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25 Feb 2015

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Designers “mash-up” Coca-Cola’s 100-year-old iconic glass bottle. Vivid Print Ads Change Your Memory. Remember that fresh, buttery popcorn you had a few weeks ago?

Vivid Print Ads Change Your Memory

Does Paper Outweigh Digital? We know that viewing information on paper causes more emotional processing in the brain than the same information viewed on a screen (see Paper Beats Digital for Emotion), and there’s another way paper might be better: its weight.

Does Paper Outweigh Digital?

The idea comes from the same study that found that softer chairs increase negotiating flexibility. That study, Incidental Haptic Sensations Influence Social Judgments and Decisions, also compared the effect of the weight of a clipboard. Paper Beats Digital For Emotion. Direct mail is so last millenium, right?

Paper Beats Digital For Emotion

Ultra-efficient digital marketing seems all but certain to supplant actual paper marketing delivered by humans. It might be a little too soon to shut down the paper mills, though, according to a study by branding agency Millward Brown. Going Local: How Advertisers Can Extend Their Relevance With Search. Local advertising is not a new concept.

Going Local: How Advertisers Can Extend Their Relevance With Search

The Yellow Pages, after all, have been around in one form or another since 1886.1 What is new is the way people are finding and consuming this information and how advertisers can reach them. Today, consumers search for local information online. Create Animated Content like a Pro. L’Oréal ouvre la première boutique dédiée à sa marque L’Oréal Paris. La crème Revitalift, le rouge à lèvre Color Riche ou le mascara Volume Millions n’étaient présents que chez Carrefour, Monoprix, Auchan et autres grandes surfaces.

L’Oréal ouvre la première boutique dédiée à sa marque L’Oréal Paris

Désormais ces produits signés L’Oréal Paris sont aussi mis en valeur dans la première boutique entièrement dédiée à la première marque du groupe L'Oréal. Le leader mondial des cosmétiques a choisi Milan, plus discret que Paris (l’Italie est le deuxième marché européen après la France), pour tester ce nouveau mode de distribution directe. Sur 100 mètres carrés, les produits de maquillage, de soin et les solaires sont présentés dans un écrin, du mobilier noir et or digne des rez-de-chaussée de grands magasins. Comment Milka a créé l’app la plus téléchargée de l’App Store.

Une app mobile de marque émerge rarement.

Comment Milka a créé l’app la plus téléchargée de l’App Store

Milka Biscuit Saga occupe pourtant les 1ères places des classements iOS et Android depuis son lancement fin janvier. Elvis and Marilyn Monroe star in digital-led Coke ads celebrating 100 years of its contour bottle. What the Best Global Brands are Doing Right on Twitter—And Why Content is Key. The following guest post is by brandchannel reader Louise Marsland: We know from a personal perspective that to get more followers on social media, we have to be active daily, post cool stuff, be authentic and be engaged.

What the Best Global Brands are Doing Right on Twitter—And Why Content is Key

Is it the same for brands? Do Re Mi Ga-ga: Lady Gaga pays tribute to 'Sound of Music' at Oscars. M.fastcompany. Ad of the Day: Coke Spreads Joy to Some Seriously Unlucky Coke Drinkers. Coca-Cola knows that sometimes life straight up sucks.

Ad of the Day: Coke Spreads Joy to Some Seriously Unlucky Coke Drinkers

But Coca-Cola also wants you to realize that you, sir, are not the only one with problems. Topshop crée un panneau dont le contenu change selon les tendances Twitter. La Fashion Week de Londres est un rendez-vous inconditionnel des amoureux de la mode.

Topshop crée un panneau dont le contenu change selon les tendances Twitter

L'évènement est très médiatisé et relayé sur les réseaux sociaux, aussi bien par les marques que par les particuliers. Cette compagnie aérienne simule une aurore boréale à bord d'un avion. On dit que l'Islande est le meilleur endroit de l'hémisphère nord lorsqu'il s'agit d'observer les aurores boréales.

Cette compagnie aérienne simule une aurore boréale à bord d'un avion

La compagnie aérienne Icelandair a donc mis en place une opération originale et visuelle à l'attention de ses clients. Test Email. Les Français sont les Européens qui utilisent le moins les réseaux sociaux. La Commission Européenne vient de rendre publique une étude visant à mesurer les avancées du numérique dans l’ensemble des pays européens. Force est de constater que des progrès restent à faire partout en Europe et que la France est à la traîne dans certains domaines. Pour comparer facilement les performances numériques des pays européens, la Commission a mis au point un indice. The Queen of the Champagne World. Customer Experience is Meant to be Evocative not Reactive. InShare232 We are entering an era of customer-centricity, mostly because we have to. But also, because employing a customer focus is the right thing to do.

I guess businesses lost their way at some point. 9 of the Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools. Learning Theory v5 - What are the established learning theories? Presentation Ideas. With its integrated Creative Commons image search, one-touch formatting, and streamlined layout options, Haiku Deck already saves you ridiculous amounts of time. The brand-new presentation template gallery jump-starts your creative process even more — now it’s easy to save a template to your account and edit it, instead of starting from scratch.

Browse the Presentation Template Collection Hey! There’s something new on the Gallery page. Click the Presentation Templates tab to view templates. The Mission Statement Is Dead! Long Live the Mission Narrative! Your company’s guiding principles should be built to focus your employees’ thinking, decisions, and actions. The idea for this piece was rattling around in the back of my brain when I came across an interesting blog post on the Association for Talent Development’s site: “Why I Hate Mission Statements—But Love Missions.” The writer, Brad Federman, lays out many legitimate complaints about typical declarations: They have been wordsmithed into frothy blather, are too long to be remembered, and have little use beyond adorning the lobby wall.

