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BIng Ads: Monitoring & Optimizing

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4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Boost Your Return on Investment in Bing Ads. Martha Stewart once wrote, “There are few rites of Spring more satisfying than the annual clean. For many people, however, the pleasure comes only after the work is finished.” The same may be true for your Bing Ads account. Fortunately, a little spring cleaning can go a long way — and additional conversions, improved return on investment, and lower costs are definitely pleasing.

Here’s a look at how to clean up your Bing Ads account, just like Martha would: Import campaigns: Do you have all products and services you offer covered? If not, create new campaigns or ad groups, or automatically import your Google campaigns into Bing Ads by simply entering your account log in.Refine budgets: On the Campaigns page, all campaigns should have a delivery status of “eligible.” Check keyword lists: Research relevant new keywords with Bing Ads Intelligence or use keyword suggestions on the Opportunities tab. Thanks! Peter. Ad Testing: Are You Using the Wrong Success Metrics? Everyone knows you should test ads – that’s not debatable anymore. However, what is debatable is which of the ads you are testing is actually the best ad. I recently polled a large group of marketers and asked them of these ads, which one was the best. Take a moment to decide which you think is the winner.

Here were the responses: 7.3% thought there wasn’t enough data to determine a winner. Those are the ones who are correct. The Current Metrics Are Flawed When you consider all the stats needed to determine a winner; you need to work from these numbers: ImpressionsClicksCPCCostCTRConversionsAverage sale amount From those metrics, the most commonly generated stats to determine a winner are: Conversion rateCPA (cost per acquisition)ROAS / ROICPI (conversion per impression) Each one of those metrics has a fundamental flaw. Conversion rate does not take into account impressions, click through rate, or average sale amount. ROI / ROAS does not account for volume (impressions and clicks). Conclusion. The Beginner's Checklist for the First Month of Your AdWords Optimization: Part 3. This month Andrew Lolk of White Shark Media joins PPC Hero as a guest blogger to discuss his personal tips for optimizing a PPC account within the first month. This is part 2 see here, for part 1 see here.

This is a three-part series that helps you identify the areas of optimization during the first month of your Google AdWords campaign. In this 3rd part I’m focusing on optimizing your campaign after the initial 14 days and how to go forward. If you missed the first post, I recommend reading them for the baseline thoughts and experiences: Day 14 – The First Real Optimization Takes Place The goal from this point on is to build your Quality Score while still building a profitable campaign. Be Wary of Keywords and Ads with Not Enough Clicks/Impressions If you’re seeing keywords with low CTR (0.5% to 1%), and they’re in the top 5 ad positions, then I would consider pausing them. Optimize Ads for Your Goal After 14 days, it’s time to start paying more attention to your ads. Create New Ads. The Beginner's Checklist for the First Month of Your AdWords Optimization: Part 2. This month Andrew Lolk of White Shark Media joins PPC Hero as a guest blogger to discuss his personal tips for optimizing a PPC account within the first month.

This is part 2, for part 1 see here. This is a three-part series that helps you identify the areas of optimization during the first month of your Google AdWords campaign. In this 2nd part I’m looking closer at the optimization that happens after a week of activity. If you missed the first post, I recommend reading it for the baseline thoughts and experiences. Day 8: Quick Campaign Optimizations This is the first day that you can really start optimizing. If you didn’t receive many clicks the first 3 days due to low bidding, then just wait 7 days from the date your campaign started getting the desired amount of clicks.

Check Ad Position Start out by checking your ad positions. Your ad position should go very much hand in hand with both your budget and desired campaign outcome. Check If Your Budget is Exceeded on a Daily Basis. Last Minute Valentine’s Day Love Potion for Search Marketers From Bing Ads. John Gagnon | February 6, 2013 | 0 Comments inShare19 Both love and customer demand are in the air in the days leading up to Valentine's Day. Bing Ads Evangelist, John Gagnon, provides search trends and insights into areas that are worth exploiting. The National Retail Federation (NRF) expects consumers to spend $18.6 billion for Valentine's Day in 2013, and it seems cupid is as busy as ever. Personally, I think of Valentine's Day as the Super Bowl for the floral industry, but surprisingly flowers rank third behind jewelry and dining out in terms of spending during this lovely time of year.

Both love and customer demand are in the air in the days leading up to Valentine's Day, so in addition to search volume increase for flowers, I will provide insight into other areas you can consider exploiting. Search trends and consumer behavior When you think of Valentine's Day, what comes to mind besides the word "love" or a chubby cherub that shoots arrows? Search trends leading to Valentines day 1. 2. PPC Manager Advice on How To Use Bing Ads to Leverage Your Business - Bing Ads Blog - Bing Ads Community. My name is John Rampton and I'm a PPC Manager at Maple North. Over the years I've worked with countless businesses trying to help them grow their business online. Most of them come to me as a referral from a current client or from the ramblings on my personal blog. I love diving into businesses online marketing methods, especially when they are using paid search to drive traffic.

