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AddMagMap examples:Import Garmin maps (complex) 1.

AddMagMap examples:Import Garmin maps (complex)

Import Garmin maps (Saint_Petersburg map, more complex example) This Garmin map was taken from The map is Saint-Peterburg v 0.1 (Citymap by Ivan Hobanov). This is one of the most complex Garmin maps I could find. It contains several levels of streets, highways, railroads, rivers, water polygons, parks etc. Converting ESRI .shp file to Garmin .img file. Yes Paul has it right.

Converting ESRI .shp file to Garmin .img file

I had to make a procedure log for the Mapwel process and was planning on posting it but he beat me. I will include it below since it is more detailed. my presentation that covers accuracy and the maps in case some wants to see it. Navigon vs. Scout vs. TomTom: iPhone turn-by-turn navigation app shootout! Garmin's Navigon, Telenav's Scout, and TomTom are all excellent GPS turn-by-turn navigation apps available for the iPhone, and all handle navigation, especially the bells and whistles surrounding it, differently.

Navigon vs. Scout vs. TomTom: iPhone turn-by-turn navigation app shootout!

Since turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps are among the few that have maintained higher price points in the app store, so it's not financial viable to simply buy them all and figure out which one works best for you. That's where iMore comes in! We've loaded them up, driven around, and figured out who offers the best all-in-one maps and voice navigation package, and more importantly, which one is best for you!

Note: We will be using the U.S. versions of all three apps but all three have many different offerings across several countries. iPhone Navigation App Comparison Chart. The Best Turn-by-Turn Navigation App for iPhone. Offline maps with custom POIs for iPod Touch/iPhone? - offlinemaps iphone ipodtouch. Offline maps for the iPod Touch/iPhone, and custom points of interest (POIs).

Offline maps with custom POIs for iPod Touch/iPhone? - offlinemaps iphone ipodtouch

Is there any software that can do this? I'm looking for a piece of software, or some hack for existing software, that will let me 1) view offline maps stored locally on my jailbroken iPod Touch, and 2) load several hundred custom points of interest (POIs). Added level of difficulty: I need to be able to see all of my POIs at once (as simultaneously displayed, clickable map pins) and I have some additional data I'd like to store (latitude, longitude, name, description). The reason I need this functionality is that I want to be able to pull up my current location when I don't have an internet connection, and see which of my POIs I'm near. Garmin handheld GPS comparison chart. The Garmin handheld GPS comparison chart below shows all current Garmin backcountry and marine handhelds (in alphabetical order) that include a high-sensitivity chipset.

Garmin handheld GPS comparison chart

I do not recommend any units without such chipsets for backcountry use. Links go to my Garmin handheld GPS review/resource pages for each model except where I’ve yet to post those; in that case the links go to the Garmin product page. Features in the headers are explained below the chart, while recently discontinued models are shown on a separate page. GPS for geocachers. GPS for geocaching!

GPS for geocachers

Geocaching is an extremely popular sport, and I’d venture to say that over 99% of geocachers use a GPS. But how do you choose the right GPS for geocaching? I’ll narrow the field, look at choices in multiple price ranges, and delve into other uses, mapping software, etc. You may also find it helpful to check out my Garmin handheld GPS comparison chart. By the way, all the units below have a high-sensitivity chipset for superior reception under canopy and in natural or urban canyons. POIs & InfoWindows: JavaScript Maps API Developer's Guide. Points of Interest, commonly referred to as POIs, are specific locations that someone may find useful or interesting.

POIs & InfoWindows: JavaScript Maps API Developer's Guide

In mapping applications, POIs and InfoWindows are usually paired to visually show locations and location detail. This page covers the creation and stylization of the POI objects and InfoWindows. How to Load Custom POIs Into a Garmin Car GPS - Custom POIs. Your Garmin car GPS comes with millions of points-of-interest (POIs) installed, including restaurants, gas stations, businesses, tourist destinations and much more.

How to Load Custom POIs Into a Garmin Car GPS - Custom POIs

However, many users like to add custom POIs to their GPS devices. These include speed trap and traffic light camera POIs, custom road tours, WiFi hotspots, and more (see links below). Here's how to add custom POI data to your Garmin car GPS. Difficulty: Average. How to Install Custom POI's to your TomTom Device. Professional GPS navigation with SDK for fleets. GPS navigation for smart phones. POI. As an important add-on feature our app allows users to import their own favorite POIs from free sources on the internet like and many other sites.


