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The Buyers Journey – The Bitter Business. What is Social Credibility – The Bitter Business. Building social credibility via our social media networks allows us to nurture relationships, stay top-of-mind with the purpose of creating “sales time” with buyers at the right time.

What is Social Credibility – The Bitter Business

It is about positioning ourselves to have influence and high levels of perceived value with prospects or potential customers. It is not just about building up our own personal brand but also support the company’s brand online. At a practical level it is about participating in online discussions on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Forums etc as well as writing and sharing content relevant to your customers.

It also extends to being aware of industry trends, seeking referrals from clients and co-workers, and working every day towards being viewed as a subject matter expert in a given field. Social credibility is also constructed by connecting with industry experts, clients and potential prospects by engaging in social conversations. What does this mean in reality? Nurture Your Potential Customers and Make Your Sales Skyrocket – The Bitter Business. Nurture Your Potential Customers and Make Your Sales Skyrocket In order to effectively market to your target audience, you need a comprehensive strategy that allows you to nurture your potential leads.

Nurture Your Potential Customers and Make Your Sales Skyrocket – The Bitter Business

As technology changes, so does the way in which marketers can nurture those leads. What is Social Credibility – The Bitter Business. B2B Marketing Strategies – The Bitter Business. In the world of B2B marketing strategies, CMO’s and marketing leads are finding out that there is allot more to them than just content and SEO.

B2B Marketing Strategies – The Bitter Business

Social media marketing companies seem to trot out the well worn lines of, you must create a library full of content, recalibrate your SEO, share the content on the social networks, and HEY PRESTO. Your business will have a flow of low cost inbound leads from buyers interested in buying your product or service. The logic around a content lead strategy for lots of businesses stacks up as the lower cost of an inbound lead against an outbound lead is sizeable, making it attractive to invest in SEO, articles, blogging and content. Social Selling Course – The Bitter Business.

The Bitter Business offers a tailored in-house Social Selling course including broader Digital Selling training in conjunction with The Digital Sales Institute.

Social Selling Course – The Bitter Business

Delivered anywhere in Ireland, the training courses covers how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks for lead generation plus buyer engagement. Social Selling – The Bitter Business. If I were to ask you who your ideal customer is, what would you say?

Social Selling – The Bitter Business

When I ask most new founders this question, I usually get an answer like, “Any technology company between 2-200 employees.” I appreciate the optimism, but I have some bad news: When you try and sell to everyone, you end up selling to no one. New businesses especially need a more focused, specific market than “any technology company.” The problem is, they don’t know how to accurately define their ideal customers, so they just guess. But guessing doesn’t cut it. If you already have one, read on anyway. What is an ideal customer profile, and what does it do? An ideal customer profile describes the fictitious individual or organisation that gets the most value out of your product, and provides the most value back to you.

This profile helps you find qualified prospects and protects you from selling to the wrong customers. » Social Selling Training Programs. Today’s buyer is digitally-driven, mobile, socially-connected, empowered with unlimited access to real-time information about business problems, products, companies, competitors — about all sorts of things.

» Social Selling Training Programs

Also, buyers don’t have to rely on brands, interruption marketing or companies or salespeople for information, because they can find that freely on the web. Prospects can compare your product or service and buy from the competition without you even knowing they exist. » Social Selling Training Programs. The Key Elements of Digital Sales Transformation – The Bitter Business. 7 Ways to Get Your Content to Produce Sales Leads – Now – The Bitter Business. Content Marketing Done Right – The Bitter Business. Content marketing when done right can deliver exceptional results yet as many as 75% of marketing departments are doing content marketing the wrong way.

