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How to Make Playdough (Play-doh)

How to Make Playdough (Play-doh)

Felt Camp Fire Custom Order by Neafus Primary History - Romans Kusudama Tutorial part 1 The Japanese kusudama is a paper ball made out of multiple identical origami shapes glued together. They were traditionally used as a ball for incense or potpourri but now we see them more for decoration or as a gift. Today I am showing you part 1 on how to make the Japanese traditional shape. There are many different patterns to make a kusudama ball but I find this the easiest pattern to get started. What you need for this tutorial is: 60 pieces of paper cut into squares. Below I will show you how to make the basic shape, you need to make 60 of these. Fold the bottom corner to the top. Fold the left and right corners up to the middle corner. Fold the same points down. Open up the flaps you have just created and flatten them. Fold the top triangles towards you so they are level with the edges of the paper. Fold the triangles back using the crease you made earlier and glue the outside triangles together. Now make 5 more of these petals and glue them all together.

Lessons with Laughter These pictures of baby animals and cute poses are too much, they will make your smile for the day! Absolutely gorgeous little creatures. Please visit stories, etc. for more pictures, stories, etc. More Awesome Animal Pictures - Birds, Giraffes, and othr creatures large and small... More Awesome Animal Pictures thank you Lord for this food, Amen! Want to look anything up? Please visit stories, etc. for more pictures, stories, etc. CUTE ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHS - Cuter than cute - your "aawwww" for the day CUTE ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHS - Cuter than Cute Cuter than cute - your "aawwww" for the day this little baby owl A tiny pygmy hippo eating lettuce A firefighter giving a kitten oxygen A turtle the size of a grape An otter showing you its baby Baby penguin meeting a baby dolphin A baby hedgehog taking a bubble bath Please visit stories, etc. for more pictures, stories, etc.

These pictures of baby animals and cute poses are too much, they will make your smile for the day! Absolutely gorgeous little creatures. Please visit stories, etc. for more pictures, stories, etc. Underwater Sea Life  "I will spare you a gushy description of the dive itself, except to say that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you've been missing the whole point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent." ~ Dave Barry "Double Turtle" by Autopsea "Starfish" by john white photos "Anemonefish" by lndr "Harlequin Shrimp" by Erwin Kodiat "Steam of Fishes" by akialoha "Octopus" by *pippyzz* "Leopard Seal" by davesmithau "Seahorse" by Erwin Kodiat "Pacific Sea Nettles" by StGrundy "Weedy Sea Dragon" by doug.deep "Seastar" by doug.deep "Coral Reef in Red Sea" by Zé Eduardo... "Anemone Fish" by akialoha "Batfish" by dachalan "Yellow-Pink Sea Slug" by Erwin Kodiat "Dangerous Fish" by Saud © "Jelly Fish" by Alida's Photos "Sea Dragon" by MikeJonesPhoto "Jackson Reef, Tiran" by LeaMoser "Green Sea Turtle" by peterliuphoto

New Week Nudibranch! - Blue Dragon image credit: image credit: image credit: the doubtful guest image credit: | Dan | image credit: redbubble.comHabitat: around the world in temperate and tropical waters I’ve decided to start a tradition that every Monday I will post a new species of nudibranch. This particular one I’ve chosen to feature is commonly known as a Blue Dragon nudibranch. So what do you think? edit: reader Gabriele has pointed out another common name for this nudibranch – the Sea Swallow! Be sure to check out the Home page for more crazy creatures! Microscopic Sea Creatures By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 16:31 GMT, 30 September 2010 Bobbing away in the dark depths of the ocean, these tiny creatures display a unique beauty that few get to truly appreciate. And the latest publication by a scientist who studies these microscopic animals is set to become an unlikely bestseller - all thanks to the beauty of plankton. His coffee table book about the amazing life forms that live unseen in the oceans has dozens of remarkable photographs taken through a microscope. Amazing life forms: Dr Richard Kirby's passion for plankton has led to a set of marvellous pictures which feature in his book Ocean Drifters, a secret world beneath the waves like these tiny Jellyfish Hidden beauty: Stunning images of a Horseshoe worm (left) and a Moon Jellyfish The book also points out that without the miniature creatures we would have no fish, oil, gas or clouds, and the sea would lose its distinctive smell. Tiny creatures: Images of Sea Angels (left) and Acantharea

How deep is the ocean, how high am I? How deep is the ocean, how high am I. via : Ghost Room External Stimuli : Hengki Koentjoro, Flickr Stream, Chet Baker Themes : Photography Nodes : cool jazz, gelatinous, Hengki Koentjoro, jellyfish, ocean, underwater Strange New Fish Found Deep off New Zealand Tourists bask in blue glow of firefly squid 13 Apr 2006 Toyama Bay is the habitat of the world-famous glowing firefly squid, which surface in large numbers every spring in a phenomenon that has been designated a special natural monument. Peak firefly squid season means big catches for fishermen and brisk business for sightseeing boats that provide close-up views of the magical action. Early in the morning, after 3 AM, sightseeing boats depart the Namerikawa fishing port (Namerikawa is also home to the world's only museum dedicated to the firefly squid) in Toyama prefecture, making a short journey to fixed nets located about 1 to 2 km offshore. Toyama Bay's firefly squid fishing season opened on March 1 and is expected to continue until the end of June. [Source: Yomiuri Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun]