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Domemaster Fusion Macros. The Domemaster Fusion Macros allow artists to create immersive 360° stereo composites.

Domemaster Fusion Macros

The new immersive toolset is designed to work with Blackmagic Design’s Fusion compositing software. These macros are great for preparing pre-rendered content for use in a fulldome theater, or on a head mounted display like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC VIVE, OSVR, or Google Cardboard. The node based macros allow artists to reformat stereoscopic imagery between LatLong, cylindrical, angular, and domemaster projections, convert LatLong imagery to cubic formats, and rearrange 6 sided cubic panorama images.

Photogrammétrie et scan 3D : 3DF Zephyr 3.0 disponible - Fulldome — A Composition Plugin for Immersive Environments. Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology. Playdate in the Cube: A virtual reality experience - Collegiate Times : News. This past Friday, the Institute of Creativity, Arts and Technology (ICAT) featured the Cube, a collaboration between Eric Lyon, associate professor of practice in music, and Thomas Tucker, associate professor for the School of Visual Arts.

Playdate in the Cube: A virtual reality experience - Collegiate Times : News

The immersive experience featured technological innovations within both 3D animation and 3D sound compositions to create an immersive world within the Cube. The ICAT at Virginia Tech is a transdisciplinary program that seeks to integrate technology, the arts and education. In its mission statement, ICAT says it, "Will forge a pathway between transdisciplinary research and artistic output, scientific and commercial discovery, and educational innovation.”

“You can think of ICAT as this mix of an institution and a start-up,” Lyon said. "We have all these small groups innovating and creating new works all the time.” Optical projection system including projection dome. Cyclorama at Virginia Tech. Sep1516 Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology sought our expertise to create a custom immersive projection environment at the Cube, a highly adaptable space for research and experimentation.

Cyclorama at Virginia Tech

The Elumenati provided a unique design that met the Cube’s requirements, including a motion capture system and an existing 3D spatial audio system. These systems together create a social immersive environment, combining audio and visual technology. VR and AR devices are excellent for conveying immersive experiences on a small scale, but difficult to manage for over a dozen simultaneous users. The Cyclorama allows groups of people to experience the immersive visual and sonic environment at the same time. Read about in more detail on our projects page, and watch a time-lapse of the buildout here. The Elumenati. Domes OpenDome™ Immersive Screens Immersive environments made simple For portable and semi-permanent installations, our fully inflatable OpenDomes™ are the most effective and accessible solution on the market.

The Elumenati

They’re available in multiple configurations to suit your project’s needs. Open design for easy wheelchair and adult access Rapidly deployable – one person can set up and take down Durable fire retardant materials for indoor use Brandable – materials can be customized with logo, color and concepts Have questions? Interactive Dome Projection of Panoramic Images. Alternative title: PanoDome, QuickTime VR on Steroids Written by Paul Bourke August 2004 Updated January 2005 to support spherical mirror projection See also: Interactive fisheye image generation for details on the algorithm used to create the projection interactively using hardware accelerated graphics hardware, namely using OpenGL.

Interactive Dome Projection of Panoramic Images

Featured first at BOK GLOBULE at Burning Man 2004 (August 30 - September 6th), a 30 foot geodesic dome theater constructed in celebration of the 2004 theme: Vault of Heaven. Most people are familiar with interactive viewing of panoramic images using various software products, originally popularised by QuickTime VR from Apple. FAQ: Spherical mirror projection for hemispherical dome projection. Dome projection technique conceived by the author Written by Paul Bourke The following is an attempt to answer common questions people have when planning to implement wide field of view projection using a spherical mirror, generally for hemispherical domes.

FAQ: Spherical mirror projection for hemispherical dome projection

Unity3D Projection Mapping Intro with Omnity 2. Recréez votre environnement en 3D avec Matterport - GoGlasses. Nous vous avions déjà parlé de la possibilité prochaine de mapper en 3D (c’est-à-dire cartographier en 3 dimensions) votre environnement avec votre tablette ou votre smartphone avec le projet Tango de Google.

Recréez votre environnement en 3D avec Matterport - GoGlasses

Il s’avère que la firme de Mountain View n’est pas la seule à travailler sur ce type de technologie. En effet, une startup américaine du nom de Mapperport se place également sur le créneau du mapping 3D. Cette dernière a d’ailleurs déjà développée une caméra de mapping 3D qui permet par exemple de prendre une maison en 3D pour la visiter à distance. Cette caméra permet de recréer un environnement 3D avec ses couleurs, ses contours et sa profondeur avec une très haute qualité. Toutefois, cela reste encore un outil réservé aux professionnels avec un prix tout de même de 4500$ ! Leur solution Cloud est également très intéressante. Mais l’intérêt de Matterport, c’est qu’ils étendent cette solution sur les tablettes et bientôt sur les smartphones.

[tuto] vidéo-projection immersive sur écran courbe - RacingFR. EcranL'achat d'un dôme du commerce est totalement inenvisageable (plusieurs milliers d'euros à plusieurs dizaines de milliers d'euros)mais il y a une approche DIY qui est possible !

[tuto] vidéo-projection immersive sur écran courbe - RacingFR

* un point important est la qualité de l'état de surface : il faut que les jointures soient invisibles pour oublier le support et plonger dans la représentation virtuelle. Canopy_en. What is a ultimate display for a simulation?


Large flat panel? HMD? Triple LCD? Multi display with Fresnel lenses? Curved screen? No The answer is FREX CanopySCREEN We have developed a canopy shaped rear projection screen after testing various display styles. Just use any Projector on the market, put in front of the cockpit, project the reversed image from behind the screen and adjust FOV setting of the gaming software. You will be immersed in the car and the location and forget you are in a room while you play. PAT No.1375654. MiddleVR: Improve reality! Best Projection Mapping Softwares. While this question may seem basic to answer, your choice here could make the difference in the long run.

Best Projection Mapping Softwares

That also being said, if you plan on outputting to more than 6 individual projectors you should consider upping your $1,000 software budget ( see Pro Systems at bottom of page). First up, Mac. Apple’s dominance of the market has been growing wildly over the past number of years, and for good reason too… They use high end components when building their machines, the average mac should last you well over 3 years, but they do come at a cost, and if your a super user, you may want to upgrade every year for higher performance, thus -> PC. For Mac OSX there are a number of easy to use applications, but the drawback in learning them is hardware costs and lack of user upgradability.