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Amusing, hilarious, side-splitting, odd, eccentricities that I run across.

Funny GIFs, weird GIFs and awesome GIFs with love from AwesomeGIFs. 15 Just-for-Fun, Weird, and Interesting Web Apps « Web.AppStorm. When you get bored online, there’s a million ways to keep yourself distracted.

15 Just-for-Fun, Weird, and Interesting Web Apps « Web.AppStorm

You could head over to your favorite social network, read the news, watch YouTube videos, play online games, and tons of other things. What we don’t usually do is head to web apps designed to be whimsical and entertaining. Turns out, though, there’s quite a few developers that have put together some fascinating web apps that, while not useful, will be sure to keep you entertained, at least for a bit. Here are 15 websites that I stumbled upon that are weird, funny, or even scary, but they’re all quite interesting. You just might find a new favorite way to distract yourself online! Ball Droppings Ball Droppings Nothing, except a black screen and white balls falling out of emptiness into emptiness. Neon Bible Eerie and expressionless The Indie Rock band Arcade Fire, wanted to promote their album “Neon Bible” and they used the internet to their advantage in a different weird way.

5 Websites To Go To For Offbeat And Funny News Stories. But thankfully, funny news stories from around the world can also give us a few laughs. It may be unintentional in the way it happens, or it may be turned into humor thanks to satire. The free and open web perhaps has bit more space to convey the funny irony in some of the news that happens around the world. The five websites mentioned below may be just enough to spark your sense of humor. Even if they don’t there are a lot many more funny news websites that help you break into a laugh. Just a note of warning: Some of the news items may not be suitable for below 18 audiences. Fark. Funny (if not necessarily "passive-aggressive") notes from pissed-off people. 5 Funny And Adorable Pet Websites To Brighten Your Day - PetAg.

Brighten up these long days of spring showers with a little pet humor.

5 Funny And Adorable Pet Websites To Brighten Your Day - PetAg

Our pets always have a way of brightening up even our darkest days. Whether you need a furry shoulder to cry on, a cuddle buddy on a lonely night or just someone to listen while you talk, pets are always there for you. After all, there is a reason they are man’s best friend! Many pet owners will also tell you that, in addition to being huge lovers, our pets are also a giant form of entertainment. The situations they get into, the sounds or faces that they make, and just their general actions can be downright hilarious sometimes―why do you think there are so many funny dog or cat videos uploaded to YouTube each and every day? Xkcd: Horoscopes. FAIL Blog - Funny FAIL Pictures and Videos - epic fail photos - Cheezburger.

Comics, Quizzes, and Stories - The Oatmeal. Crazy Funny Pictures. Damn You Auto Correct! - Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories. Literally Unbelievable. 10 Best humor websites for wasting your time. Funny Videos, Funny Video Clips & Funny Pictures. Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images. Videos of Really Very Cute animals. Pictures Of Walls. Overheard In New York. FOUND Magazine. Imgur.

Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Flash Games, Jokes. Funnyjunk - Funny Pictures, Funny Videos and other Funny stuff. BuzzFeed. 9GAG - Why So Serious? CollegeHumor - Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Links! Funny Captioned Pictures, Funny Internet Memes & Funny Websites. - Reaction GIFs for every situation. Entertaining Websites List. A quirky compilation of bookmarks found in old or used books, giving a curious insight into the previous owner's life - especially interesting with those found in much older books.

Entertaining Websites List

The makeshift bookmarks come in forms of letters from friends, travel tickets, old family photos and other interesting trinkets. Entertaining websites Correspondence between designers and crudely uninformed clients, made comical through the unquestionable stupidity and ignorance of the customer. Whether they're requesting the impossible, or can't understand the concept of paying designers, you're sure to be humoured and surprised by the discussions. A heavily user-controlled content sharing platform, on the front lines of current internet trends. Top 10 Fun and Entertaining Websites. So you are sitting at home (or wherever), with nothing else better to do than to look for creative ways to waste time on the Internet.

Top 10 Fun and Entertaining Websites

Maybe you actually have something to do, but you are desperately searching for a distraction to take you away from the impending, mind numbing task lurking around the corner. In any case, you have come to the right place. Listed here are 10 entertaining websites just waiting to feed your hunger for a distraction while providing good entertainment as well. 1: ( This site is the ultimate of random Internet entertainment. 2: This is ( Ever noticed an ad that was worded in a way as to create an unintentional yet hilarious double meaning? 3: ( Many companies hire translators to translate their printed media from the company's domestic language to other foreign languages. 4: Kaleco ( This site claims to sell all those ridiculous and hard to find automotive parts and accessories.

Cool and Interesting Websites to Visit When You're Bored. 30 Jan 2014 Here are some cool and interesting websites that will make you smile and also help beat that afternoon energy slump. couch mode print story I have added these non-tech related websites in my “weekly” bookmarks folder.

Cool and Interesting Websites to Visit When You're Bored

I don’t visit them every single day but on weekends or when I am feeling bored and they never disappoint. Maybe you should check them out too. Dear Photograph – The website features photographs of people holding up old pictures that were taken at the exact spot several years ago. Also see: The Most Useful Websites Lamebook – Weird and hilarious stuff that people post on Facebook. 10 Great Time-Wasting Entertaining Websites. The World Wide Web, Graf­fiti in Nantes, August 2012 As a free­lancer, I’m online a lot.

10 Great Time-Wasting Entertaining Websites

Granted, I spent most of my on not-so-exacting web­sites like French-English dic­tio­nar­ies and language-related web­sites (and actu­ally work­ing!) , but some­times I need a break and I click on “Time-Wasting Web­sites” in my bookmarks. Yes, I have a ded­i­cated cat­e­gory to these fun web­sites where you can spend hours of your pre­cious time. The Top 25 Most Entertaining Sites On The Net. Banged Up:: This page is full of hilarious and raunchy pictures.

The Top 25 Most Entertaining Sites On The Net

While this isn’t a porn site, it’s not safe for work. BBspot:: This is one of the net’s better humor sites. They’re best known for their top 11 lists. Bruno the Bandit:: Man I love this comic. This may be my favorite net comic but it just doesn’t get the attention it deserves for some reason. Darwin Awards:: Stupid people dying in ridiculous ways. Ernie’s House of Whoopass:: Ernie mixes in rabid Pro-American commentary with lots of funny pics and a few nudes. Fark:: This is possibly the most influential site on the net today. Drew Curtis' - America's Only Humor Site. QC: New Comics Every Monday Through Friday. Work Harder, Not Smarter. - demotivational posters. Top 15 Most Popular Funny Websites.

Epic WTFs - Funny Pictures, Videos, and Pranks. FUNNY STUFF. A carefully selected collection of the funniest stuff anywhere!


Warning: Some of these pages are incredibly funny, and you read them at your own risk - I accept no responsibility! (particularly for time lost due to rolling on the floor). Enjoy!