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Resource Centre for Promoting Road Safety

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Using Operant Conditioning to promote road safety to drivers by apply reinforcement or punishment that can be used by the traffic police.

Road Safety Campaigns. RoadSense Carnival On 6 July 2019, Traffic Police organised the RoadSense Carnival at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.

Road Safety Campaigns

The inaugural RoadSense Carnival was graced by Mr Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Health. The event’s theme was ‘Take the Road to Responsibility’, and this event was organised to educate road users in Singapore about the importance of graciousness to create a more pleasant road user experience for all Singaporeans. More than 3,600 people attended the event to learn about road safety through a line-up of fun and engaging games and activities. Traffic Police also launched eight characters, known as “The Responsibles”, to reinforce the need for a shared and collective sense of responsibility for our actions on the roads in Singapore. Road Safety Tips. A safe road journey cannot be taken for granted!

Road Safety Tips

Like Gracious Joseph, remember to always exercise patience and graciousness. Stay alert, drive carefully and follow traffic rules, signs, and signals. Follow these safe-driving tips and habits to enhance your experience on the roads, and make your journeys more safe and pleasant. Never drink and drive. Never get behind the wheel when you’re tired. Maintain your vehicle regularly to minimise the chances of an accident due to mechanical failure. Always check your blind spot – avoid changing lanes at bends. Road conditions differ and road hazards may appear unexpectedly. Always keep in mind the existence of road hazards Keep a lookout for smaller or vulnerable road users, such as cyclists or power-assisted bicycle users, and pedestrians like children and elderly, who may dash across the road. What has been done by the Police. Video on Operant Conditioning.

Operant Conditioning. Table on Behavioural Consequences. Everything You Need to Know About No Claim Discount (NCD) in Singapore. If you own a vehicle in Singapore, you’ll definitely have motor insurance coverage, and you’ve probably heard of the No Claim Discount (NCD).

Everything You Need to Know About No Claim Discount (NCD) in Singapore

In this article, we’ll answer your burning questions about NCD. It’s mandatory for all drivers in Singapore, no matter what vehicle you drive, to get motor insurance. Driving on the roads without insurance is actually considered illegal in Singapore. And of course, if you have insurance, you’ll most likely be entitled to NCD. So, what is a No Claim Discount? If you’ve read our other articles about car insurance coverage and how to save money on premiums, you probably would have come across an explanation of NCD. But since this is an NCD-focused article, let’s recall what it is. A No Claim Discount, sometimes referred to as the No Claim Bonus (NCB) in other countries, is a discount given by insurers when their policyholders do not make any claims.

How a Certificate of Merit can help reduce your car insurance premiums - DirectAsia Insurance. No Claim Discount and Certificate of Merit. TRAFFIC POLICE REWARDS CONSCIENTIOUS... - Singapore Police Force. Motorists get pulled over - for doing good, Transport News & Top Stories - The Straits Times. When Mr Lim Kan Seng's Toyota Previa was pulled over by the Traffic Police along New Upper Changi Road yesterday morning, he panicked a little.

Mr Lim, 50, a hawker, thought he might be in for a summons, but what he received instead were a zebra plush toy and $40 worth of petrol vouchers. "I thought I had done something wrong... but the police said they saw me giving way to another driver, and wanted to commend me," he said. "I had just turned left into the main road when another car was trying to cut into my lane from the right, so I let him pass. " Mr Lim was among seven motorists who were pulled over on the roads yesterday for displaying good driving habits, as part of a nine-hour island-wide "Spot the Conscientious Motorists" operation conducted by the police.

Since the programme started in October 2013, 391 motorists have been identified and rewarded. Motorists get a commendation certificate, in addition to the road safety mascot toy and vouchers. Spot the Conscientious Motorists. Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) - CabbyHub. Singapore’s demerit points system named the Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) was introduced on 1 March 1983.

Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) - CabbyHub

DIPS is designed to identify and rehabilitate errant drivers through a system of rewards and punishments. Errant motorists are thus encouraged to improve their driving behaviours on the roads with incentives to expunge their demerit points and previous suspension record as well as remission of suspension period. Suspension of driving licence New or Probationary Motorists For a new motorist who is under one year probation from the date of grant of his driving licence, his new driving licence will be revoked and become invalid when he accumulates 13 or more demerit points during his probationary period. Remission of Suspension Period. Traffic fines in Singapore (2020) - guide to LTA, URA, HDB, TP and ERP fines, Lifestyle News.

When you own a car, traffic wardens are your worst enemy and roadblocks send shivers down your spine - after all, there's nothing worse than getting traffic fines in Singapore.

Traffic fines in Singapore (2020) - guide to LTA, URA, HDB, TP and ERP fines, Lifestyle News

As if it's not enough that the cost of your car and COE would be enough for you to retire in a neighbouring country, there's also quite a number of traffic fines you could potentially be slapped with. Paying Fines. Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) - CabbyHub. Road Traffic (Driver Improvement Points System) Rules - Singapore Statutes Online. Demerit Points.