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What is A Meme!? Learn Some Basic Scottish Gaelic. Scottish Gaelic Alphabet English speakers will note that although most of the Scottish Gaelic alphabet is the same as English, there are only 18 letters in the Gaelic alphabet though accents and lenition make maker it seem as though there are more.

Learn Some Basic Scottish Gaelic

Below is some basic Gaelic to help get you started. The vowels a, e, i, o and u. Celtic Language - Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh. The first thing to point out is that there really isn’t one Celtic language.

Celtic Language - Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh

There are in fact a number of them. The languages that we refer to today as being of Celtic origin are Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, Breton and Cornish. These six languages are known as the Insular Celtic languages because they originated in what are known as the British Isles. These 6 living languages of ancient Celtic origin form one branch of the Indo-European family tree and share sounds from other European and Eastern language groups including the languages of Greece and Rome, the Middle East and Germanic and Slavic tongues.

(There is another group called the Continental Celtic languages that have not survived) These 6 languages can themselves be organized into two branches– the P-Celtic or Brythonic branch and the Q-Celtic or Goidelic branch. 10 phrases for a simple conversation in Welsh - Easy Welsh Basic Phrases (1) Irish Lesson #1 - Introductions. U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. In Northern Ireland, Getting Past the Troubles. Belfast Murals. Why Ireland split into the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland. Game of Thrones filming locations. Game Of Thrones Season 2: In Production - Belfast. Touring 'Game of Thrones' Nick and Sam cross the Rope Bridge.

Giants Causeway, Antrim - Ireland. The Druid Network. Celtic Holidays and Festivals. The information on these pages are a collection of both authentic Celtic holidays and their modern translation.

Celtic Holidays and Festivals

Tradition holds that each holiday is celebrated from sunset on the day before the actual holiday to sunset on the day following the actual holiday, thusly three days centering around that holiday. Click to see large version. BBC Wales - History - Themes - Geoffrey of Monmouth. BBC Wales - History - Themes - Origins of the legend. BBC Wales - History - Themes - Who was Arthur?

The Irish Civil War – A brief overview. A Brief History of Ireland. Northern Ireland Scene 1. Transcript Stephen: Come on, Ash.

Northern Ireland Scene 1

You said you wanted to see the scenery and you keep looking at the guidebook. Ashlie: Yes, it’s just really interesting finding out a bit more about all the places along this coast. Stephen: We’re here in Northern Ireland. We both want to try surfing. Ashlie: This scenery is beautiful, but lots of places here also have interesting stories. Stephen: We’re here to visit the Giant’s Causeway, one of the most famous attractions in Northern Ireland. Ashlie: Not far to go now. Ashlie: Don’t you think this coastline is just beautiful, Stephen? Stephen: You can see why people might say that. Stephen: Hi. Surf Shop Assistant: Don’t worry about it.

Ashlie: Yes, we’re both good swimmers. Surf Shop Assistant: Don’t worry about the cold. History of Ireland Timeline. The History of St. Patrick's Day. The Complete Database of Irish Movies. Authentic video in the classroom: Ireland I. What you see here is an approximately 3-minute clip from a 50-minute travel video on Ireland.

Authentic video in the classroom: Ireland I

It is authentic, in the sense that it’s intended for English-speaking people interested in travelling and other countries, not for language learners per se. “Ireland” is one of many videos in the Globetrekker series produced by UK-based Pilot Productions. The series is based on the concept of having a travel guide touring a specific country, experiencing cultural highlights, meeting local people and basically learning about the country together with the viewer. Authentic video in the classroom: Ireland II. My second example of utilising authentic video in the EFL classroom is based on the same 50-minute travel video as my first.

Authentic video in the classroom: Ireland II

Of course, one can apply this to any video, but this time I will stick with Ireland. How I do it now will, however, differ from my last post because now I’ll concentrate on the language and vocabulary awareness in detail (but I wouldn’t use both methods on the same video in the same class, though). This approach is, however, associated with a lot of painstaking preparatory work for the teacher, because transcription of the video material needs to be done, at least for some of the clips.

It takes about 1 hour to take down 5 minutes of video material, so one needs plenty of time to get a complete transcript. I rather enjoy transcribing videos and sound; oddly enough I experience the process as relaxing, especially if there is no deadline approaching. St Patrick's Day. Tracks 2013: Tommy from Dublin. Tracks 2013: FAQ: The conflict in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland: A brief background to the conflict. FAQs ABOUT NORTHERN IRELAND Ireland's history is a long story of suffering, suppression and poverty, but also one of strong people who refuse to give up and who manage to see things from a humorous side in the face of hardship.

Northern Ireland: A brief background to the conflict

After most of Ireland got its freedom from Britain, the northern part remained in union with England, Scotland and Wales. In the following text we will look at some frequently asked questions (FAQs) in connection with the situation in Northern Ireland. Bobby Sands Biography. Early Years A hero among Irish nationalists, Robert Gerard "Bobby" Sands was born in Belfast, Ireland on March 9, 1954.

Bobby Sands Biography

Bobby Sands was the oldest of four children born to John and Rosaleen Sands, and the couple's first son. At an early age, Sands's life was affected by the sharp divisions that shaped Northern Ireland. At the age of 10, he was forced to move with his family out of their neighborhood due to repeated intimidation by British loyalists. Leprechauns Video - History of St. Patrick’s Day. Summer in Ireland. Ireland. How St. Patrick's Day Works" Regardless of your heritage, you're prob­ably very aware of St.

How St. Patrick's Day Works"

Patrick's Day. Celebrated each year on March 17, it's a day when people from all sorts of national and ethnic backgrounds dip a toe in Irish culture. Many observe the day by sporting a bright green shirt and meeting up with friends at a favorite local Irish pub. But there's a lot more to St. Patrick's Day than simply wearing green and knocking back a pint of Guinness. ­­

For instance, who was Saint Patrick? As the luck of the Irish would have it, we've got the answers to these questions as well as lots more information about this historic holiday. Of St. Patrick’s Day Exclusive Videos & Features. Irish culture, traditions, customs of ireland that live on. Irish Customs, Food and Fun Folklore for Your Family Reunion - CustomInk.

Celebrating culture and heritage is plenty of fun for Irish families when they get together for a family reunion.

Irish Customs, Food and Fun Folklore for Your Family Reunion - CustomInk

Ireland has a rich history of arts, music, dance, mythology, and cuisine. By introducing some of these aspects in a family reunion, it is a wonderful way of passing down parts of one’s heritage to the next generation. Many people in the U.S. have Irish ancestry. Even if you have not been to Ireland, there is still plenty you can do to celebrate the culture. Irish Traditions Irish song and dance have become well-known in the last couple of decades thanks to the award-winning touring show, Riverdance. Irish culture and Irish customs - World Cultures European. Irish Culture & Customs of Ireland - Irish Traditions, Folklore, Recipes & History.