This allows me to both help a lot of people and to sharpen my skills. Evaluate Your Options Google AdWords is the "big boy" in the paid-per-click advertising space capturing the majority of the search marketing ad spend. People searching on the Bing Ads network are typically more affluent, spend more money online (21.5% more to be exact) and make easier spending decisions online. Here are a few tips to help your Bing Ads account perform better. Start Slow When you're starting Bing Ads, don't go blow your budget in the first month.

After your first month, evaluate where you're at. Using Analytics? Wrap-Up Thanks! Stop What You’re Doing & Check These 10 Metrics Now! Bing Ads Presents: 10 Top PPC Tips for 2013 from our SEM Industry Friends (in Fewer than 140 Characters) It’s that time of year again that one reviews what happened in the year past. We like looking back recollecting what happened before moving on to something new - perhaps to create a pause in our usually hectic lives. This can be fun (aren’t you curious to find out what your fellow human beings searched for most in 2012?) Joyous (the Olympics!) Stressful (too many best books/films/plays to catch up with) and depressing (news reviews - usually). Done reviewing and ready to move ahead? 1 – Matt Van Wagner from FindMeFaster “Keep close eye on brand KW conv rates for smartphone users on our "mobilized" sites. 2 – Jennifer Slegg from “Don't forget to optimize your ad copy. 3 – Marty Weintraub from aimClear “Mine #PPC & organic suggestion boxes data for cross channel KW girth, retarget KWs to FBX quickly w/ segmented creative 4 – Brad Geddes from Certified Knowledge “Mobile has arrived. 5 – Joe Kerschbaum from Clix Marketing 6 – Lisa Raehsler from Big Click Co.

From Bing Ads with Love: Rotate Your Tires & Ads Regularly #ppc #sem. A few days ago my car slipped during a turn, so I took it to a tire store right the way. After examining my tires, the store manager advised me that they were losing traction and asked me when the last time they got rotated was. I couldn’t remember when they got serviced, so I decided to replace all of them. The store manager helped me select from different tire options: all-season, traction, performance and recommended alignment service. While sitting in the waiting area, an elderly gentleman approached me and said: “Tires are where rubber meets the road, you made a good choice to replace them. I check my tires and rotate them before every winter…” Suddenly I realized a connection - I have been advising advertisers to rotate ads for more traction but forgot to rotate my tires to maintain my safety.

I have learned my lesson to rotate tires regularly and would like to remind you to check the service records of your tires and ad copies. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. From Bing Ads with Love, Ping Jen. 3 Tips to Optimize Your Search Ad for Mobile Users - Bing Business - Blog - Bing Business. Mobile adoption’s growth is exponential. We all know that. But what does it mean to us search advertisers? It means that the ever-rising reliance on mobile and tablets (don’t forget tablets!) Brings the mobile ad experience closer to customers’ purchasing point. The purchasing funnel itself is mobile—customers compare prices, check reviews, and identify neighboring stores with similar products over a few swipes of their phone while waiting to check out.

Well, if you’re new to the mobile advertising market, visit our Mobile Search Ads page, which specifically explains how to Start a Mobile Search Ad Campaign Today as well as how to Get The Most From Your Mobile Search Ads. If you’ve already ‘been there, done that,’ I’d like to share some some helpful tidbits I found in Marin's Software's report, How the Emergence of Smartphones and Tablets Changes Paid Search. 1.

We all know how annoying it is to navigate a website that doesn’t display correctly on your smartphone. A. 2. 3. 13 Optimization Tips For Managing Low-Budget PPC Accounts. PPC Ads: Best Call to Action. Exact Match to Broad Match, How To Expand An Account Backwards. Structuring Your Account to Use Dynamic Text – Tips from a Bing Ads Pro - Bing Business - Blog - Bing Business - Bing Ads & Microsoft Advertising Community. It is a known fact that using dynamic text in your ad program will increase the click through rate and may even increase conversions.

A crucial step for success is to properly structure your Bing Ads account to make dynamic text work for you. More often than not, a haphazard use of dynamic text may actually increase impressions without an increase in clicks and can potentially lower your program’s click through rate (CTR). By carefully structuring your account to use dynamic text properly you can increase CTR and improve conversions all at the same time. Here’s what I do when using dynamic text in a Bing Ads account for best results: I have personally found that the click through rate is higher on ads where I am using dynamic text insertion and in many cases the conversion rate will be higher as well.

If you haven’t tried using dynamic text in your Bing Ads program, now’s the time to do a little testing by creating a small ad group. The 20-Minute PPC Work Week. 145 PPC Must-Do’s for 2012. The 2012 Holiday Season: Optimize PPC Campaigns Early for a Successful Start | #ppc #sem #smb #smallbiz #advertising. Review and forecast The winter holidays provide the biggest opportunity for retail sales. In 2011, retail e-commerce spending for the entire November–December online holiday season reached $37.2 billion, marking a 15% increase from 2010 and an all-time record for the season.1 Cyber Monday ranked as the heaviest online spending day of the year at $1.251 billion — the second year in a row it ranked as the #1 day for online spending.

