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ADHDD sur Twitter : "Mindmaps.... Love makkng them! #soeffective @Tony_Buzan... ADHDD sur Twitter : "Mindmaps.... Love makkng them! #soeffective @Tony_Buzan... Laura Woods sur Twitter : "Going through #SLA2015 stuff & found @Lyndsay2020's fab mind map postcard! She had mind map business cards too :-) Fast Company sur Twitter : "How to become the smartest person in the room. Mind Maps in Action: "Mind mapping made me a better coach, and even a better person." The Critical Thinking Mindmap. Home | The Climbing Fish. The Critical Thinking Mindmap. Biggerplate Unplugged - Utrecht. Invalid quantity. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Please enter your name. Please enter an email address. Please enter a valid email address. Please enter your message or comments. Please enter the code as shown on the image. Please select the date you would like to attend. Please enter a valid email address in the To: field.

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This option is not available anymore. Please read and accept the waiver. All fields marked with * are required. US Zipcodes need to be 5 digits. Mindmapping Masterclass. WWP%20-%20Fall%20Issue%202012_FINAL_10-31-12_page5+6_book_review. Creating mind maps with WebSummarizer. Mind maps are type of interactive diagrams used to represent concepts, tasks, or other ideas linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea.

Here is an example of a simple mind map. The central topic is about water and the supportive topics related to water are laid out around the central topic. A mind map communicates visually the key ideas very effectively. The key ideas are clearly visible. The picture provides a very compelling and informative description about the subject. Mind maps have many applications in learning, brainstorming, business uses, problem solving, collaboration and note taking. There is a variety of mind mapping software that provides rich tools for drawing mind maps. WebSummarizer is a text mining tool that works very effectively with mind mapping applications.

Visual Summary is easily exported to mind mapping applications. WebSummarizer facilitates creation of understanding by making key ideas VISIBLE FREE Trial here: WebSummarizer. Mind Mapping. Tony Buzan - Inventor of Mind Mapping. Preparing for exams using Mindmapping techniques - Surviving Exams, Education.

By Tim Fulford – 02 May 2012 It does not offer a way round the problem of lack of effort in the past, but can help you make the best use of the time you have left! Not many people enjoy exams but you can make life easier for yourself by following some of these suggestions. Plan Revision Do not pretend that everything can be done in a rush the night before each exam. Preparation Make sure you know what will be examined in each subject, and the way in which the questions are asked. In the examination room Read the instructions very carefully – do the right number of questions from the right sections, and answer compulsory questions. After an examination Don’t worry about the one you’ve just taken; you can’t do anything about it now! Do not panic Exams are NOT designed to catch you out. Note taking in lessons/lectures and from written texts Traditional note taking is not usually taught in a formal way at school.

Tips for summarizing a lesson, lecture or meeting for revision purposes. 1. 2. 3. 4. My Journey with Mind Maps! | Shalu Wasu is Tickled By Life. Everything begins with the way we think, leading to the way we act and behave. By changing the way we think, we can find new ways to do things better and be better in every aspect of our lives. Mind Maps are a profound tool for effective thinking.

Their contribution and impact on our thinking is impeccable. Allow me to share with you my experiences on my journey with Mind Maps. 1. Better focus Being pulled in different directions in the daily grind of life, trying to meet life’s competing demands and priorities and keeping my focus to accomplish all that needs to be done without distractions remain constant challenges. For example, when I have to prepare for a session plan for my class at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I first focus on the objectives, followed by the learning outcome that I want my students to achieve, then the key learning points, pace and timing. 2.

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “In this world, everything is connected to everything else. 3. 4. 5. A Legend For Mind Maps РKeeping It Short And Sweet | Serene Journey. Mind maps are a great way to unleash the hidden creativity that lurks in your mind. It is an alternative to linear note taking, which can be boring and uninspiring. I will admit that it took me a long time to over come the need to take notes in a linear fashion, with my background deeply rooted in the Sciences I am a very linear thinker. Mind maps help capture ideas and concepts in an artistic and fluid manner engaging your brain on different levels. Uses Mind maps can be useful in your personal, business and family life.

