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Lisa Hannigan - Ocean and a Rock. Lidl Ladies National Football League 2017 – Round 3 Previews - SportsNewsIRELAND. Round three of the Ladies National Football League 2017 gets underway on Sunday 19th February and we have previewed some very exciting matches.

Lidl Ladies National Football League 2017 – Round 3 Previews - SportsNewsIRELAND

Lidl NFL Division 1 – Round 3 Kerry v Donegal, 1.00pm, Rathmore, (N McCormack) Kerry sit bottom of the Lidl National Football League Division 1 table after the first 2 rounds and time is already starting to run out if they want to have any hope of reaching the top 4. They will take some hope that their two defeats came against the 2 favourites for the title but for a team with Kerry’s ambitions the possibility of a third loss in a row is unthinkable. Their opposition this weekend is a Donegal team that are flying at the top of the table after recording 2 wins from their opening 2 fixtures. Armagh v Mayo, 2.00pm, Clonmore, (G Corrigan) The story of Round 2 of the league was Armagh’s defeat of Cork in Clonmore.

Monaghan v Galway, St. Northern Ireland's Street Art. Belfast is a lively and exciting city known for its music, night life and university.

Northern Ireland's Street Art

But it was once famous for something which made headlines around the world. Years of conflict known as the Troubles left thousands dead. One community, who are mostly Protestant Christians, wanted Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom. The other community, who are mostly Catholic Christians, wanted it to join up with the Irish Republic. People on the extremes of both sides used violence. Fortunately, those days are over. The art showed support for one side or the other and symbolised a divided community. Amandeep: Hi there, Tim. He has studied the murals and what they can tell us about the history of conflict here. Amandeep: Tim, can you tell me about images like this? Tim: Images like this are very common in working-class areas in Northern Ireland.


THE GREAT IRISH FAMINE. THE TROUBLES. PREZI | Ireland / Northern Ireland - intro. Ireland (Class intro) Test your knowledge about Ireland Take a virtual voyage through Ireland's most amazing sites by clicking: Ireland National Dishes Ireland is famous for its seafood with smoked salmon, smoked fish, oysters, mussels andcrab topping the bill.

Ireland (Class intro)

The country also produces excellent lamb, beef pork, black pudding,farmhouse cheese, soda bread and, of course, Guinness and maybe a drop of whiskey! Irish stew, "ballymaloe" or "stobhach gaelach" as it is called in Gaelic,is a traditional dish made from lamb or mutton as well as potatoes,onions, and parsley. Colcannon is a traditional Irish food made from mashed potatoes, cabbage (or kale), butter, salt, and pepper. Traditional Irish Breakfast - This is one of the glories of the Irish table and can include grilled bacon, black pudding (= boudin noir)and good quality sausages, tomatoes grilled with butter and chives, flat mushrooms and soda and potato bread.

Marion talks about her home country - Track + script + comprehension quiz. Just next to Ireland is a small country just next to the United Kingdom.

Marion talks about her home country - Track + script + comprehension quiz

We can use the phrase 'just next to' to describe the location of something compared to something else. It means 'very close to.' Notice the following: Their new house is just next to a lake and a big park. The government building You often see the Irish flag above the government building or the town hall. A 'government building' is a building that is owned and used by the government of a country or city. Government buildings usually have very high security. Irish History (Vocab + quiz) Skip ahead So, skipping ahead a few years.

Irish History (Vocab + quiz)

The Celtic people were always quite unique within Europe ... Used like this, to 'skip ahead' is to move from talking about one past date or period to a more recent one without giving all the details about what happened in between. Notice the following: I prefer to skip ahead from my childhood to my early twenties when I talk about my past.When he's telling a story, he always skips ahead and it becomes difficult to understand. for all intents and purposes Even though the English had, for all intents and purposes, colonised, it was not an easy colonisation. Ireland (Sean O'Connell, Irish American) Webquest Names : _________________________________________________ Your name is Sean O’Connell.

Ireland (Sean O'Connell, Irish American)

You are Irish-American. You live in and come to for the first time with your family to discover your roots. I) First of all, you decide to learn a bit about the HISTORY of to understand your roots. 1) Your family moved to because of the Great Famine. Irish - what the world thinks we do. Irish History Timeline Quiz. Discover Ireland - Irish Tourism in 2011 [VOCAB: superlatives, activities] Go where Ireland takes you: Dublin. Proudly supporting Ladies Gaelic Football. The Foreigner's Guide to Irish Accents. Traveling Ireland (visiting tips) Ireland Sightseeing Guide (for kids) How well do you know Ireland? (for kids) A Taste of Northern Ireland. L'émigration irlandaise - HG-français-anglais.