How to Seize the Opportunities When Megatrends Collide. McDonald’s was one of the first Western companies to play an active role in the world’s emerging markets. It opened a franchise in Brazil in 1979, followed by Russia and China in 1990, and India in 1996. Knowing how tastes in food vary from one region to the next, the company carefully analyzed each locale and adapted its menus accordingly. Mobile.

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow - Interactive Feature. Electric Clothes Physicists at Wake Forest University have developed a fabric that doubles as a spare outlet. When used to line your shirt — or even your pillowcase or office chair — it converts subtle differences in temperature across the span of the clothing (say, from your cuff to your armpit) into electricity. And because the different parts of your shirt can vary by about 10 degrees, you could power up your MP3 player just by sitting still. According to the fabric’s creator, David Carroll, a cellphone case lined with the material could boost the phone’s battery charge by 10 to 15 percent over eight hours, using the heat absorbed from your pants pocket. Richard Morgan Chris Nosenzo. Service Trumps Product as Customers' Top Priority, CMO Survey Finds. LVMH vs Kering: Which Player is Best Positioned for Growth? - The Business of Fashion.

PARIS, France — Louis Vuitton Möet Hennessy (LVMH) and Kering, the French conglomerates that dominate luxury fashion, both operate strong brands in many categories, yet they have crucial features which distinguish their approaches and prospects for growth. Which is best positioned for growth? Inside The New York Times Instagram strategy. To appeal to a new generation of news consumers, The New York Times is going all-in on Instagram. Over the past few weeks, the Times started new Instagram accounts for its video team, sports desk, marketing department and events team. Those four joined existing Times accounts for food, travel, fashion and T Magazine content. That makes eight active Times Instagram account today, with plans to launch a primary @NYTimes account in the next month or two. Generation Y Has Become Generation DIY.

I have to admit, when it comes to crafting, I am a fiend. I loyally follow Hobby Lobby and Michaels on social media, and I get excited when I see my weekly coupon from both crafting outlets. This new desire and appreciation for crafting has not taken hold of just me, though I do admit – I tend to take it to the extreme. Generation Y is becoming Generation DIY in more ways than just crafting. In the past, crafting and “doing it yourself” seemed to be reserved for grandmas and middle aged women book club activities.

Now, young adults under the age of 35 dominate the 29 billion dollar crafting industry. Starbucks and Pizza Hut entering the 'booze battle' isn't necessarily a good thing. The public reacts: Pizza Hut cocktails. Advertising best practice, evidence and insights. GLOBAL: Shoppers are taking some of their online behavior into bricks-and-mortar stores by using their phones to compare prices, according to a new global study. Market research firm GfK interviewed more than 25,000 mobile phone users aged 15 or older in 23 countries either online or face-to-face in the summer of 2014. The countries included Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, Ukraine and the US.

Keurig Kold set for launch. Better Packaging via Neuromarketing. Starbucks to sell wine and beer in premium food push. Starbucks: to offer wine and beer at selected coffee shops. How the Human Brain Experiences Your Brand. The best brands are built to last a lifetime. Coca-Cola readies ‘Contour’ bottle 100th anniversary activity as part of move to global ad strategy. Starbucks brings braised beef and wine to UK location in premium push. McDonald’s readies biggest investment in McCafé. Nike crée un magasin éphémère en forme de boîte à chaussures. Un site web interactif qui utilise votre webcam pour faire rire des enfants. Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest. Food and drink brands loved by Brits. The 'Be Dior' bag unpicked. Can You Name The Food Brand Based On One Letter.

Can You Name The Restaurant Chain Based On One Letter. Bringing Brand Advocacy to B-to-B. 36 Visual Content Creation Tools the Pros Can't Live Without. We Are Social presents Social Brands: The eBook. The happy secret to better work: A reading list. Burberry brings London Fashion Week to Tokyo with Line messaging app. My Little Video. Pour la 3ème édition de la course Nike Women’s Paris, la virgule branchée sport vous a organisé un programme digne d’une athlète (en devenir). La Course Nike Women's Paris. How to Connect with Your Customers on Social Media.

Is the Sharing Economy a Caring Economy?  Pentawards : la crème de la crème du packaging - Influencia. Kellogg Lifts the Flap With New Transparency Effort. Asda to refresh brand as it moves closer to Walmart. Stratégie clients : Le salon btob de la relation client et des centres d’appels. Décryptage : Instagram, quelle importance pour les professionnels de la com et du marketing ? Babybel Yourself. Snapchat serait valorisée entre « 16 et 19 milliards de dollars » Marketing Is Dead, and Loyalty Killed It. Infographic: 13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics. Coca-Cola Spreads Happiness Online With Emoji Web Addresses. In a World of Constantly Deleted Apps, Ibotta Uses Cash to Keep Folks Coming Back. Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest. What Happens If Apple Starts Making Cars. Ad of the Day: Adobe Celebrates 25 Years of Photoshop With Colorful Oscars Spot.

Les 10 idées marketing à ne pas rater cette semaine (09-13 février) Is Old Spice Lost in the Woods With #NatureFacts Fresher Campaign? Bye-bye, Piperlime: Gap drops online brand. Mind the Experience Gap.