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Topshop Gets Called Out For Unrealistic Mannequin Body Standards

Topshop Gets Called Out For Unrealistic Mannequin Body Standards
By now, it seems as if most retailers have been involved in some sort of controversy. And while some have been because of tasteless graphics, or hypersexualized advertisements, one thing we continue to see over and over again—and frankly, we're tired of it—is the ridiculous body standards reinforced by the mannequins that model the clothing. Topshop, the popular British brand that boasts collaborations with stars like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, has come under fire after a shopper noticed that the store's mannequin had extremely thin legs. The mannequin was wearing the retailer's popular "Jamie" jeans, and the shopper, Laura Berry, voiced her concerns that the figure was not an accurate representation of the average female form. "Perhaps it's about time you became responsible for the impression you have on women and young girls and helped them feel good about themselves rather than impose these ridiculous standards," Berry wrote in a post on Topshop's Facebook page.

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Inside Fashion’s Instagram Wars NEW YORK, United States — Throughout the year, Proenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez and their team use Instagram to communicate with more than 342,000 followers, posting images that represent the world of the brand. But as fashion week kicks off, the Proenza boys, as they are known in the industry, are upping their game. For Spring 2016, the designers have partnered with reportage and portraiture photographer Landon Nordeman to capture and convey the brand’s take on the season with a total of five images posted over five days. “This project explores different elements of our design process: everything from more abstract inspiration and research, to sketching and sample making in our atelier,” Hernandez says. “It is a more intimate look,” McCollough continues. “We wanted to show the attention to detail and how things are made, which are often overlooked."

Andy Warhol Fashion Collaborations - Runway Collections “When you think about it,” Andy Warhol once famously remarked, “department stores are kind of like museums.” It should come as no surprise, then, that the legacy of the famed artist and architect of all things Pop could fill both of those venues many times over. Both his work and his attitudes have become perennial fodder for designers, fixtures of mood boards and collection notes. Choice feminism: Time to ‘choose’ another argument There’s much ado about “choice feminism” lately and some of it surely a bit of healthy autocriticism. If feminism means anything, after all, then it means nothing. “Choice feminism” — the idea that feminism means women can individually choose whatever they wish and consider it an inherently feminist act — is certainly an insidious outgrowth of the commodification of empowerment. “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby” has come a long way, branching out into various manifestations of neo-”girl power” and pseudo-feminism promulgated by corporations like Unilever in its many Dove commercials, as well as adverts for makeup and shampoo that seem to subtly sell empowerment as well as a greasy bit of beauty product. Our choices in this society are all mediated. Every single one.

Fashion Politics: Fashion as a Voice for Change? The UK’s General Election is fast approaching. In the build up to 7th May, we’ll be discussing fashion and politics – two subjects some people may not expect to hear in the same sentence. We’re going to be thinking style AND substance, to talk about what role fashion can play in politics and why fashion matters. We’ll also be giving tips for the fashion conscious and politically conscious about voting and how to get involved in the issues which matter to you.

The fashion business - BBC News Image copyright AFP We know that clothing is big business, but it may be surprising just how big. The fashion industry's contribution to the British economy is an estimated £26bn - that's twice the size of the car industry's and nearly as big as the contribution from housing, according to the British Fashion Council. Migrants: Hungary Declares Border Emergency By Stuart Ramsay, Chief Correspondent, In Roszke, Hungary Hungary has detained 60 migrants for illegally crossing the Serbian border fence as it imposed tough new rules to secure its southern frontier and stop the flow of refugees. Authorities erected a razor-wire fence overnight at a railway track used by tens of thousands of refugees to cross into Hungary from neighbouring Serbia, a non-EU nation. Hungary also declared a state of emergency in two southern counties near the border because of the migration crisis.