The 2011 holiday season was highlighted by 10 individual spending days surpassing $1 billion in sales, as compared to just one day reaching that mark in 2010. The second heaviest spending day that season was Monday, December 5, at $1.178 billion, followed by Green Monday (Monday, December 12) at $1.133 billion. Tuesday, November 29 ($1.116 billion), and Tuesday, December 6 ($1.107 billion), rounded out the top five.1 Judging by retail sales in the first two quarters of 2012, all numbers indicate that this year may be on pace for another record season. Timelines. 165 PPC Tips, Tricks and Tools (updated) Back to School: Paid Search Strategies in adCenter. Although for many, this week marks the last week of school, savvy PPC markters are already ramping up for the back-to-school shopping season; it's the second-biggest of the year. Spending for combined school and college reached $68.8 billion in 2011, with the most spending on apparel and electronics. (1) For search marketers, the back-to-school season provides a huge opportunity, but it’s wise to get in the game early.

Seasonality: Last year, many retailers and advertisers kicked off early sales and marketing campaigns devoted to children’s clothing, stationery, computers, and other back-to-school merchandise. In at least one instance, ads promoting layaway appeared in mid-June — when schools in several parts of the country were still in session. The first weekend in July brought newspaper circulars with back-to-school pitches from retailers like Staples, Target, and Toys “R” Us. (2) The Audience: A noteworthy trend is the shift away from mom as the primary decision-maker. Peter. 9 PPC Tasks for a 10% Boost in 10 Minutes. PPC optimization hyperbole? Could be. But for me, any one of the following ppc tasks can take me a mere 10 minutes and have produced a 10%+ bump in performance. The spirit of this post is not to convince you these can be done in 10 minutes, though. So please give me some space here to make the greater point.

That point being that it doesn’t always have to take hours of work to move the needle. Insightful analysis is needed when identifying areas of improvement, creating monthly action plans, and presenting overall strategy. Below are three metrics. Increase CTR by 10% in 10 Minutes 1. 2. Optimize for clicks: Site links: 3. 10% Boost in PPC Conversion Rate in 10 Minutes 4. 5. 6. Get 10% More PPC Spend in 10 Minutes 7. 8.

Advanced bid changes: 9. Want Your Business to Be Around in 450 Million Years? Manage Your PPC Campaign Like a Shark. PPC Task Checklist. Tips for Auditing Your #PPC Campaigns from #SMX Advanced | #22B #sem - adCenter Blog - Microsoft adCenter. Much like your finances, your PPC campaigns need to be carefully reviewed and fine-tuned every now and again to make sure you’re not wasting money. Like those credit card fees and inflated interest rates, clicks that don’t convert aren’t doing you any good. It’ll take some time to dig into the data and uncover the root of the problem, but the time you invest in auditing your PPC campaigns (or having someone else do it) should result in improved campaign performance, which means more conversions, more business, more revenue.

Here’s a quick run down of the points covered during today’s session… David Rodnitzky of PPC Associated kicked off the session with his top 10 red flags that he looks for when auditing campaigns (note: this content was specific to Adwords, but some of it can be applied to adCenter audits as well). 10.) Lack of a multi-screen strategy 9.) Good benchmark of SEM investmentUncover additional keyword ideas (use tools like SpyFu Kombat) 8.) 7.) 6.) 5.) 4.) 3.) 2.) 1.) PPC (Over)optimization: How Not to Destroy a PPC Account. How to Easily Get More Ad Traffic on Yahoo & Bing.

More than 158 million unique searchers access Yahoo search and Bing each month, which means that the unified marketplace has nearly 30 percent of search market share. Unfortunately, many advertisers report that their spend on adCenter is less than 30 percent of their total search advertising budgets. What’s going on? It’s been proven that the searchers in the adCenter marketplace are likely to spend 26 percent more than the average searcher. However, one problem is that advertisers aren't always able to access all of the impression volume that is available.

In an effort to help adCenter advertisers access more volume, and to make it easier than ever for advertisers to succeed, a number of feature enhancements have recently launched to give more insight into these lost impression opportunities. Below are some of the best practices for leveraging these features, as well as other expert tips to increase volume. Identify Missed Impressions Maximize Impression Share.


Landing Page. Reports. Do You Know the Personality of Your PPC Account? Keywords. More Mysteries of Modified Match—the Negatives. Microsoft adCenter’s Illogical Ad Position Calculations. 10 Mobile Landing Page Best Practices. Troubleshooting Performance. Structure. Ads. Quality Score. Targeting. 36 Myths of PPC. How To Succeed in a Competitive PPC Market. Secrets to Paid Search Success.