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12 March 2015

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Technology Research. Le Capital de Marque : un actif à soigner. La notion de réputation revient régulièrement en webmarketing.

Le Capital de Marque : un actif à soigner

C’est souvent l’une des raisons qui pousse une entreprise à adopter une stratégie de présence sur les médias sociaux. La réputation d’une entreprise n’est pas seulement digitale, comme on pourrait le croire devant la recrudescence de l’utilisation du terme e-réputation, elle date de la naissance des tout premiers rapports sociaux entre les êtres humains. Pour les entreprises, l’enjeu est important aujourd’hui puisque le consommateur a désormais une voix et qu’elle porte ! Le Crédit agricole Centre Est lance son parfum. INFO LE FIGARO - À l'heure où les banques en ligne gagnent du terrain, le réseau régional veut rendre ses agences plus attrayantes.

Le Crédit agricole Centre Est lance son parfum

Ep #28: Shopper Marketing Meets Sensory Marketing - Roger Dooley. This week on The Brainfluence Podcast, we are changing it up again with a solo episode with just me, your host, Roger Dooley.

Ep #28: Shopper Marketing Meets Sensory Marketing - Roger Dooley

On this episode, we are going to dive into how our five senses can connect with and influence the minds of retail consumers. I recently spoke about this topic in my opening speech at Neuromarketing in Retail 2014 in Amsterdam. The conference, sponsored by the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, focused on the convergence of consumer neuroscience and shopper marketing. Neuromarketing in Retail 2014 featured a range of extremely talented speakers, covering topics such as scent marketing, fMRI studies and much more.

Today, we are exploring the sensory weapon that retailers need to be wielding against their eCommerce competitors and how appealing to all five senses of consumers can give retailers the upper hand. Les 3 niveaux sur Twitter... Miser sur les contenus de marques pour établir une relation privilégiée avec sa “communauté” Ronan leGoff, directeur des contenus et médias sociaux à la netscouade, interviendra lors du prochain CFPJ Buzz le 27 mars à 9h et vous parlera de brand content, stratégies de contenus et média de marque.

Miser sur les contenus de marques pour établir une relation privilégiée avec sa “communauté”

En quoi les médias de marques vont-ils révolutionner la communication ? Le brand content ne date pas d’hier, mais sa démocratisation et son utilisation par les marques se sont largement intensifiées ces dernières années. Innocent's marketing chief on doubling TV ad air-time, millennials and kale. Five virtual reality products that marketers can afford to ignore. Augmented reality platform Blippar raises $45M. Augmented Reality (AR) Heinz Sriracha Ketchup Is Coming To America. Are You Ready? Tomato Ketchup Gets a New Twist with Sriracha Flavor. Sens du client - Le blog des professionnels du marketing client et de la relation client: Les 10 tendances du Sens du client 2015. First Look: Inside Sephora's New Innovation Lab. When Sephora launched in the U.S. in 1998, it radically changed the cosmetics buying experience, replacing the controlled department store counter transaction with a hands-on, candy store-style field day for makeup lovers.

First Look: Inside Sephora's New Innovation Lab

In recent years, the brand has aggressively integrated digital and in-store retail, and today opened its new Innovation Lab, a team and facility focused on "envisioning the future of retail for Sephora, and making sure that we're staying ahead of our clients and the different trends that are out there," says Bridget Dolan, a 14-year digital marketing veteran of the company whose title is now VP, Innovation Lab. Coca-Cola moves to ‘One Brand’ strategy, scrapping individual brand campaigns. Who are the real brand guardians? Digital World Business. _KnowledgePoint_MusicInAnAd.

Starbucks to back social storytelling in new start up venture. Instagram's new ad format allows brands to tell stories. The new format allows Instagram users to swipe sideways and view multiple brand photos, rather than the usual single shot.

Instagram's new ad format allows brands to tell stories

Carousel ads also display a 'Learn more' button, which links through to a brand's site. The idea is to allow marketers to tell "complete stories", around a brand. "One way to look at it is carousel ads bring the potential of multi-page print campaigns to mobile phones – with the added benefit of taking people to a website to learn more," the company wrote on its blog. "[For example], a car company might share an array of different features of a vehicle and provide a link to learn more about the new model. " Connecting the Dots – Stuart Green – View – Interbrand. It’s proven that creating brand value from a consumer perspective primarily involves the promise and delivery of a clearly defined, differentiated, and relevant customer experience.

Connecting the Dots – Stuart Green – View – Interbrand

So why do most airlines struggle so much with what is proven to drive demand and sustain customer loyalty? Granted, many airlines have to contend with a plethora of issues out of their control—issues such as huge capital requirements, high operating costs, a reliance on ground operating systems, strict aviation regulations, strong labor unions, and, of course, the weather! In addition, aviation, like most industries, is grappling with rapid technological advancements, huge demographic shifts, and ever-changing customer attitudes, expectations and preferences. Second Screen Retargeting : La (vraie) convergence commence. La convergence et le cross media sont dans tous les discours.

Second Screen Retargeting : La (vraie) convergence commence

50 Resources For Teaching With iPads. A Collection Of The Best Resources For Teaching With The iPad by TeachThought Staff So we thought we’d start an ongoing collection–that is, one that is updated to reflect trends and changes–of the best resources for teaching with the iPad.

50 Resources For Teaching With iPads

This will include resources from all of the best sources, from Apple’s own stuff to TeachThought to edutopia to MindShift to DMLCentral to Jackie Gerstein and more. We can update it, or make it a wiki to crowdsource the process, or you can add suggestions in the comments below. Based on the activity of the comments, and the sharing of the post, we’ll decide how to handle it moving forward. L‘Observeur du design - APCI - Agence pour la promotion de la création industrielle. #ShareACoke and the Personalized Brand Experience. Marketing today is full of personalization.

#ShareACoke and the Personalized Brand Experience

Using data-driven insights, brands craft messaging—particularly across the digital ad stratosphere—that’s individualized to best reflect the interests and behaviors of their customers. As determined by prior shopping habits and browsing history, brands and retailers have an expansive trove of data to create simpler and more relevant shopping experiences for their customers. The Coca-Cola Co.’s “Share A Coke” campaign in the summer of 2014 offered a different version of a marketing strategy: unexpected personalization. Foodtruck 101: Pourquoi les hipsters devraient donner des cours à HEC. The Risks and Rewards of Competitive Advertising. ​When one brand dominates a category, it’s not uncommon for the “wannabes” to take direct shots at the leader. In the mobile device wars, Samsung launched its “The Next Big Thing” ad, which negatively portrays Apple’s products in comparison to Samsung’s.

But Samsung isn’t the only one attacking Apple. Microsoft has also jumped on the Apple-bashing bandwagon by featuring ads that pit Cortana, Microsoft’s audio-enabled smartphone interface, against Apple’s Siri. But is this Apple-bashing advertising actually performing for Samsung and Microsoft? In a market where the majority of consumers love their Apple products, is advertising that ridicules iPhones the best path to success? In-market research on mobile phone advertising shows that engaging stories that highlight the benefits of the advertised brand are more effective than stories involving the competitive product or side-by-side comparative ads. Paywall mobile.