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Stamping and Card Making. Sewing Patterns. Polymer Clay Inspiration and tutorials. Glass Attic. Woven Texture Necklace. Barbie. * Barbie,fashion dolls, and Baby doll clothes patterns * SEWING PATTERNS 1-2-3 Jacket Garter Belt and Bra for Barbie Archived copy Tailor Forms so you can design your own clothes The 20 Minute Barbie Vest.

* Barbie,fashion dolls, and Baby doll clothes patterns *

A Couple New Handmade Doll Outfits. This first outfit fits 16 inch Robert Tonner dolls with the Tyler body sculpt.

A Couple New Handmade Doll Outfits

Outfit Style 1 The skirt is lined and has bias tape sewn along the top hem. Both the shirt and skirt have velcro closures. New Handmade Male Doll Clothes. This first outfit fits 17 inch Robert Tonner dolls with the Matt body sculpt. Outfit Style 2 The shirt slides on over the head and has no fasteners. The shorts have a velcro closure in the front. These next four outfits fit Ken and similar sized dolls. The shirt has a velcro closure in the back and the pants have velcro closure in the front. Outfit Style 3 Outfit Style 6 The shirt has a velcro closure in the back and the shorts have velcro closure in the front. Outfit Style 13 The shirt slides on over the head. Barbie skirt swimsuit. My daughter asked me to sew this second swimsuit, she wanted a skirt attached to the bottom.

Barbie skirt swimsuit

I slightly changed the top of the swimsuit, so it won’t be exactly the same as the other swimsuit. Now you can make your own combination, and your dollies will be ready for summer fun. Happy sewing ! Barbie yellow flower dress. Summer is here, I like yellow and this dress looks pretty on Barbie!

Barbie yellow flower dress

You can wear it with the leggings or just as is. Pretty Woman dress. I have always wanted to sew this very mythic dress from the movie Pretty Woman.

Pretty Woman dress

When I saw that fabric at the store, I knew I had to try. And here it is! I quite like the result. The fabric is is very fluid almost like fabrics that are used to sew swim suits. As a result, it is very hard to sew, I had to sew very slowly and precisely. Barbie champain and green cocktail dress. Here is a very easy to sew cocktail dress for Barbie.

Barbie champain and green cocktail dress

I used regular cotton fabric. You can wear the dress with a bag and even a hat. Happy sewing! Jeans for Ken. This the second pants I’m sewing for Ken.

Jeans for Ken

It is all sewed by hand. I enjoy sewing for Ken. I think the next outfit will be a less casual outfit, like a tuxedo. For this specific pants, I advise you check the length of the legs because I know all Ken dolls are different. Christmas coat. This is Holiday time!

Christmas coat

Barbie has her nice and warm Holiday coat. It is made of red felt and false white fur. It is very easy to sew and felt does not need hem. Happy sewing and happy holidays! Material: - Back: 4” x 5” ( 10cm x 13cm) - Front: 2 rectangles: 2 ½” x 5” (7cm x 13cm) - Sleeves: 2 rectangles: 3 ½” x 2 ½” (9cm x 6cm) - Hood: 6 ½” x 3” (16.5cm x 7.5cm) - Decoration : white fur and buttons.

Barbie wool bobble hat. I don’t knit, I would love to know how to knit for me and my family.

Barbie wool bobble hat

I am so impressed when I see some of the realizations around me. For now I just took a little piece of wool that I cut from a recycled sweater. I am very proud of this hat, I have always wanted to try to make one. And the result is really good. It will be perfect with the long wool coat made with the same fabric.

Kicking off Barbie® clothes week…can I have a drum roll please?

Ok, just kidding. quit banging on your desk. Yes, you! Continuing with Barbie® week here: a cap sleeve top. So…..let’s get down to business. (to defeat the Huns..) Click below for more! Hello all! Here’s the grand finale of Barbie® week! (Also, I made a couple of dresses and added them to my Etsy store! Clicky over on the top right)***I made a couple of Liberty dresses too, those will be listed later!

Please don’t be intimidated by the knit fabric in this shirt-or the small seams. They’re not as bad as they seem! Just a re-post of my Barbie gown tutorial, originally featured on U Create! I love making Barbie® clothes. I also like making them easy to make. They’re tiny enough-no need to complicate things, right? So I’m on a quest so to speak, to make Barbie® clothes easier to sew. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for a Barbie® skirt-easily customizable with ruffles or pleats along the bottom, as well as the pieced together look-you choose! Click below for more! You’ll need: one piece of fabric 7 1/2″ x 4 1/2″, or two pieces equaling that, if you want the pieced look. (of course you can go longer or shorter) a piece of 1/4 inch elastic 4 inches long sewing stuff-matching thread sew or serge your two pieces right sides together like so… serge or zig zag stitch the other two long edges, and hem your bottom piece.

**use your matching thread for this step-or as close of a match as you can get** Then on the other edge, lay your elastic down about 1/2 inch from the edge, stitch and back stitch a few times. then start stitching along your elastic, stretching it towards you as you go. Keep going until you reach the end…it should just about fit, if not, snip off the extra fabric. Looming. Knifty Knitter Knitting Looms. To use a Knifty Knitter knitting loom, you usually begin by wrapping each peg once. This is called, “casting on.” After wrapping the loom, you use your tool to “knit off” around the Knifty Knitter loom, to create your knit. The photo captures knitting off, as the loop on the peg is pulled gently toward the knitter, over the yarn above it and off the loom. I have experimented with many different methods of wrapping the loom and knitting off.

The “no wrap” stitch is by far my favorite. Purl Stitches - The Knifty Knitter. HOW TO MAKE KNIFTY KNITTER STITCHES - INSTRUCTIONS. How to knit a flat panel in a round loom. KK Round Looms. How to use this website. Pattern links are listed on the right. Instructions and blogs are listed on the left. 8/7/2013 - updating and removing some links. If you want to be included on the weblinks, please send an email to

Knifty Knitter Patterns. If you've always wanted to learn to knit but couldn't get the hang of working with knitting needles, Knifty Knitter patterns may be the solution you've been searching for. How to Make a Hat with a Knitting Loom: 14 steps (with pictures) Knitting a Scarf on Round Loom Part 1. Knitting A Scarf on Round Loom Part 2 (changing color) Knitting A Scarf on Round Loom Part 2 (changing color) Create a Flat Panel on Knitting Loom.