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Using GSM module to remotely control a green wall. By Niko Järvinen on April 8, 2013 We’re a Finnish start-up company which specializes in active green walls which can purify air 100x better than traditional green walls.

Using GSM module to remotely control a green wall

Few years ago we were in a need for easy way to get our green walls use GSM network to communicate with our servers. In the very first prototype we used ethernet shield for Arduino as we thought GSM is hard and problematic to do right. However we quickly found out that ethernet connection (or WLAN) wouldn’t work in the long run as it’s always hard to find ethernet wires close to our installation location. So we started thinking about using GSM. While prototyping we used Arduino Uno as the base for the whole system. In this system we used the GSM shield for Arduino. After that we opted for custom made circuit board so that we’d get a cleaner and more maintainable system.

Now we have close to 5000 plants around Finland (and soon around Europe) which depend on this system. More info on About Niko Järvinen. Research into living walls aims to improve urban life. The Green Walls Column. The Green Walls Column Hydroponic Living Walls – Irrigation By George Irwin, The Green Wall Editor June 18, 2013All Photos by George Irwin Unless Otherwise Noted Lately the requests for information about setting up irrigation for hydroponic walls have flooded my email.

The Green Walls Column

Over the past 5 years I have seen more green wall companies popping up all fighting for a small piece of an infant market. More companies equate to more inexperience, some media based, some hydroponics. If you haven’t read my archived “Hydroponic Living Walls – DYI – Really?” Over my experience the single most important factor with hydroponic walls beyond light and nutrition is the need for oxygen exchange at the root level. The layers of materials literally suffocate the roots. Irrigation is the delivery of water and nutrients to the plant roots and one of the key components to hydroponic living walls. Because of gravity the calculation of water is somewhat of a guessing game for the novice.

There are two common options. Home - Green Walls & Green Roofs - Plant Connection. Green Wall Services, Vertical Garden Design, Living Wall Construction - Ambius. Green Wall Monitoring and Control - ePrints.FRI. Green Living Technologies. US Pat # 7921599 The Green Living Wall was developed as an extreme sloped green roof.

Green Living Technologies

After a few changes in design we were able to grow plants from zero to ninety degrees. Like the patented Green Living Roofs, Green Living Walls reduce the energy needed for heating and cooling through shading and evapo-transpiration, remove pollutants and carbon dioxide from the air, insulate buildings and rooms for sound, promote eco-marketing, and beautify your surroundings immeasurably. Patented Green Living walls are available as wall-mounted systems or a free-standing system.

Green Living Technologies has pioneered growing food vertically and organically without hydroponics, called Urban Farms. Unlike other systems made of bags, plastic, and felt, (above) the Green Living Wall is made to last. From the North Shore in Hawaii, the scholarly halls of Harvard and Rockefeller Center in NYC we are the strongest product with the most advanced biology available.

Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability. Designed and spearheaded by the UW Green Futures Lab (GFL), the UW Biodiversity Green Wall, Edible Green Screen, and Water Harvesting System was completed in the fall of 2012.

Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

Located in the southeast corner of Gould Hall on 15th Avenue and NE 40th Street, the award-winning project has been widely publicized and has the potential to provide numerous benefits such as reducing building energy needs, mitigating heat island effects, conserving potable water, reducing stormwater pollution, and increasing urban biodiversity. However, in order to both maximize these benefits and replicate them in future projects, they must be monitored, measured, and analyzed. Initial monitoring of the project in 2012 piloted research protocols to assess the 10’x10’ living panels’ capacity to cool exterior and interior temperatures, support bird and insect use, and contribute plant diversity to the urban environment. Remote Monitoring » GSky Plant Systems, Inc. - The leading provider of Green Walls in North America.

Monitoring » GSky Plant Systems, Inc. - The leading provider of Green Walls in North America.