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Can Feminists Like Fashion? - Forbes. Céline 2012 Runway Feminism and fashion have always had a rocky relationship, a point hammered home in an article in Ms. magazine’s January issue, “If The Clothes Fit: A Feminist Take On Fashion.”

Can Feminists Like Fashion? - Forbes

The piece explores the tumultuous role that fashion has historically played in gender politics—both serving as a medium for the advancement of women, and as a weapon of restraint. It’s hard to deny the key role that fashion has played in the women’s movement. The Ms. article points to New York City women garment workers in the early 20th century who wore hats to signify that they were earning their own money, and thus financially independent. Women in the 1980s adopted a male style of dress (ties, tailored skirt suits, shoulder pads) in order to gain a foothold in the male dominated world of business. That being said, feminist notions that fashion can be destructive, certainly didn’t come from thin air. Fortunately, fashion in recent years does appear to be moving in a feminist direction. Finding Feminism in Fashion. At the start of my junior year of college, I was elected co-chair of an organization called WomenSpeak, which hosted a series of events on campus each spring.

Finding Feminism in Fashion

A week of lectures, film, readings, symposia—the usual consciousness-raising whatnot. And to plan it, we organizers would convene every Thursday over dinner, half a dozen underslept young ladies in flannels and baggy jeans, fired up on Faludi and railing against the patriarchy. Atlantropa: One man's colossal answer to Europe's post-WWI refugee crisis. Perpetual war, grinding poverty and a time bomb of overpopulation resulting in millions of refugees crossing continents.

Atlantropa: One man's colossal answer to Europe's post-WWI refugee crisis

A fitting description perhaps for the emergency facing Europe today – but those problems also fuelled a German architect’s extraordinary 1920s scheme to resettle millions of Europeans in Africa. A fashion designer uses her mannequins to send a message that hurts. Banksy's Dismaland Artists Replace Hundreds Of TfL Adverts With Controversial Anti-Arms Dealing Posters. Banksy and his army of rebellious street artists are at it again and this time they're drawing publicity to the controversial DSEI Arms Fair currently taking place in London.

Banksy's Dismaland Artists Replace Hundreds Of TfL Adverts With Controversial Anti-Arms Dealing Posters

In place of TfL posters, the guerrilla artists have used posters from Banksy’s Dismaland to try and get commuters to ‘help stop the arms fair’ currently taking place in east London. Three hundred posters from Banksy’s ‘museum of cruel designs’ in Dismaland were placed across the capital and curator Gavin Grindon says the protest is simply a ‘natural progression’. The DSEI Arms Fair is being held at the ExCel Centre where 1500 arms dealers will attempt to sell deadly weapons to each other. Topshop Gets Called Out For Unrealistic Mannequin Body Standards.

Inside Fashion’s Instagram Wars. NEW YORK, United States — Throughout the year, Proenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez and their team use Instagram to communicate with more than 342,000 followers, posting images that represent the world of the brand.

Inside Fashion’s Instagram Wars

But as fashion week kicks off, the Proenza boys, as they are known in the industry, are upping their game. For Spring 2016, the designers have partnered with reportage and portraiture photographer Landon Nordeman to capture and convey the brand’s take on the season with a total of five images posted over five days. Britain has no room for refugees? What about these rooms? Andy Burnham, following the lead of the Prime Minister of Finland, has offered up his house to refugees, after widespread attention to the refugee crisis.

Britain has no room for refugees? What about these rooms?

These gestures made us wonder about official residences available to those in Government in the UK - which could possibly be otherwise used by refugees if vacant. These are all grace and favour residences and as such the rent is paid largely by the state (i.e. us, the taxpayer). 10 Downing Street This is the executive arm of government and the official residence of the Prime Minister, David Cameron. Dress codes: can there be a productive relationship between politics and fashion? Do degrees matter in creative industries? August, 1989.

do degrees matter in creative industries?

The National Union Of Students, still a politically radical organisation railing against the Thatcher government, is trying to get young people to campaign the abolition University maintenance grants. Does Fashion Have a Place in Politics?  Whilst some may argue that fashion and politics have no business being mentioned in the same sentence- I disagree.

Does Fashion Have a Place in Politics? 

My interest in fashion from a young age stemmed from a fascination in clothing’s purpose beyond the practical. I’ve always been intrigued by the way personal style acts as a non-verbal rhetoric that we use to communicate who we are with each other. Psychologist have deduced that it takes us just 3 seconds to make a judgment about someone based on their appearance. Jeremy Corbyn First Prime Minister's Questions Sees Labour Leader Debut His 'New Politics', But Fears Cameron Gets An Easy Ride.

Jeremy Corbyn has torn up the rule-book at his first Prime Minister's Questions as Labour leader, ditching the "theatrical" flourishes that have been the hallmark for decades in an attempt to ensure politics is no longer "out of touch".

Jeremy Corbyn First Prime Minister's Questions Sees Labour Leader Debut His 'New Politics', But Fears Cameron Gets An Easy Ride

Drawing from 40,000 questions submitted by the general public, an unprecedented step, Mr Corbyn said he was bringing in a "new politics" as he named the six people who he was asking questions on behalf of: Marie, Stephen, Paul, Claire, Gail and Angela. Jeremy Corbyn on his Prime Minister's Questions debut Introducing his new format, the veteran left-winger said: "Many told me they thought Prime Minister's Questions was too theatrical, that Parliament was out of touch, and they wanted things done differently. But above all they wanted their voice heard.

" 11 Simple Tips for Jeremy Corbyn to Endear Himself to the Right Wing Press