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Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns with love for the Nerdy » » Amigurumi Kirby with Pattern and Bonus Smash Brothers hats!

Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns with love for the Nerdy » » Amigurumi Kirby with Pattern and Bonus Smash Brothers hats!
Kirby Amigurumi Pattern My Kirby pattern has been a long time coming, mainly because I got too ambitious with Super Smash Brothers versions to finish and post it. Initially, in honour of the recent release of Kirby’s epic yarn, the project was going to include patterns for 10 or so Kirby hats, so that he could be more epic and morph into his various SSB versions and be Link Kirby, Mario Kirby, Wario Kirby, you get the idea. As with most things I do though, I got distracted and started working on other stuff and finished up the Mario and Peach hats only, so these will have to do for now. I might make more later, but if my fabulous readers make a Kirby and decide to make him a SSMB hat, email me photos and the pattern if you are kind enough to share and I will post it with credit. As with all my patterns, Kirby is free. Mario Kirby Peach Kirby Kirby haz a happy! Kirby was made with a 3.5mm hook going through both loops. Yarn Colours Used Mod Pink Red Gold Hook this up!

Invisible Decrease Invisible Decrease Link easily to this tutorial in your patterns: If you’ve been making amigurumi, you may be lamenting the gap or bump that forms when you decrease. The standard methods of decreasing are to sc2tog, which can leave a bit of a bump and a small gap, or to skip a stitch, which leaves an obvious gap. Little Yoda Crochet Tutorial There were some more boys in the family having birthdays and they happen to all be Star Wars fans! I wanted to crochet a Star Wars character and I decided to come up with the pattern myself to be able to share with you in case you wanted to make this as well. Meet Yoda. He’s little, but he can still do great things! My daughter told me she wants one in purple after meeting him lol.

Wanna make a monster? * UPDATE to this pattern! See below! * Angry Birds Red Cardinal and Green Pig Amigrumi Pattern The pig never saw it coming... Angry Bird is one of my mom’s favorite games and since I have made her seventy three billion NobyNoby Boys, it seemed a good idea to go with something different for her xmas gift this year, so Angry Birds it was. Things were down to the wire (it’s been nuts this year), so two amis were all I could put together, but I do believe they were a hit.

stitch » amigurumi doll pattern amigurumi doll pattern materials i used rowan wool cotton (which is dk weight) on a 3mm hook for the body. the dress and shoes are worked in the same yarn on a 3.5mm hook. i had 6 50g gram balls and used a full ball of beige for the hair, approx. 40g of the cream (face, hands, legs) and 30g of the remaining colours (light green, dark green, turquoise and yellow). the finished doll is 14″ tall. you can use any yarn you like but remember to use a smaller than usual hook to keep the fabric tight and stop the filling escaping or showing through.

CRAFT Pattern: Crochet Spring Bunny By Stephanie Jessica Lau Nothing says spring like a kawaii amigurumi bunny! Make them floppy-eared, and complete their look with a carrot or flower. These bunnies are the perfect addition to a handmade Easter basket or a special gift. Beginner guide to making your first-ever Amigurumi Hello everyone! I am so excited to write blog series about, how to: amigurumi for beginner. For some of you that might just starting out in the world of cuteness overload. Tails Plushie I guess I couldn't make sonic without Tails to travel with him. I have to say that even though the pattern seems complex when you're reading the instructions, it's really not that difficult once you get going. I've been extremely busy recently, and it's likely I won't be working on any dolls for a couple of weeks. Spring has sprung (well at least here in Texas) and I have my vegetable garden to plant, and spring cleaning to attend to...and quite frankly I just need to get up off my carcass and do some stuff that I've neglected over the winter.

Hook and Needles: Knitting and Crochet Blog (cool stuff, techniques, and things I find) In the first amigurumi tutorial I went over the basic crochet techniques needed to make amigurumis. In the second installment, I explained the most common types of patterns, and how to read them. In this final amigurumi tutorial I’ll cover some additional techniques often used when making amigurumis.

(Tutorial) Tree Circles Pillow I was inspired by this picture (Etsy), that I saw in a magazine, and I thought that I probably needed to make something like that. I actually saw this idea done as a coaster in Martha Stewart Living a year or two ago and I loved it! Anyway, I made this felt pillow out of it! (Sorry about the blurry photo, night time!) I used a platter for a guide, cutting a little over two inches outside of the edge to make two 16" circles out of brown felt. PIKACHU PLUSHIE PATTERN This is a Pikachu doll I made for my daughter. Even though I've been crocheting for 35 years, this is the first time I've ever tried to write out a pattern for someone other than myself to follow, so if anything is confusing, please let me know I'll do my best to fix it :) About 4 oz. WW yarn in Yellow About 1 oz. WW yarn in Black Small amount of brown WW yarn Either small bits of red felt or red yarn for cheeks two black eyes or black buttons (half inch) fiberfill stuffing Yarn needle F hook Gauge isn't really of a concern here.