Content Marketing Done Right – The Bitter Business

One big and critical difference between content marketing and promotional marketing can be summed up in these two words: sharing versus telling. Today’s digital savvy buyers and educated consumers are ignoring traditional advertising and sales tactics like never before. They have become immune to brands telling them what to buy. Banner ads and online advertising are also feeling the heat with ad blocking technologies like AdBlock and AdDetctor helping consumers avoid advertising altogether. As one marketing agency stated “Internet savvy people are more likely to sign up for a trip to Mars than click on some banner ads.” So, the logic would follow as buyers and consumers turn away from interruption ads online and are even using tools to nullify them, then marketing have responded to this challenge to ad weariness, right? Hold the sell.

Marketing Companies in Dublin Guide – The Bitter Business. Marketing companies in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland offer a menu of services from digital marketing,SEO, social selling, content marketing to social media strategy.

Marketing Companies in Dublin Guide – The Bitter Business

This guide is aimed at the business owner to ask what skills do they expect to see before deciding to working with one of the many marketing companies in Dublin or anywhere. Social networks and the rise of social selling has changed the marketing game completely for business’s. Business has become smarter,faster, cheaper with slower and expensive business models struggling. TIPS ON WRITING LINKEDIN MESSAGES – The Bitter Business.

When implementing a digital sales or social selling program, the biggest single point of failure can be writing LinkedIn messages to buyers. Or to put it in simpler language, the ability to craft well thought out messages that convert into offline conversations between seller and buyer. Every sales strategy most likely has a multi activity approach which may include phoning, emailing and social interaction. However, sales people who use social selling as their primary customer acquisition channel are now getting the majority of their leads via well crafted and well timed messages via social media platforms such as LinkedIn. So here are some tips on writing LinkedIn messages (or indeed for any social media platform) to potential buyers so sales people can generate sales pipeline quicker.

Tip. 1: UNDERSTAND YOUR BUYER. Business Plan Template – The Bitter Business. About The Bitter Business is a sales and marketing strategy partner based in Ireland.

Business Plan Template – The Bitter Business

We help companies Grow. Marketing Plan Template – The Bitter Business. About.

Marketing Plan Template – The Bitter Business

Free Business Tools – The Bitter Business. About The Bitter Business is a sales and marketing strategy partner based in Ireland. We help companies Grow. How to Use Social Media To Promote Your Business – The Bitter Business. The use of social media is now the most effective way when you need to promote or launch a business or new product. The free access to social networks for prospect identification and the ability to reach a large audience of buyers via content means every marketing or sales leader has to use these channels as part of a go-to-market strategy. When launching a new product or service, social media provides a rich media platform that with some planning can make it easy for people to share around your message. It doesn’t seem like so long ago that promoting, marketing and launching a product whether nationally or global required a massive budget and was one of the barriers to entry the traditional multi-nationals relied upon. But the digital switch by buyers to self-educate on the social networks has re-written both the sales and marketing rules.

The following approach or any part of it can be used by anyone with the right discipline and time. Use Facebook Action: Suggested Primary Goal: A Guide to Content Marketing for Start-ups – The Bitter Business. A Social Selling Guide for Sales Leaders – The Bitter Business. A social selling strategy starts at the top. If sales management and senior executives are suspicious about social media – if they only see risk, their people wasting time clicking “Like” buttons and employees posting funny pictures, then they would be right to draw down the shutters and, in the process, cut off the opportunity social media presents. If, on the other hand, they want to become a social business and prepared to invest in training to optimise its potential and reduce risk, to reconfigure operations so that departments work together digitally, not in silos. Then social selling could be the key to unlocking the data insights into customers and prospects.

Where do they engage, digitally? What language do they use? Some 62 per cent of Irish companies said they used social media platforms as their primary method for connecting with customers, up from 58 per cent and 46 per cent in 2014 and 2013 respectively. Accept that buyer behaviour and the buyers journey has changed. Social Media Marketing – The Bitter Business. Social media facts and trends for marketing supported by user statistics are now influencing marketing strategies and tactics. Companies have already started to bypass the more traditional mass media products of radio campaigns, TV ads and press promotions in favour of driving awareness on the social networks.

The What and How of Sales Enablement – The Bitter Business. Social Selling Influencers – The Bitter Business.