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Logos. Brand narratives. Brand valuation. Bad brand stories : disasters. Rejuvenation. Repositioning. Brand Quarterly Issue 16 by Vesey Creative. Levi's. Co branding. Brands. Branding history. Segmentation. Update SBM. CRM.

Diamonds. SBM. Digital for club Of notes. Focus On the Customers You Want, Not the Ones You Have. The Free Templates You Need for Visual Content Design.


CRM. Lego Figurines Score a Trademark Victory in European Court - brandchannel: Cambridge floats plans for Lego professor. The university has published its plans to institute a "Lego professorship of play in education, development and learning" off the back of a £4m donation from the Lego Foundation, as noted by Times Higher Education.

Cambridge floats plans for Lego professor

If the professorship is approved, the foundation will stump up a further £2.5m in funding.


Google’s Project Soli Can Deliver Touch-Free Interaction with Smart Devices - brandchannel: Google’s Project Soli hopes to transform the way humans interact with technology.

Google’s Project Soli Can Deliver Touch-Free Interaction with Smart Devices - brandchannel:

It uses radar-based wearable to detect hand movements and finger “micromotions” to control everything from the volume controls on a stereo to a device’s on-off switch, Business Insider reports. When integrated with smart devices like smartwatches, fitness bands and driver-assistance systems, Soli’s ability to track a hand’s position and movements in space can make everyday devices virtually touchless. We Can’t Recall Logos We See Every Day: An Interview with Alan Castel. 4-new-moments-every-marketer-should-know.

Free Cone Day 2015 - Ben & Jerry's. Cookie Dough - Fairtrade Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Right Relevance: Search or Login for deep topical relevance. - Marketers gaze in envy at brands like Apple.

Right Relevance: Search or Login for deep topical relevance

The firm that built some of the first home computers [doh, thanks, alert reader!] Has turned their customers into . Why brands need narratives not onions. There’s often a belief that defining a brand positioning in the right way is the key – pardon the pun – to success.

Why brands need narratives not onions

It isn’t. The way you implement a positioning is far more important. Welcome to Forbes. M&S preps for launch of first loyalty card. Radware. More than half of Internet traffic is bot-generated.


Highly sophisticated bots that threaten websites avoid detection by mimicking user behavior, dynamically changing source IP addresses, or operating behind anonymous proxies and content delivery networks. IP addresses were once a reliable means of identifying devices on the Internet, and a good basis for device specific tracking and security. However, a number of tactics and technologies have emerged rendering device identification via IP address a hazy proposition, at best. New technologies are needed to drive IP-agnostic device identification, especially for security. To help combat this threat Radware introduces a new device fingerprinting technology that precisely detects malicious users regardless of the source IP address.

Five reasons IP addresses have become less useful for device identification Parameters used to generate unique "fingerprints" for devices. Tesco and Unilever partner on iBeacon Magnum ice cream app. The tech works by triggering exclusive offers and discount coupons to consumers who have downloaded the Mpulse app when they pass a participating Tesco store.

Tesco and Unilever partner on iBeacon Magnum ice cream app

The iBeacons will be in Tesco Express stores exclusively and is the biggest trial of the technology for both brands.It will trigger offers for Magnum's Black and Pink varieties. Push notifications will guide passers-by to special deals from now until the end of the month and the app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and App Store. "We’re always looking at innovative ways to deliver on Magnum’s brand promise of delivering pleasure and to be able to do it at scale with a partner like Tesco is fantastic," said Neil Gledhill, Magnum global brand director.

Tony Reed, Tesco Convenience managing director, added: "We’re constantly seeking new and exciting ways for our customers to shop with us and receive great offers.


Embracing the Audience: 5 Tips on Customer-Based Marketing. InShare71 After I presented at the Digital Media Summit in Toronto, I sat down with Sylvia Ng, VP of Growth and Analytics at ScribbleLive to discuss challenges and opportunities ahead for digital marketers.

Embracing the Audience: 5 Tips on Customer-Based Marketing

Following is her summary of our conversation. Nivea Created a Doll That Gets Sunburned to Teach Kids About the Importance of Sunscreen. Short of letting a child experience the lingering pain of a sunburn, how can you really teach them the importance of wearing sunscreen?

Nivea Created a Doll That Gets Sunburned to Teach Kids About the Importance of Sunscreen

Social Media Company Page Cheat Sheet- Smart Insights. Prohibition HQ's cheat sheet can save you valuable time if you are looking to optimise your videos and pictures/headers across your social media platforms and not sure on the format and the dimensions for each one.

Social Media Company Page Cheat Sheet- Smart Insights

With so many different social streams it can be hard to keep them all optimised to look as good as possible. Introduction - Value rises 126 percent during past decade, despite market turbulence The BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2015 increased 14 percent to $3.3 trillion in total Brand Value, its highest level ever, following a 12 percent rise a year earlier.

Introduction -

Over the 10 years since WPP launched the BrandZ™ Global Top 100 in 2006, total Brand Value rose 126 percent. The Asia- Pacific region now generates almost one-fifth of that value, and China alone accounts for 13 percent, although North America still comprises two-thirds. Reflecting the growth octane of high-value brands, even through disruptive periods, an average of only four or five brands per year entered or dropped out of the ranking between 2006 and 2015, 42 brands in total.

Five categories outperformed the BrandZ™ Top 100 in brand value growth during the 10 years since the BrandZ™ Global Top 100 ranking began. Categories and Brand Value fluctuations Increasing importance of brand. Growth Hacking Your Brand Strategy. “Growth hacking” is a new term for many branding professionals but a long held practice among the best marketers and product managers in Silicon Valley. With traditional media fading and the onslaught of mass customization and niching on the web, marketing as we’ve known it for the past 100 years is in a stage of transition – which means we have to become more creative about how we approach brand strategy. As a marketing measurement professional, turned growth hacking consultant, I find that companies often get so focused on solving their clients problem, digging into data, or struggling to present research results in a truly meaningful way, that we neglect to give our own businesses that same attention.

Periscope Is Ushering in the Coming Content Renaissance. In the quest for brand ubiquity, the goal for marketers is no longer to be everywhere at once, but rather to set up camp on the channels in which your message can achieve the best amplification, establish brand identity and connect with your target audience. Every channel has its own mechanics, inner logic and unique communities. Often in newer platforms, the rules are still being written.