Reebok FACE Stockholm Collection - summer beauty, sneakers It’s safe to say that the Reebok Freestyle Hi (the first aerobic shoe designed for women) helped define an entire generation in the ’80s. Millions of women burned calories to the beat wearing these iconic white high-tops...and scrunch socks, including Jane Fonda, who wore them in her legendary workout videos. At the same moment in time, a cosmetic line was born in Sweden: FACE Stockholm. Now the two brands are back, better than ever, and teaming up to create thoroughly modern kicks and makeup. “Deciding how to wear your sneakers is really very similar to deciding how to wear your makeup: For instance, sometimes you want a bright, bold pop of color on your lips, and then you go really natural and clean on your eyes and cheeks so that your lips really pop,” said FACE Stockholm founders Gun Nowak and Martina Arfwidson in an interview with Reebok.

Woman Sues Michigan Police Department For Forced Hijab Removal by Erica Hellerstein Posted on Share this: "Woman Sues Michigan Police Department For Forced Hijab Removal" Share: Is Fashion a Credible Platform for Protest? LONDON, United Kingdom — Last week in Paris, Chanel appropriated the visual signifiers of feminist protest for its seasonal runway show. In a finale led by Karl Lagerfeld, a bevy of supermodels took to a catwalk christened “Boulevard Chanel” holding signs with slogans such as “History is Her Story,” “Make Fashion Not War,” and “Tweed Is Better Than Tweet.” On the same day in Hong Kong, a genuine protest was underway. Protesting for the right to democratically elect a candidate of their own choosing, tens of thousands of Hong Kongers formed crowds that throbbed and swelled in the city’s streets. Playing out against this backdrop, the “faux-test” staged on Boulevard Chanel rang especially hollow, repackaging political riot as a light-hearted, Instagram-savvy performance. The show did, however, demonstrate the power of high profile runway events to attract enormous media attention.

How Intel infiltrated New York Fashion Week © Time Inc. All rights reserved. is a part of the network of sites. Powered by VIP Email address or Password is incorrect Forgot Password? Jeremy Corbyn vows to fight austerity in TUC speech - BBC News Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to fight the government's proposed welfare cuts and other austerity measures, labelling the Conservatives "poverty deniers". In a speech to TUC Congress in Brighton, the new Labour leader said austerity was a "political choice, not an economic necessity". He also signalled he would fight plans for conditions on union strike ballots, saying unions were vital to UK society. He said he would not be "an all-seeing all-knowing leader".

New York cops are photographing homeless people New York City cops have gotten tired of homeless people on the streets of New York. So tired that they’ve decided to start posting pictures of them online. The Sergeants Benevolent Association, a police union that represents the city’s police sergeants, is urging members, their families, friends and the public to take photos of the city’s homeless in order to prove the city is in decline. The project is called "Peek-a-Boo, We See You!" “As you travel about the city of New York, please utilize your smartphones to photograph the homeless lying in our streets, aggressive panhandlers, people urinating in public or engaging in open-air drug activity, and quality-of-life offences of every type,” says the letter from SBA President Ed Mullins. A quality-of-life offence is something that an officer deems "demoralising to the community" and covers things such as storage of belongings in public spaces and urinating in the street.

Dress For Your Body Shape You are here: Style Makeover Steps > Your Body Shape The Female Horizontal Body Types:Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Rectangle, Diamond, Oval If you like your body shape you are either male or a very unusual female! However, whether you like your body or not, if you understand what your current shape and proportions are and know a few style guidelines for your shape you are well on your way to looking your best. The female body types most people are familiar with are what image consultants refer to as the horizontal body shapes. These are: Pollution May Be Promoting Lethal Tumors In Turtles Pollution from urban areas and farms in Hawaii may be contributing to a tumor-forming disease in endangered sea turtles, a new study has found. According to the researchers, nitrogen in runoff gets stored in the turtles’ food and consequently gives sleepy herpesviruses the fuel they need to cause the often fatal tumors that have afflicted sea turtle populations for decades. The work has been published in PeerJ. Fibropapillomatosis (FP) is an often fatal tumor-forming disease that affects sea turtles across the globe. Previous work identified DNA from a group of viruses called alpha-herpesviruses in these tumors, but not in adjacent healthy tissues. This suggested a viral origin of this disease, but later studies found that these viruses were actually present in every sea turtle tested, even healthy turtles.

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