevance: Search or Login for deep topical relevance. - If you want someone to remember your information, should you use a simple, easy to read font or one that is more complicated and difficult to read?

Most people would guess that simplicity is best; after all, we know that simple fonts convince better. Surprisingly, though, those who opted for simplicity would be wrong. A Princeton study compared student retention of course material presented in both a simple font and more complex fonts, and found that retention was significantly better for the complex font. Why is this? It appears that the additional effort required to read the complex fonts (also called “disfluent” fonts) leads to deeper processing, and ultimately better recall.

This study was conducted with the idea of enhancing recall in education environments, but the same concept might have some marketing applications. 16 Branding Experts on 2015: Challenges & Opportunities. What are going to be the big branding trends in 2015? Books worth reading, recommended by Bill Gates, Susan Cain and more. The Customer Journey to Online Purchase. Simply choose an industry, business size and region below, then use the data to uncover the moments where you need to be there and be useful. Digital Transformation: A Year in Review. InShare1,048 When I published the first in a new series of reports exploring the state and future of Digital Transformation, it was almost the antithesis of a typical technology report.

It didn’t talk about tech trends for automated marketing. It mentioned zero platforms, software or apps for improving processes, manufacturing or customer or employee engagement. It also didn’t talk about the latest enterprise cloud services to improve marketing or CRM or process big data and the like. Predictions for marketing in 2016. No, that’s not a typo in the title – these are predictions for marketing in 2016. There are plenty of articles and blogs predicting what will happen in marketing in 2015. How Christmas Went Commercial: A Brief History. Fast Company: How Much Is That Ice Cream In The Window? Depends On The Season. The World's Largest Starbucks Is The Willy Wonka Factory Of Coffee. Abercrombie & Fitch brand requires ‘complete overhaul’

Benetton focuses brand marketing on ‘Italian essence’ as it unveils new store concept. Marques et réseaux sociaux : après l’amour à la sauvette, déjà l’heure de la rupture ? – TheBrandNewsBlog l Le blog des marques et du branding. Peut-être avez-vous déjà entendu parler du buzz récemment créé par Forrester Research? Dans un rapport publié le 17 novembre¹, la société d’analyse et de conseil en technologies appelait tout bonnement les marques à laisser tomber Facebook et Twitter, et à remiser au vestiaire le marketing sur les réseaux sociaux. Les raisons de cette sentence un brin abrupte ?

Un même constat, quelle que soit la plateforme considérée : celui de la baisse de la portée des messages (à commencer par la dégringolade du fameux reach de Facebook²) tandis que les taux d’engagement des abonnés vis à vis des marques resteraient quasi insignifiants. 2% seulement des personnes qui suivent les marques seraient touchées par leurs messages, tandis que 0,07 % de leurs abonnés interagiraient réellement avec elles ! 104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015) Online Marketing 101 (Infographic) 10 ans d’évolution des médias sociaux en un clin d’oeil. Même si les médias sociaux ne sont pas nés en 2004 avec l’émergence de Facebook, ce dernier constitue qu’on le veuille ou non le point de départ symbolique d’une décennie d’évolution dynamique du Web dit social.

Respectivement en 2005 et 2006, YouTube et Twitter ont à leur tour investi les réseaux sociaux au point d’être aujourd’hui des incontournables en matière de stratégie de communication.L’agence Mediavision Interactive en a profité pour dresser un bilan infographique. 14 innovations that improved the world in 2014. Baba Shiv: How Loneliness Affects Consumer Behavior. Coffee Wars: Kraft teams up with McDonald’s while Starbucks goes premium - By Nigel Hollis | December 08, 2014. INSIDE MASTERCARD'S INNOVATION LABS. [Infographic] The 2014 State of Digital Transformation. Seth Godin's new book, What to Do When It's Your Turn – Your Turn by Seth Godin. Unilever to separate spreads business to give brands more 'focus'

Samsung 'Launching People' hunts new talent. Starbucks sees $30bn future in premium coffee stores and digital. Tout sauf tiède : l’incontournable leçon de branding de Mercedes Erra… 5 bonnes raisons de vous intéresser à la « polarisation  de votre marque « – TheBrandNewsBlog l Le blog des marques et du branding. 2 Ways We Can Shift Our Own Attitudes To Be More Productive. How many apps do you use a day? Jonathan Cherki, Content Square : quoi de neuf dans l’expérience utilisateur ? La supra-personnalisation. Web to store : quelle place dans le parcours d’achat ? 8 enseignements issus de l’étude Mappy BVA.