A POI (Point of Interest) is a dataset containing GPS coordinates that represents interesting and important locations in navigation applications. The most popular POI categories are for example, speed cameras, radars, accommodation locations, restaurants, petrol stations, parking lots, wifi hotspots, attractions, etc. This way you can plan routes to POIs, or be warned by the app when passing by a POI. Custom Points of Interest for Sygic GPS Navigation. iPad as a gps.

Garmin Oregon Wiki - Waypoints and POIs. W1.)

Garmin Oregon Wiki - Waypoints and POIs

I've heard the Garmin Oregon supports Waypoints, POIs and Geocaches. How are they different on the Oregon? Waypoints probably don't need any further discussion, they work like waypoints do in just about every other GPS. People familiar with newer Garmin products will also understand POIs (Points of Interest). A Review Of The Garmin Oregon 450t GPS For Field Work: Part I. A few weeks ago, I did a post called “In Search Of The Perfect Fieldwork GPS”, a list of the features I’d like to see in a handheld GPS unit designed for serious fieldwork and mapping. The Magellan Triton 2000 GPS unit, which I reviewed last year, had some but not all of these features, and while it’s a decent GPS it’s just not good enough for fieldwork. Recently, Garmin was nice enough to send me one of the latest models in their Oregon line of GPS units, the Oregon 450t, for review: This post will look at the basic hardware and GPS performance of this unit, comparing it with the Magellan Triton 2000 and my old-school Garmin 60Cx.

Tomorrow’s post will be a review (rant?) Of the Oregon’s touchscreen interface. Still Looking For A Good Fieldwork Handheld GPS: A Review Of The Garmin 62s Part I. A little over a year ago, I posted my wish list of features for a GPS that would be useful for navigating and recording information for field work. A few months later, I reviewed the Garmin Oregon 450t, and while there were things I liked about it, overall I found it less than ideal for that purpose.

About half-a-year ago, I posted on why I thought that Android represented the future of handheld GPS units, over those with custom proprietary interfaces. POI Loader Help. Advanced users can create their own .csv and .gpx data files that include Custom POI lists or TourGuide files on compatible Garmin devices*. POI Loader loads all .csv and .gpx data files saved in a particular directory. When creating or downloading Custom POI data files, it is recommended that you save all the data files you want to upload to your device in the same directory. POI Loader determines whether or not a file contains speed and proximity alert points based on specific criteria. Shape File .shp to Garmin .GPX. I have received a Shape not file (.shp) with all the Snowmobile trails for New Brunswick which is approximately 8 meg. I have a Garmin GPS 60 CSx, and would like to be able to load these trails into my 60CSx the same as any other Garmin map set so I can see the snowmobile trails on a map of the province.

The originator of this file uses two or three different types of GPS receivers. A couple are high end ($6000 units) manufactured by Trimble, the other is a cheapy ($300 Canadian Tire version) made by Garmin, model 12. Both of these units will accept shape files. / the originator. Create Garmin Custom Map Overlays In ArcGIS Explorer With Garmin Tool. Recent Garmin GPS models (the Colorado, Oregon, Dakota, 62 and 78 series) have the ability to display user-created raster imagery, which Garmin calls “custom map overlays”. These require creating Google Earth KMZ overlay files, which you can do manually; see this Garmin website for basic details. There are also some programs out there, like G-Raster, that can convert standard GIS format raster files or KMZ files into the proper format as well without the requirement for manual calibration in Google Earth. Don Copple of the Montana DRC has created a tool (called Garmin Tool) that can generate KMZ overlay files from ESRI’s free stand-alone virtual globe program / GIS data viewer ArcGIS Explorer Desktop.

This program can load many kinds of GIS data formats, including both vector data (e.g. shapefiles) and raster imagery (e.g. aerial imagery, topo maps), plus ArcGIS projects, with some control over data formatting and viewing. Create GPX (gps files) from ArcGIS Shapefiles or GoogleEarth KML files. Dual Electronics iPad GPS with Bluetooth (Dual XGPS150) - Sporty's Pilot Shop. Can you remove POI info from a Garmin map? Creating a POI Database Using Google Earth and KML2CSV. ** Guide : Making Garmin Custom Maps ** Tutorials & Articles - GPSFileDepot. GPSFileDepot - Free Custom Garmin Maps, Ximage hosting, tutorials, articles and more for your GPSr. How To Load Maps On My Garmin GPS Unit - GPSFileDepot. Nuvi GPS Tricks, Tips, Work Arounds, Hints, Secrets and Ideas.

‪iPad vs. Garmin GPSMAP 696 in the Cockpit‬‏ Trucking. Location Based Services - Garmin Developer. Basic Tips, Hints, Explanations, or Whatnot.