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Viewable? Yes. Engaging? No. Why we must change our metrics. We know that CTR is not an effective measurement for online branding campaigns.

Viewable? Yes. Engaging? No. Why we must change our metrics

It’s a direct-response metric and while it is often used as a proxy to assess the success of brand campaigns, it fails to communicate the effect of the campaign on the vast majority of people, those who didn’t actually click. The industry still over relies on CTR because we invest in what we understand. Online branding intends to raise awareness and enhance a brand’s availability in the consumer’s mind, yet real-time assessment of campaign performance is difficult and potentially expensive. A prime example of this is viewability. We’ve taken great strides verifying that campaigns have the chance to be seen, but viewability is a measure of efficiency, an entry point to the brand-consumer interaction, not in itself an indicator of campaign effectiveness or consumer engagement. Fundamentally, measurement needs to help us understand whether we’ve achieved original campaign objectives.

Exclu : le classement des meilleurs parcours d'achat mobile en France. Tapbuy a décortiqué les sites mobiles de 50 e-commerçants leaders de leur catégorie selon 76 critères de performance.

Exclu : le classement des meilleurs parcours d'achat mobile en France

Le JDN vous livre les résultats en avant-première. En France, les e-commerçants tiraient 42% de leur trafic du mobile début 2016 contre 27% un an plus tôt, selon le Demandware Shopping Index. Sauf que les ventes sont loin d'atteindre ce niveau, puisque la Fevad situe à 7% la part mobile de l'e-commerce. Certes les disparités entre acteurs sont importantes mais les taux de conversion demeurent très inférieurs sur les petits écrans. Tapbuy a donc analysé en détail les parcours d'achat sur les sites mobiles de 50 e-commerçants leaders de leur catégorie et évalué 76 critères de performance dans 6 domaines : fiche produit, panier, identification livraison, paiement et design.

Le grand gagnant est la Fnac qui, noté 83 sur 100, fait carton plein sur la plupart des critères d'évaluation. Webmarketing. SEO mobile. Confessions of a Neuromarketer: What is Neuromarketing. “Consumers don’t think how they feel.

Confessions of a Neuromarketer: What is Neuromarketing

They don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say.” (Ogilvy)... 8 Sep 2015 4625 Views Neuromarketing is a hyped term that describes the use of neuroscience in advertising and marketing. It was first used by the BrightHouse Institute in Atlanta in 2002, when the company announced the opening of a new market research department that used fMRI as its basic research tool. All marketers want to understand consumers and their purchase decisions. Neuromarketing researchers record each participant’s brain activity, eye movements, and biometric reactions (heart rate, respiration rate, skin conductivity, etc.) in real time by using specific devices that were initially developed for the medical world. What’s the Most Important CRO Metric? (Hint: Not Conversion Rate) Obviously, the ultimate goal of CRO should be to increase sales and quality leads.

What’s the Most Important CRO Metric? (Hint: Not Conversion Rate)

But my question for today is: what metric is the best way to approximate the future success of your conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts. For example, you can measure: The Six Stages of Digital Transformation. Audience Intended for digital strategists and executive leadership who are looking for a digital maturity framework to advance technology roadmaps, business models, and processes to compete in the digital economy.

The Six Stages of Digital Transformation

Executive Summary In our research, we learned that digital transformation is a movement progressing without a universal map to guide businesses through proven and productive passages. This leaves organizations pursuing change from a known, safe approach that correlates with “business as usual” practices. Operating within the confines of traditional paradigms without purpose or vision eventually challenges the direction, capacity, and agility for thriving in a digital economy. After several years of interviewing those helping to drive digital transformation, we have identified a series of patterns, components, and processes that form a strong foundation for change. Browse. Which Social Networks Have the Most Engaged Audience? - comScore, Inc. April 2, 2015 By: Adam Lella Last week comScore released the 2015 U.S.

Which Social Networks Have the Most Engaged Audience? - comScore, Inc

Digital Future in Focus, our annual report highlighting the key digital trends of 2014 with an eye towards what they mean for the coming year. Social media remains one of the paramount digital topics, as leading platforms continue to attract huge audiences and account for an increasingly large share of consumers’ time spent online. To get a sense of how these social networks will fare over the course of this year, it’s worth getting some perspective as to how they stack up against each other in the present. Facebook remains the goliath of social media, leading all social networks with 81 percent reach of the total U.S. digital population and nearly 230 billion minutes of user engagement. Mobile marketing statistics 2016. "Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014" was the huge headline summarising the bold prediction from 2008 by Mary Meeker, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers who reviews technology trends annually in May.

Mobile marketing statistics 2016

The mobile statistics that the team at Smart Insights curate in the regular updates to this article include: Ownership of smartphone vs DesktopMobile vs desktop media and website useMobile advertising responseSmartphone vs Tablet vs Desktop conversion rates Well, we're now past the mobile Tipping Point as this report from comScore shows. So it's no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing important, we know it is! Social Media. Global Social Media Statistics Summary 2016.

Social networks are now so well established, that there are now a core 'top 5' social networks which are most popular which doesn't change from year-to-year.

Global Social Media Statistics Summary 2016

But, as we'll see in this post, the most popular social media sites vary a lot by level of usage in different countries and with demographics. So understanding these differences in popularity of different social networks is really important when targeting specific audiences. When comparing the most popular social networks it's best to review them by active account usage, not just the number of user accounts. Le Web 4.0 c'est quoi ? Le Web 4.0 c'est quoi ? Le Connected Camp. How to Implement a Long-Term SEO Strategy. If you run a website, you understand it is imperative to have a SEO strategy.

How to Implement a Long-Term SEO Strategy

Sure there is link building and content creation, but do those types of actions produce long-lasting results on a consistent basis? Today’s SEO has to withstand user search changes as they seem to come more and more quickly. Without professional help, it can be exhausting to try to take on all the link building yourself. Here we focus on factors that you should practice as opposed to actions that aren’t as high on the priority list. Off-page SEO You want other pages and sites pointing to your site. Where links are placed is important. The History of Content Marketing [Updated Infographic] INNOVATION CELEBRATION 2016. Havas Paris lance Paris Shopper, la nouvelle offre shopper augmentée - Dossier : Marketing digital. Exit la stratégie digitale !

Havas Paris lance Paris Shopper, la nouvelle offre shopper augmentée - Dossier : Marketing digital

Exit la stratégie corporate ! Il n'y a plus qu'une stratégie unique... dans un monde de plus en plus digital. Voici le brief pour expliquer la création de Paris Shopper, lancée en janvier par Havas Paris et Fullsix Retail. Explications de Vincent Mayet, Dg d'Havas Paris. Pourquoi proposer une nouvelle offre ? C'est le sens de l'histoire. En outre, nous nous sommes rapprochés de Fullsix Retail, très présent. Marketing digital: un domaine prioritaire encore sous-valorisé. The Digital Commerce and Content Marketing Podcast Network.