I would have loved to have tried this out for note taking in University! Mind maps are best applied to: brainstormingnote takingplanningsimplifying complex ideasorganizing thoughtsmaking decisions How to create one Start in the middle of a whiteboard or piece of paper and write an idea you want to expand on and explore further. An example Here is a mind map I did for the broad topic of organizing. Mind maps help arrange thoughts, spark new ideas and unlock memories. Mind Maps Home - Mapping Your Mind | July-August 2011. When we reflect on our educational experiences, we find that the educational system tries to make us think in a straight line. For example, most writing classes start by teaching the outline.

If we apply metacognition, or thinking about our thinking, we quickly discover that this arrangement of ideas in logical order proves rather artificial. One thought leads to another, but they aren't necessarily in the right order. We free-associate even when we are supposed to be disciplined. Outlining forces people to disrupt the creative process by figuring out where to place new thoughts within a linear flow. Tony Buzan, who popularized mind mapping, explored several applications of the technique from personal brainstorming to group problem solving in his 1993's The Mind Map Book.

Although mind mapping may seem somewhat esoteric, it can be very practical. Other good uses for mind maps include: Event planning Creating study guides Brainstorming Managing tasks lists Taking meeting notes iMindMap. Food-pyramid-revisited-with-mind-map. I revisit with this article the food pyramid with a creative mind map. I extended it to a new piece of educational content that you will be able to use for informing or teaching kids, students or patients. I offer you all the resources and explanations so that you can operate in the classroom or at home in the best conditions, with the maximum of efficiency and return.

I propose to revisit with this article the food pyramid with a creative mind map. I extended it to a new piece of educational content that you will be able to use for informing or teaching kids, students or patients. As usual, I offer you all the resources and explanations so that you can operate in the classroom or at home in the best conditions, with the maximum of efficiency and return. About the food pyramid This triangle-shaped nutrition guide is divided into sections to show the recommended intake for each food group. Another possibility is to use the creative mind map as a support for your lesson or explanation. Draw me an idea-Blog by Philippe Packu(TLI)-Creative mind map on computer/iMindMap (ThinkBuzan) Support - Video Tutorials. Products - iMindMap - Basic.

People within organisations and educational institutions around the world are already seeing the benefits of iMindMap – start discovering them yourself today. “Your Mind Mapping software has transformed our business & become a part of our cultural DNA.” Wheaton Wealth Partners, USA “iMindMap’s Mind Mapping software is the most creative piece of technology I’ve ever used.” Graham Cullen, Head Teacher, Porchester School, UK “iMindMap helps me immeasurably at work, and keeps me focused managing risks for the international space station.” Trent Keeble, International Space Station, USA “iMindMap is one of the most useful organisational tools that I use on a daily basis. Neil Quiogue, PopCap Games, Ireland “iMindMap gives a professional edge to a creative and fun process. Alison Jones, Accountancy Lecturer, UK “No other Mind Map software affords the ability to quickly gather thoughts, brainstorm, develop and flesh out new ideas. Tom McDermott, UCD Michael Smurfit Business School.

Five Minutes to better Project Management using Mind Maps | Mind Map Tutor - Using Mind Maps to Learn Faster and Easier. Imagine being the head of marketing. You’ve just been summoned by the boss to talk about a strategy for winning a big account. You didn’t think it was possible to win this account as you thought your competitor had it in the bag.

When you get to the bosses office, her secretary tells you that she is in a meeting at the moment and will be ready for you in about five minutes. Do you: Read the latest copy of Financial Mail lying on the table in front of you? Try to remember everything that you know of about the company you want to target? Chat to the secretary while you are waiting? If you chose to Mind Map a strategy, wealth, promotion, fame and fortune await you! You could use the five minutes to Mind Map the situation. Is Five Minutes enough? We tend to throw five segment of time away, dismissing them as too trivial to be effective, yet five minutes is the average time that a ‘Mind Map burst’ takes place. In Five Minutes, you can have your thinking about a project started and down on paper.

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